Aspire Archon Vape Mod Review – A Tiny Powerhouse

The Aspire Archon is an affordable 150W mod with some neat tricks up its sleeves. It is a step-up mod for newbie vapers that want to have more power and better control of their vaping experience. The Archon a tiny powerhouse that you can carry wherever you’d like.

In a nutshell, the Aspire Archon vape mod is an upgraded model of other Aspire mods, now with dual 18650 batteries to lengthen battery life and increase the maximum wattage. As a result, the Archon can accommodate modern tank atomizers that require that level of power. Single batteries usually max out at 75W and the addition of another 18650 battery makes it a more powerful mod overall than Aspire’s other offerings.


Aspire Archon Mod

Kudos to the manufacturers keen on improving and refining their products for their customers. Aspire is one such manufacturer, and the Archon is the result of these improvements. In the review below, we’re going to highlight what makes the Archon so unique from other mods on the market.

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Five buttons, not three

More isn’t always better, but in the Archon’s case, that’s definitely true. So what are those two additional buttons for? These new buttons are used for adjusting wattage and temperature settings (like in the temperature control mods) without having to dig into complex menus and memorize button-press combinations just to make power adjustments to your atomizer. Less time pressing buttons and more time to vape! Helpfully, the buttons are embossed with a “W” and a “T” so it’s all even simpler.

Aspire Archon Mod

You have a screen lock on your smartphone to keep pesky hands off, so why not have one on your vaping device? This is not just a smart feature, but it’s also a great PR move to fend off accusations that vapers are reckless or careless. You can now have peace of mind when you’re in a place where small children or pets might get ahold of the device.

If 75W and a short battery life is an issue for you, then it’s time for an upgrade! The Aspire Archon will double the power, bumping up to 150W, plus extended battery life. It really is amazing how the can fit two 18650 batteries in this device.

Build quality

Everything feels solid and you won’t hear any rattle on the buttons. The smooth, curved shape of the device allows you to hold the Aspire Archon comfortably in your hands. The firing button is situated where your thumb rests, and your fingers wrap around the device in a natural way.


In summary, here are our liked and dislikes:


  • Dual batteries – balances power and device weight very effectively
  • Child lock – a very smart feature to keep children away from your device
  • Custom profiles – you can create multiple profiles for multiple vapers or preferences


  • Overhang for tanks over 24mm – this can be a turn off for those vapers who are focused on aesthetics.

Aspire Archon Mod

The mods that we have today perform 20x better than the devices we had five years ago, and the Archon really demonstrates just how far mods have come. The Aspire Archon can fire all the different sub-ohm atomizer types (nickel, Kanthal, and titanium) and even goes as high as 150W if ever you need that kind of power. It is compact, well-built and includes all the standard safety features plus a nifty child lock code.

This mod is a great addition to your collection and can be your daily vape device because of its size and weight. Newbie vapers (who may be interested in vape starter kits) may lean towards mods kits that have a battery and atomizer combo just because it is already a complete kit. But if you have an existing device, the Aspire Archon is a very attractive and a worthy upgrade.

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