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by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 6, 2020

the Vape Queen competition -september

The internet, especially the rising of social media networks allows us to share our interests, beliefs, and everything else we wish to throw at the world in just a few clicks. Many aspiring influencers do not even know how far their reach would spread when they start sharing their content, however many of them develop a worldwide reputation.

Vaping subculture has its own influencers of all ages and genders, and they all bring some sort of value to the community. Some promote various brands; others just want to have fun.

In this article, we are going to meet 10 hot girls vaping on Instagram, according to our research. We will see what each of them has to put on the table and how their followers react to the content placed by these talented, successful and beautiful vape models.

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What Are Vape Girls and What Is Their Objective?

Vape girls are all the ladies that use their social media in order to promote vaping culture in any given form.

They could be freelance models or entrepreneurs that post content related to vaping products or services that someone hired them to promote or they are pushing their own brand. Truth be told, there is a vast number of vape girls that just do it for the likes.


    Followers: 1,6M
    Nudity level: 8/10
    Tricks: –
This hot vaping girl from Orlando, Florida is just what the Instagram of vape needed. She combines interesting environment for her posts, present different vape juices, and attracts public by bright curvy shapes. With 1.6 million followers Pandora blue became one of the most popular vape promoters on Instagram.

#2 dose.of.farrah

    Followers: 232k
    Nudity level: 3/10
    Tricks: –
Farrah is the “girl next door” type of gal by the looks of her Instagram page. However, mild and humble as she may seem, this vape promoter is one of the most popular girls in the community.

The dose of Farrah Instagram page is the place where more than 230k followers enjoy daily posts, various sponsored content, and occasional giveaway actions. We could say that Farrah managed to combine several important social network strategies and make them all work for her. There are:

  • cleverly designed photos in various environments, both indoor and outdoor,
  • beautiful model,
  • and free stuff.

#3 misaliaa

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Cyclon mod @smoant_official ?

A post shared by Vape (@misaliaa) on

    Followers: 181k
    Nudity level: 0/10
    Tricks: +
It cannot get better than being dubbed the official vape queen, especially for someone as young as our talented and beautiful Malaysian. This vape girl is one of the most talented trick performers with almost 200k followers on Instagram. Her content does not rely that much on overall aesthetic appeal; her main focus is on the quality of her performance.

The audience can see this effort and they really give their best to show how much they appreciate all the hard work that Misaliaa puts in each of her publications. She is clearly one of the proofs that you do not need master video editing skills in order to create compelling video. All you need is a lot of talent, love for what you do, and just enough effort to see it all through.

#4 justpeachyy

    Followers: 121k
    Nudity level: 3/10
    Tricks: +
Tattoos, piercings, and a whole lot of vape; these are the trademark signs of _justpeachyy, also known as Hannah. With more than 120k followers and several thousand posts on Instagram, this girl is giving her best to promote “bad girls vaping” attitude throughout the vaping community and further in the online world.

Her posts are often sponsored by different brands of vaping juices and mods, which she advocates in a stunning photographic disposition. She never misses a chance to say thanks for each compliment and always answers to any content related questions.

#5 wannatashaa

    Followers: 107k
    Nudity level: 1/10
    Tricks: +
Simply put, Natasha is a trickster, and a talented one while we are at it. Her posts are abundant in a wide array of vape tricks, some of which might make you ask yourself if what you are seeing is real or just a great CGI effect.

Natasha is giving her best to make her content as less provocative as it can get and focus all the attention on her talent as a trick performer.

This is why she gets a lot of respect from other influential vapers, some of which are featured on wannatashaa Instagram profile.

#6 priscillacrystalg

    Followers: 89,7k
    Nudity level: 9/10
    Tricks: –
If there was ever a sexy and compelling manner of promoting vaping on the internet, Priscilla surely got it right! Her photos are smoking hot in more ways than one. This blonde vape model combines the elegance of tastefully designed vape mods for girls with a classy and seductive outfit.

Her photos are truly mesmerizing as various juice flavors vape throughout the photos, thus leaving the audience often asking what could be hidden under all that vape.

Each of her breathtaking posts sums a few thousand likes and the comment section never suffers from the lack of praises and interesting questions.

#7 vaping.rose

    Followers: 71,1k
    Nudity level: 6/10
    Tricks: –
Elyssa Rose aka vaping.rose is a Filipino vape model that spends her time enjoying vape products and posting it on Instagram at everyone’s satisfaction. Her photos are not that provocative as they are well composed and versatile.

Her followers do not only get the chance to enjoy lovely photos, but they also get informed about recent discounts, new vape juices, sales, and upcoming events.

Elyssa is always happy to engage in discussion with her followers, and they send their love back with each new post this beautiful young vape model releases.

#8 valerie.w33

    Followers: 32,9k
    Nudity level: 0/10
    Tricks: +

Valerie is another famous trickster girl with thousands of people enjoying her videos every day. This young performer and vape promoter brought her vaping skills to a high level of quality. It seems to raise interest in the audience that just cannot wait to see what this talented person is about to do next.

Valerie likes to treat her fans with occasional giveaways and cool product reviews. It goes without saying that Val is the object of admiration for many aspiring vapers, the comments section is always full of praises and compliments on her skills.

#9 ohmmywattsup

    Followers: 31,2k
    Nudity level: 1/10
    Tricks: +
The future of vaping community is surely set to a straight and secure path with girls like Chrystianna (aka ohmmywgattsup) leading the younger generation of vapers. This young little trickster is a talented Instagram model that posts regular content in which she promotes new products and shows off some amazing vape trick skills.

By the look of her Instagram profile, it is easy to notice that she gets a lot of love from her fellow vapers and she is always on the move with a suitable mod by her side. An unusual mix of youth, beauty, and talent is her key to over 30k followers-a number that we are certainly going to see rise even higher.

#10 alliembers_

    Followers: 19,1k
    Nudity level: 2/10
    Tricks: +
Alli Embers loves to combine vape, food, and outdoors in her Instagram photos.  It attracts thousands of followers each time a new post is out. She dedicates her time to promoting various types of products for several vape industry companies.

There is a real sense of style and versatility in each of her publications that goes beyond everyday Instagram modeling. From time to time, she amuses her audience with some pretty vape tricks that she performs.

Published: May 17, 2018Updated: August 6, 2020

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