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The Vape Queen of October - Vaping Daily

Those are vaping girls, October nominees. Take a look and help us pick The One. Thanks in advance for taking the time to enter and vote. Stay tuned and feel free to share and comment.

Vaping is expanding and bringing us new, incredible, sometimes unreal things, and girls are a big part of it, as usual, we featured five of them, we thought were interesting inside the world of vaping. Without further ado, we want you to pick which girl you think is a definition of vaping this month.


Wannatashaa is out of this world when it comes to vaping, and she takes it all to the next level with her skill and dedication. From her picture, that must have been some pretty powerful juice to make her transcend space and time.  

Also, we would like to thank Jordan__MV featured in Vapers Thursday, for nominating her.


Alliembers_vapes_ is that girl that knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. She will not wait for anyone to catch up. From her picture, she is looking back at us and on life waiting for everything to catch up with her awesomeness, and those mean vaping skills. Do not keep her waiting!


Saxcii is giving us a peek into the future, and it looks a lot like Bladerunner with a side of the awesome vaping. Well, minus the world ending problems from the movie, her picture gives us hope that the future is actually exciting all in its neon glory! (pic credits: @apertureistic)


Althea_ph_photo is a kick backed chill girl, relaxed with no problems soaking in the rays of sunshine. From her picture, we can envy the freedom of sitting in the grass enjoying our favorite mods and juice.


Sydneyystorm gives you the notion that we are hopeless unless we can blow a bigger cloud than her, she does not want anything to do with you. Also, from her picture, she is proving to everyone that style and vaping do exist and if you cannot hang, “you better move out the way”.

Now it is up to you; we need you to vote on which girl you thought represented vaping the best or that you just liked the most.

Also, If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else to be featured in this segment, then you are in the right place! To get featured, tag or DM your pics to us! @vapingdaily_official on Instagram.

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