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Vaper’s Thursday: RiP Trippers - Vaping Daily

Vaping has become in a way culture, and it has grown so much in the last few years that the popularity has spread to not only people like us but also for famous people. As vape culture is expanding vapers are creating their own terminology, competing in vaping trick championships and setting records.

We want to showcase an individual vapor and point out who they are and what they have done for vaping and show you the highlights that make them great vapers.

Trip – AKA: RiP Trippers

Who is Trip

Trip is a growing YouTube star from North Carolina, he was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and is married with two children. Trip’s rise to vaping fame started way back at the beginning of his college days where he took up studies in Photojournalism. He graduated in 2007 with a bachelor’s in his field, one month later he married his high school sweetheart.

He got his real start during an internship where he was photographing weddings. After college, he took his skills and started photographing weddings as a means of income for five years. However, before this, his first real job was working real estate with his father.

He took his photography skills and together with his brother created an app focused on photography, which took became popular. Trip eventually sold his app and invested it in real estate. This is around the time he came across vaping. Some of Trip’s hobbies are fishing, vaping and his kids. His favorite car is a 1983 Mercedes 240D.

RiP Trippers – Vaping as a Passion

Trip’s rise into vaping started not like most, at the time of his introduction to vaping it was not as popular is it is today. An incident where his wife’s vehicle was having problems a man came to investigate, where Trip noticed his ancient vaporizer. Since Trip chewed tobacco, this new device intrigued him, and the rest is history.

In April of 2012 Trip started his YouTube channel based completely around vaping, his content focus on vape reviews and previews giving his pros and cons for many devices. His channel is quickly approaching 1 Million subscribers. Trip is also quite popular on Instagram with almost 500K followers.

Everything is not all roses though for Trip, back in 2016 he made a video with bogus health claims and hidden affiliate links which ignited his followers into a rage. He did release a video explaining himself and as of 2017 things seem back to normal for him.

He has a popular saying at the end of his videos “smoking is dead, vaping is the future, and the future is now”

What Does Trip Mean to Vaping as a Whole?

Trip was one of the first to push vaping out into the spotlight. From his interesting video to his Instagram and his unique personality, allow people to relate to him and vaping as a whole. On top of everything, he has his own website with his own e-juices.    

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