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Top 5 Vape Girls of the Week: It’s All About The Girls! 2017-07-28T12:12:46+00:00
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Top 5 Vape Girls of the week: It Is All About The Girls!

Sorry boys! It is not about you, it is all about the girls. Even though every vaper is important to us, we want you to see the side of vaping that girls bring.

Vaping is expanding, and girls are a big part of that, so we want to showcase 5 girls that we thought we’re interesting inside the world of vaping. Without further ado, we want you to pick which girl you think symbolizes vaping the most.


Dose.of.farrah is amazing, a business entrepreneur who got into vaping as a model and a promoter. From her picture, we can tell just how ruthless she is against not just against everyone but taking on the world.



Justpeachyy is a sensation when it comes to the vaping world. Vaping is not about thinking it is about taking the time to enjoy the moment and the flavor. From her photo, she takes us to that realm along with sophistication and beauty.



Vaping.rose is a passionate girl for vaping, she symbolizes how to chill and vape. Never has vaping looked so beautiful, and from her picture, we can get a sense of just what it means to be a vaper.



Priscillacrystalg is serious about vaping don’t mess with her, or she will blow tricks around you. Never has vaping looked so cool. From her picture, she is dead serious about letting you know she is the best vaper around.  



Trianaaxo is like a pin-up-girl for vaping; nothing comes close to her elegance. Blasting clouds is what she does, and no one can do it as she can. From her picture we get a real sense of how vaping and beauty form the perfect package.


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Now it is up to you; we need you to vote on which girl you thought represented vaping the best or that you just liked the most.
Also, If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else to be featured in this segment, then you are in the right place! To get featured, tag or DM your pics to us! @vapingdaily_official on Instagram.


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