Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod: An Honest Review

The Innokin MVP 3.0 is the latest box mod addition to the MVP series by Innokin which ranked as a bestseller. The MVP 3.0 is a durable box mod that is perfectly built with fantastic new features expanded up to unique safety features. For easy compatibility, with the most recent sub ohm tanks by Kanger, Aspire and Joyetech, the MVP 3.0 was revamped to fire down to 0.4ohm.

Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod Review

The features just got better. Innokin has improved the original features of the MVP 2.0 with an ideal MVP 3.0 design, which makes usage more comfortable with enhanced features. This offers an opportunity for people to utilize the MVP 3.0 product to fire down to 0.4ohm which is relatively low, with the new generation of tanks that comes with sub ohm coils. This serves as an essential feature particularly for people who have in the past purchased the latest sub ohm tanks. The MVP 3.0 new features work flawlessly with them and for most people using sub ohm tanks, RDAs, glassomizers and clearomizers, will find the maximum power of 30E sufficient.

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Build Quality

The iTaste MVP 3.0 is exceptionally built. The design feels very comfortable, sturdy and solid in your hand, though surprisingly lightweight but not flimsy. Rather you can feel that the body was created with quality and durable products. The plastic buttons were perfected as they don’t rattle or feel like plastic. Preferably they are likened to buttons found on some of the mini box mods. We must emphasize that, this is a solid kit that would be effective for a relatively long period of time. The stainless steel finish and refined exterior gives it a sleek touch. For people who yearn for something different, peculiar with some personality, the item is available in a range of colors.

As far as the fire button is concerned, it was built and strategically placed in a more suitable position as against the wider side of the device.  We prefer the new placement on the new MVP 3.0 that gives the thumb more ease to function.


No more distorted screen displays. The screen view incredibly displays the resistance of the tank on the device, inclusive of the voltage and wattage in real time when the button is fired up. One of the most amazing feature happens when the plus and minus buttons are held in place and pressed together and the information on the screen can also be inverted. The device automatically turns off, when the fire button is rapidly pressed thrice. When the plus and minus buttons are used, the adjustment of the wattage and voltage is easily achieved. The device also holds another remarkable feature with the element to remember the previous setting.

Charging & Battery life

A mini USB charger is built with the device. This enables you to use the MVP 3.0 to power charge any Android device. If your phone is running low on battery, this will come in handy for charging the phone on the move with no socket in sight. With the USB port, you can also charge your iPhone and other devices. Can you believe you can also charge your old MVP 2.0? Works easy.

And with the Pass-through charging function, you can have your vape session while the box mod charge.

The battery life is outstanding. If you vape this at a wattage setting at a low range from 6-15W, this product will certainly last for several days! However, if MVP3.0 is used at 30W the battery drains faster, but would be adequate for a day or several vaping sessions. A small LED light at the top of the device also displays different colors indicating the battery life.


Along with the new iTaste MVP 3.0 you will receive one MVP3.0 battery, a USB charger cable, an eGo Threading adaptor and an English manual. The manual is very detailed and well written. Interestingly, it was well tailored with thorough explanations for newbies to vapping. In comparison with other existing manuals that convey too much technical jargon or have little or no substance, this manual sets the right standard in developing product manuals accompanying every vaporizer or box mod.


We have undeniably developed some measure of fondness for the MVP 3.0. It is an honest struggle to relay complains about this device. To criticize however, people possibly may be partial towards the weight and size of this device. In terms of size, it is agreeably larger than the standard mini box mods and slightly heavier due to its rugged build quality. If you are in search for a mini box, this may likely not be your best choice. In spite of this downside, a good idea would be to consider the device in terms of the great features it embodies which will progressively compensate for the size.

Overall, for users who desire a well built, solid and powerful kit will benefit from this device as it was literally made for you! We personally love the product and it will be our go-to box mod for a long time.

Innokin MVP 3.0 Box Mod
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