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Vaping songs: Vape mod and a dj set
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Smoking and vaping are popular habits that hundreds of thousands of people participate in. It is such a widespread experience that music artists have created songs about the pleasures of smoking and vaping, as well as tunes that would be fun to vape to. Check out this compilation of top vaping songs.

Table of Contents:

  1. Bob Marley – Misty Morning
  2. Deep Purple – Smoke on the Water
  3. Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud
  4. Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors
  5. Ride – Vapour Trails
  6. Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon
  7. Ham$ta – Stay Strapped
  8. Hermitude – The Buzz

Bob Marley – Misty Morning

When people think of smoking, Bob Marley is one of the first people to come to mind. The beat is fun and vapers can get lost in the bright, calypso vibe of this song. The lyrics are pretty deep and talk about philosophy, so if users want to think a little, definitely take a listen to the words in this song.

Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water

“Smoke on the Water” is a rock classic. It is inspired by a tragic fire that took place at a Frank Zappa concert at the Montreux casino and features a steady beat with a well-defined tempo. The famous riff throughout the song is perfect to set the pace of any vape session.

Rolling Stones – Get Off My Cloud

This song is great for a solo vape session- the attitude is in the title! Get off my cloud is a great classic rock option for vapers who don’t want to be bothered by others when they’re making clouds. Chill out solo with this song and a vape after a long day for the best vape session vibe.

Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors

The first R&B song on this list, this song is great for vapers who want a relaxed vape experienced. The song is literally about smoking and vaping, which sets the mood perfectly for a chill vape session. Get lost in its intoxicating rhythm and vape along to its lo-fi beats.

Ride – Vapour Trails

“Vapour trail” is a fun alt-rock track for vaping with buddies. This track from the English band Ride features cool instrumentals and exudes happiness from the first chord. Play this song while vaping and get lost in the “vapour trails” you create on your own.

Peter Paul & Mary – Puff the Magic Dragon

“Puff the Magic Dragon” is a childhood favorite. Everyone has memories of singing and dancing to this song about their favorite dragon, but some say this tune is not as innocent as it seems. This song can be interpreted as being about smoking and vaping taking “Puffs” of smoke and breathing it out in a big cloud, much like a dragon exhales fire and smoke.

Ham$ta – Stay Strapped

Ham$ta’s “Stay Strapped” is aptly dubbed “vape song” and explicitly talks about how much the artist enjoys vaping. He talks about how he and his homies are “real vapers” who “stay strapped”. Ham$ta encourages proper vape usage, saying “Dry hits we don’t play that”. Listen to this song at the beginning of a vape session to put you in a vape-hittin’ mood.

Hermitude – The Buzz

This vaping song is a feel-good hit with an electronic feel. The bass drops are perfect for head bopping and would be fun to synchronize hits with. Take a hit during the lead up, and exhale to create massive clouds at the bass drop. Feel “The Buzz” while vaping with this cool track.

Vaping Songs: Have Any Suggestion?

Smoking and vaping music has been around forever, and it will be exciting to see what new music about vaping will come out in the future. This list is a compilation that spans all genres and gives vapers a taste of cool, vape-themed music. Have a song that you think should have been featured on this list? Drop a comment! So, what’s the hold up? Put these songs on a playlist and start a new vape session!

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