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Vape Tastes Burnt? We Know Why This Happens.

Just think of a Monday morning, and you have made yourself a hot cup of tea. Afterwards, you do whip out your electronic cigar, and on the spur of the moment the vape tastes burnt and begin coughing immediately. A burnt hit is probably not pleasant, however, following are the major reasons why my vape pen tastes burnt and ways to correct that. Do you chain vape? Chain vaping refers to taking several hits without taking pauses. It is perhaps the origin of coil burning, particularly for starters. Every vaper has chain vaped at some instant. Also, veteran vapers [...]

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How To Open A Vape Shop

Are you an entrepreneur wondering how to open a vape shop? Your timing could not be better. Perhaps you have seen a lot of vape shops in your area and may be thinking the niche is already saturated. Well, maybe this will change your mind. Wells-Fargo analyst Bonnie Herzog has been tracking the vapor industry for several years. She is the industry’s go-to resource for business forecasts. Her latest analysis indicates an expectation that the vapor industry is going to double in the next three years. It is not too late to get into the game. The industry is [...]

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Is Vaping Safe: What You Need to Know

The question of whether or not vaping is safe has been re-actualized recently, with numerous studies confirming that there are no significant short-term or long-term health hazards that can be linked to e-cigarette use. The public perception is also slowly changing - in 2015, nearly 37% of US survey respondents answered that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, which is a marked improvement from 2011, when that percentage was only 11.5%. Still, misleading research and clickbaity news headlines are muddying the waters, creating a perception that using e-cigarettes is not as safe as harm reduction advocates make it [...]

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5 Best Documentaries About Vaping

Documentary films about vaping is not a topic covered all that well. Did you even know that vaping related movies or documentaries existed? As vaping is expanding, so is the culture, such as vape tricks and vaping events - which has evolved some people into what you can consider vaping celebs. With not a lot known about the effects of vaping and the industry, many filmmakers have taken to the subject to document, offer facts and shine provide relative information into this “hot topic.” Without further ado, we have compiled 5 of the best documentary films about vaping for [...]

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Vaping Celebrities – Johnny Depp – The Inside Scoop

Vaping in itself is more popular than ever, and we can thank in a way many celebrities for promoting vaporizers and e-liquids. Pictures and endorsements from celebrities have thrown vaping into the spotlight and provide an advertisement to people who may have never heard of vaping before. Vaping is expanding, and celebrities are always pushing new trends, this is why we want to shine the light on a specific vaping celebrity and talk about who they are, their favorite vaporizers and what kind of vaper they are. John Christopher Depp II Who is Johnny Depp You can probably agree [...]

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