Blu eCigs Brand Review


Selection: 20%
Vapor Quality: 18%
Battery Life: 20%
Value for Money: 45%

Our Verdict: An e-cigs brand comparable to the inferior MarkTen, blu eCigs has a small selection of starter kits, along with their disposable cig-a-like packs. Quality, vapor production, and battery life are mediocre, and one thing we can think of is the fact that they are also owned by a huge tobacco company, the Lorillard. If there is anything positive about their products, it is the inclusion of convenient accessories such as the portable charging case that comes very handy for newbies who are willing to settle with blu eCigs. Otherwise, it is a brand for those who want to vape to quit smoking, but are looking to quit vaping shortly as well.

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blu eCigs’ Best Products

blu PLUS Rechargeable Kit Classic Tobacco

BeginnersPrice: $42.99


Although blu Ecigs, through their CEO, once said that they wanted to make their e-cigs look different from real tobacco cigarettes, the brand has a ‘standard’ look and feel to their products. The blu PLUS Rechargeable Kit Classic Tobacco is a cig-a-like starter kit that is about the size of the real tobacco stick. The build is made of plastic, with the classic blu Tanks holding the same texture and material as the batteries. By looking at the whole device, it is kind of sleek, stylish even, with its black colored body and a blue LED on the tip that lights with every puff. The portable charging case is like a flip-top cigarette pack, only it is elegantly designed in black, with the company logo on the front.

It is not, however, a build that you can easily deem durable for its price. The battery attached to the tank weighs heavier than the real thing, but if you are looking to feel as if you were smoking a cigarette, then this would moderately pass.

The blu PLUS Rechargeable Kit Classic Tobacco is a beginner’s kit, which includes one rechargeable pack (charging case), 1 wall charger, 1 USB cord, 2 batteries, and 3 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks. The charging case is what we have seen as the most convenient asset of this kit, as it allows you to charge your extra batteries while you are on the go. This is a huge factor that affects your day-to-day vaping experience since blu Ecigs batteries do not last very long. On average, one battery last for an hour and a half to two of continuous vaping after a full charge. So if you are accustomed to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, then you will need to have your spare batteries ready at all times to get by a whole day of vaping.

The tanks, as stated in blu Ecigs’ website, have ‘more than twice the capacity of blu flavor cartridges’. The cartridges, on the other hand, are good for 250 puffs, give or take. Then again, in actuality, the tanks’ quality did not last twice as much as 250 puffs, nor did the cartridges. After a few hours of vaping, the flavor became less and less distinguishable. The airflow seemed to have tightened, as well.

Vapor production, as expected, was mediocre. When compared to other cig-a-like kits from more reliable brands such as MigCigs and V2, blu Ecigs needs much improvement there. So if you are trying to quit smoking by vaping, this kit can be your starter, but due to its inferior quality, this can also well be a step in ending your vaping habit.

PLUS+ Xpress Kit

BeginnersPrice: $14.99

blu-xpress_kitLike a downgraded version of the PLUS Rechargeable Kit, the Xpress Kit includes two tanks, one rechargeable battery, and 1 USB charger. This kit does not include a portable charging case. The quality and look of the build is overall like the complete rechargeable kit. Vapor production, battery life, and performance are the same. This kit is for the beginner who wants to try out vaping and see if it will work as a cigarette replacement. However, due to its limited features and capacity, the Xpress Kit can be short-lived—battery lasts for two hours or so. The tank, although able to produce a significant amount of vapor at first, dwindled in quality the more it is used. May blu Ecigs users had voiced out their issues on the flavor, which had a harsh throat hit and burnt taste that apparently didn’t exist before the brand made another ‘improvement’ on their products.

The price of this kit is a bit high, considering blue Ecigs is notorious for weak products that are easily broken. However, this can be a better option for beginners compared to blu Ecigs’ disposable e-cigarettes since it has a rechargeable battery if only it would work well for longer.

Premium100 E-Cigarette Rechargeable Kit – Black



If the Xpress Kit is a downgraded PLUS Rechargeable Kit, then the Premium100 is an upgrade of the same unit. This e-cigarette kit comes with one premium social charging case, two batteries that are bigger than the ones in the other kits, one 3-pack of blu Tanks or a pack of 5 Premium100 cartridges (limited edition). This kit also includes a wall charger and a USB cord.

To begin with, we know that blu Ecigs was just trying to introduce something new with this kit. However, we think that the ‘social charging case’ that has a wireless capability to detect and vibrate when other Premium100 cases are nearby is purely a publicity stunt. It does not benefit consumers in any way. Who would want their packs vibrating out of nowhere and have someone come up with the weirdest pickup lines that start with ‘vibrating carrying cases’? Great effort, blu, but it would have been better if you came up with more powerful batteries, or tanks with flavors that last longer.

The batteries, on the other hand, last four to five hours of continuous vaping. In terms of durability, we have seen them be quite on the weak side, as each battery only worked for two to three months. Cartridges last for about four hours, as well. After that, there was no flavor, throat hit, whatsoever. Vapor production was significant at first, more like the amount that you get from a real cigarette stick. Then again, even this aspect dwindled to close to zero after the four happy hours we previously mentioned.

4-Pack Disposables

BeginnersPrice: $39.95

blu-cigs-classic-tobacco-disposablesWe would have wanted to say that blu Ecigs disposables were meant for new vapers who want to try out vaping without shelling out much money. Conversely, since the brand only offers disposable packs in 4’s that cost $39.95 each, this may be a little too much to spend on an e-cigarette that you will throw away after a few uses.

Blu eCigs disposable e-cigarettes, as the maker claims, ‘is equal to approx. 2 packs of regular cigarettes’. In reality, each one is far from what they say, with the flavor disappearing sooner than that. If you have never tried vaping other brands before, then blu eCigs’ disposables may work for you. However, if you have tried other cig-a-like disposables, then blu’s version will appear too expensive for a low-grade device that you will get rid of after a few uses.

Additional Details

The company, blu eCigs, started in 2009 as one of the firsts to offer a ‘realistic’ alternative to cigarettes by releasing their cig-a-like units. In 2012, blu eCigs was bought by Lorillard, the big tobacco company that makes Newport cigarettes. Since their establishment, the brand has constantly released new updates to their line of starter kits and disposable e-cigarettes, as well as their tanks and batteries, but this has been limited to minor improvements overall.

As a conclusion, blu eCigs has a very small selection of e-cigarettes, without the advanced options, and is lacking in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Their customer service is not on the upper part of the list either, as many vapers have had inconvenient experiences in ordering their products both online and offline. Shipping takes around two weeks. Moreover, while their website has positive reviews, a lot of online reviews and feedback from blu eCigs buyers say that the site removes any negative comments—a fairly offensive practice, if accurate. So if you want a brand that has reliable background before purchasing your first kit worth $14.99, or a pack of disposables at $39.95, then you may want to continue searching past blu eCigs.

Blu eCigs
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  • Walt_Smith

    blu e-cigs suck. And the also leak into your mouth, mmmmmm good. Sometimes into the battery too! Then when I write 3 emails I get completely ignored except for their ads I still get wondering why I have not visited in a while! I am going to learn how to hack their web site and then see if they ignore me. This product is garbage.

    • dan

      did u get the blu plus or the other one?