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Vote For Vape Queen of September [VOTING]

Autumn is a time of colors, warm, but not burning sun and of course girls. Look how different and at the same time similar they are, vaping is what unites them. This won’t be an easy decision to make, so we are glad that is not our concern anymore. You, fellow vapers, have a chance to choose your Queen here and now! All you need to do, read this post and pick your favorite.


A_bextor seems like she has no problems kicking back and listening to a conversation about vaping, and that she would take into consideration what everyone had to say. However, by her picture, you can feel that she would give anyone around her “the proper education” on just how wrong they were while doing it in a calm fashion.

Jelly.goddess is a mirror into what most people think of when it comes to vaping. From her picture, she flaunts that title with pride letting everyone know that she is a vaper and is not afraid to let you know that.


Halastarvapes enjoys the outdoors as much as she enjoys vaping. A glance at her picture tells you everything you need to know about how awesome it is to be a vaper. Her favorite juice, free spirit, and fresh air put us in envy.


Pandora.blue can handle any situation she is put into, and her dedication to vaping is second to none. From her picture, you get the vibe that she is not only the fanciest vaper around but also the fiercest. Keep an eye on her, or you will end up in a mountain of vapor.


Dampfergirl is having that moment we all wish we could have once a day, the euphoric feeling of peace and calm. From her picture, and the relaxed nature she is in, and the huge cloud of vapor are a staple of just what it means to be a no-frills vaper.

Now it is up to you; we need you to vote on which girl you thought represented vaping the best or that you just liked the most.

Also, If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else to be featured in this segment, then you are in the right place! To get featured, tag or DM your pics to us! @vapingdaily_official on Instagram.

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