Vaper’s Thursday: Meet Jordan MV – rising inspiration of the vaping world


Vaping has become in a way culture and has grown so much in the last few years. The popularity of it all has spread not only to people like us but also to famous people. As vape culture is expanding vapers are creating their own terminology, competing in vaping trick championships and setting records.

We want to showcase an individual vaper and point out who they are and what they have done for vaping and show you the highlights that make them great vapers.

Jordan A. Flippen – AKA: Jordan__MV

Jordan__MV – The Vape Artist

Who is Jordan Flippen: Jordan A. Flippen is an avid vaper and trickster from Mount Airy, NC. He is 20 years old and a rising inspiration in the vaping world.

Jordan is a younger generation vaper but has made his mark in the vaping community. His main way of promoting vaping is through Instagram. Jordan has 117k followers and posts many pictures and videos of his crazy vape tricks along with other pictures that promote vaporizers and e-juices for his followers.

Jordan is not just about vaping, he has another hobby, since he was 16 years old he’s been into creating electronic music. If you are someone who enjoys listening to that style of music, you can appreciate Jordan’s tracks on ReverbNation and his vape tricks videos on YouTube. However, neither of them have been updated in sometime.

Jordan, and what Vaping is Becoming

Jordan is a new generation of vaper he and others like him are turning vaping into a phenomenon and culture. As we write this, he and other avid vape tricksters are competing in a global trick competition with prizes up to $10000. Jordan and others like him are the future of vaping, and with what he and others are doing, it is sure to take vaping in the right direction.  

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