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Vaping in itself is more popular than ever, and we can thank in a way many celebrities for promoting vaporizers and e-liquids. Pictures and endorsements from celebrities have thrown vaping into the spotlight and provide an advertisement to people who may have never heard of vaping before.

Vaping is expanding, and celebrities are always pushing new trends, this is why we want to shine the light on a specific vaping celebrity and talk about who they are, their favorite vaporizers and what kind of vaper they are.

John Christopher Depp II

Who is Johnny Depp

You can probably agree this celebrity needs no introduction, but let’s indulge for those who may not know much about Mr. Depp. Johnny Depp is an actor and was born June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA. He dropped out of school when he was 15. His stardom came later when he played the role of Tommy Hanson on the hit TV series 21 Jump Street. Mr. Depp has played many roles in his career, more famously Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates movie series, and Frank Tupelo in the Tourist. The Tourist is the subject for further analysis as in this movie Johnny’s character uses a vaporizer.

Johnny Depp – The Vapist

At a key point in the Tourist, Mr. Depp’s character begins to use an E-cigarette and explains he used to smoke. The scene has been popularized in vaping culture, as it was the most popular movie scene which involved vaping. However, off-screen, Johnny also vapes, in many cases he has been photographed with his own e-cig, vape pen, and box mod.

Does Johnny Depp Promote Vaping?

Mr. Depp has never formally stated he prefers vaping over smoking. Does that mean he is neutral in preferring one or the other? We do not think so, as Johnny has mentioned he does not like being in the limelight. From that, we can assume his personal hobbies (like vaping) are ones he chose because he enjoys it and nothing more.

Johnny Depp using vaporizer

For those wondering what vaporizer he uses in the Tourist, according to CBS NEWS it is a Smokestik from a Canadian based e-cig brand.

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