San Francisco – the first city to ban all flavored tobacco products

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San Francisco went full circle by proposing an ordinance to prevent local manufacturers and retailers from selling all flavored tobacco products. Is yet another battle between government and retailers on the horizon?

No more flavored vaping in San Francisco

On June 20th of the current year, San Francisco approved an amendment to its existing law. The effective law prohibits the manufacture of flavored cigarettes other than menthol and tobacco. The addition proposes a ban on sales of all flavored tobacco products. However, it seems that the ban is rather focusing on e-cigarettes than actual hazardousness of smoking, similar to many other laws regarding the matter.

What concerned SF legislators the most is the effect vaping has on teens. Hence the law declares that “flavored tobacco products promote youth initiation of tobacco use and help occasional young smokers to become daily smokers by reducing or masking the natural harshness and taste of tobacco smoke and thereby increasing the appeal of tobacco products.”

Vaping and smoking equated once again

Addiction is a problematic condition, and we should approach it with a sensitive strategy, especially among teens. Recent statistics show that teens are indeed more prone to consume e-cigarettes than any other tobacco related product. Among all of these, e-cigs are the least harmful, as they do not even have to contain nicotine necessarily.

However, the law fails to differ vaping from smoking, by using the same noun – smokers – for tobacco product users. This kind of rhetoric is hazardous, given the fact that the official governmental body that people would entrust by default is emitting it. Vaping does not produce smoke, but a vapor, and as such does not initiate the harm of tobacco combustion.

Insensitive, or not?

Once again, retailers have their response. “Personally I am absolutely against flavors like bubble gum or pink elephant or strawberry delicious because I think the name itself sends the wrong message, but the adult looking for a less harmful alternative is not looking for these products ” CEO of Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, Ray Story, stated.

As such, the new proposal seems to appear as insensitive, as in there is a vulnerable group being affected by it for the sake of another vulnerable group. Wouldn’t it be better if we fight smoking completely, and then work on reducing other harms without introducing the laws that somehow always end up damaging someone?

As of April 1st, 2018, if you are going to San Francisco, you should not use any flavor in your vape.

Jeffrey Buckley
Jeffrey Buckley daily works hand in hand with medical students. He's keen on mental health and behaviorist anthropology. Vaping became the source of his research in 2013. Today Jeffrey is one of the top vaping-specialists. He pleasantly reveals scientific issues of vapers and smokers life.

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  1. I think that he you can better yourself you need to and quitting tobacco products totally would do that then out would be able to quit something that was was not addictive

  2. I cannot fathom that the city of SF would rather you get sick and die of cancer from smoking tobbacco,than taking a safer alternative.FUCK YOU SF and FUCK you federal gov.I am mind boggled that our fellow americans want us to die,weve shown the proof that vaping is less harmfull,SAD THIS IS ALL OVER MONEY FUCK THE PEOPLE

  3. I am 51 years old i smoke for over 40 years 2 packs a day ,I started vaping 2 years ago and ive never felt better in my life .I AM LIVING PROOF THAT VAPING IS SAFER.but they just look right through us.Dont care about fellow man all they care about is money .YA im talking to you FDA,President Trump,the whole white are all backward hillbillies that dont know your ass from a hole in the ground.Thats right take the safer products away and hand out posion.and us americans think were smarter than the rest.Im sorry to say were sheep BAA BAA

  4. so these flavorings go into cakes and beverages so they going to ban it for that por.everyone forgets PG/VG is in just about everything ,and flavoring is in everything how they going to do that more making frosting with flavorings

  5. This law is not needed. Teens have already moved on from vaping “Tuttie- Fruitie” nicotine to vaping pot.

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