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  1. This week in vaping and smoking news

Surprising Outcomes in the Battle Against Smoking

Over the course of the last week, we brought you news about the latest in science. There were some innovative and interesting studies in the field of medicine. All of these studies had surprising research outcomes.

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, surprised us all with their amazing discovery.  Firstly, we believed it to be cause of heart malfunctions and mental disorders. However, quit-smoking meds proved beneficial for people with lung diseases.

On the other hand, there are those who believe that lighting a cigarette at a party or with just a drink is harmless. Well, they were apparently wrong.  Sadly, social smokers do suffer from the same cardiovascular diseases as their a pack a day counterparts. This is regardless of the amount of substance used.

In the city of Dallas, healthcare practitioners are setting their hopes high for a new practice. This is with one of the latest developments in medicine and technology, telemedicine. Their pilot program proved how they can use telecommunication technology to enhance the battle against smoking. The results were very encouraging.

Speaking of technology, the American Cancer Society started to implement some of it in their fight against lung diseases. They based a study on emails of support. This proved as efficient as quit-smoking meds!

E-Cigarettes still giving headache to lawmakers

When it comes to legal issues, it seems that e-cigarettes are still a burning topic. This is when it comes to dealing with the law in the US. Following its prolonged discussion on e-cigarette indoor smoking ban, Austin has finally put an end on it.

Just a few days after that event, the Big Apple also made a ruling on the topic. Vaping has also been a divisive topic in the halls of the state house. E-cigarettes have been recognized as equally unhealthy as tobacco ones by both Austin and New York. As a result, it led to these cities banning indoor usage of vaping devices completely. Not everyone ended up happy with this ban.

To wrap it up, is the use of technology the future of medicine? It certainly did prove effective in some of the cases you read about this week. We have been putting so much of our lives in our gadgets through social media and other apps. Is it easier for people to persuade us to quit smoking by e-mails, or by face to face contact?

E-cigarettes are also a product of technology in a way. They try to make a balanced transition for smokers on their road to quitting tobacco cigarettes. However, it seems that lawmakers have declared fight against these devices as well. As a result, both retailers and consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction.

Is it really that hard to give up your pleasure for the sake of your health? Let us know in the comments below.

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