Cool-looking Lipstick and Mascara Vape Pens Will Make You Vape in Disguise

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As the feminist revolution is growing stronger, “Do you even vape bro?” doesn’t seem like a legit phrase for the vaping community anymore. What has the vaping industry got on the table for ladies?

Stealth in Style

With the increasing number of females using different vape products, the vaping industry realized it has to become more inclusive. While some objects are non-gendered, and as such considered masculine, both ladies and the industry decided it was time to change this. Previously non-gendered objects like vaporizers are now turned into lipstick and mascara resembling vape pens – thanks to Colorado-based INDVR. Moreover, are these products female empowering, or on the other hand, insensitive profit boosters?

According to the company’s vice president, PJ Rinker, these products are aiming at women “who do not necessarily want to proclaim that they are a stoner but intends to have that ability to use the product any place, anytime, without being ridiculed or thought of as anything less.” It is no wonder then that the motto of the line is Stealth is in Style. These vape pens, especially the mascara one, resemble their makeup counterparts to the fullest, allowing you to vape in disguise.

Not so empowering after all?

On the other hand, some ladies might ask themselves whether the concept of being in need to hide your vaping device implies underlined shame? Surely some might think that this concept means that a woman can vape or smoke, but should do it classy and secretly.

Such thought interferes with feminist notions, as the product might appear to further label women by submitting them to the dominant presence of masculinity, where men do not need to vape or smoke camouflaged.

However, according to the company’s Instagram account, users seem to like it. “It is always in my purse,” one user commented. Another one was happy to state “Love my lipstick!” Given the fact that the number of women dying from smoking tripled in the last 50 years, and that vaping bans are increasing, it is not surprising that ladies are growing fond of their new lipsticks and mascaras.

We want to ask ladies following us: what is your take on this?

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