Vaping Wedding Photos Trend: Couples Marry Under Vape Clouds

wedding photos trend: vaping
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Newlywed couples have been showing their love not only for each other but their vapes as well, in a new trend spreading across social media. Couples have been posting wedding photos awash in clouds of vapor (cloud-chasing grows in popularity).

Brides and grooms share an intimate vape, their heads wrapped in clouds. There are also more classic shots like the couple inhaling each other’s vapor. Well, they are still more creative than holding a bride on the hand-type. Other couples take a collective vape with their wedding parties and send out plumes of vapor into the air.

Even more, pictures feature attendees exhaling vapor over the betrothed like they were throwing rice on the new couple. The trend was exposed by the Reddit page r/trashy.
Under the headline “Nothing Better than a Good Old Vape Nation Wedding,” there is a photo of a wedding party exhaling clouds in unison. Seen taking part is the groom, and a host of other attendees, who are all holding sub-ohm box mods, blowing out columns of white clouds. Users got this wave and continued:

A quick Google search of “vape wedding photos” uncovered even more photos showing couples and their parties throwing up clouds. The existence of these vape wedding photos suggests that this has been going on for some time (about 2 years at least).
Here are some of the most outstanding:

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The trend has people divided. Some feel that there is nothing trashier than vaping at a wedding and celebrating it, while others see the vapor clouds as an expression of love, celebration, and togetherness. Whatever the case, the trend shows no signs of disappearing like so much liquid aerosol, as the most recent vape wedding photos were posted only a few days ago.

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