Vaporizer Photo Session Ideas To Make Viral Photos


by James Bickford

Updated: August 7, 2020

PHotographer makes best vaoing photos

The last few years have brought vaporing subculture to the level of a mainstream activity. The number of people using liquid-based or dry herb vaporizer for personal hedonistic moments is growing by the day.

As it goes with any other popular activity, the need of demonstrating vaping skills and versatile gear is hard to miss on social networks. Young and old, male and female, professional photographers and amateurs are all looking for new and interesting ways to capture the beauty of vaping. Some of the photos we encounter on the internet are beautiful and get thousands of shares, others manage to inspire people into creating similar content. Some of the most popular photo ideas could grow viral and take over the internet.

Inspiring Vaporizer Viral Photo Ideas

  • Great personal photo session ideas for everyone
  • Fashionable vaporing photos made simple
  • Unusual photos
Or end up with a single like from your mom…

Women and men

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting pics, staring everyday boys and girls.

girl vaping photo at night club vaping
Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock

It might seem as if it takes hours to prepare the set for this kind of photo but the truth is somewhat different.

handsome man blows circles in the dark

The club lights, lasers, and decor will create the perfect atmosphere and make the photo look as if it’s taken by the best professional photographer. Likes and shares galore, for anyone who’s enjoying vaping daily or occasionally.

brunette girls outdoor vaping ideas

Maybe it’s just me, but there’s something extremely hot in business girls and smoke. Taking a little break from work can turn into an amazingly quick photo session. Cloud chaser vape improves hot-looking pictures. The Instagram will be burning.

Fashion Photos

Here’s a little something for professional photographers and aspiring models that want to promote vaping gear, products, or just want to express themselves.

vaporizer professional photo blonde model

A room full of smoke, dimmed lights, stylish sofa, and a girl that shows off more skin than her daddy would like us to see. Unless there’s a Unicorn somewhere in the shot, there’s nothing else that vaping photos should represent in order to go viral instantly.

vaping model photo outdoor red jacette

Take the model outside, blur the background, and let the smoke scatter all around. This is the template for a fashionable, engaging photo that people are going to love and share. Thus it could be also a good way to put the vaporizer in the center of the shot. Promoting the unit brand if the photographer is working well for a client.

Outstanding Vaporizers

Some photos are just better with smoke. Don’t believe me? Here’s an example that shows how a bit of carving skill and some vape can chill the blood.

vaping girl with scary make up
Ostancov Vladislav/Shutterstock

Halloween is a season when people take photos of their costumes and decorations, hoping to have their photo rise above all others. Pumpkins are the most common decoration so what can be done in order to make it seem different? Here we see a smart use of vape as a means to make our pumpkin appear more ominous. Just give the smoke enough time to spread around and give the photo that foggy Halloween atmosphere.

What Vaping Brought Us Today

As the previous examples portrait, some of the best vaping photos take no more than an inspiring model, unusual atmosphere, hence a whole lot of smoke. Allowing the light to spread through the vape can have an amazing effect on the photo. It adds mystique and class to the whole arrangement. With these little pieces of advice, anyone can take a photo that would make even the best professional photographers envious.

And what is your favorite photo? Which the most outstanding pic would you like to take?

Published: March 22, 2018Updated: August 7, 2020

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