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by James Bickford

Updated: August 31, 2021

juul skins and wraps

Juul provides an alternative to cigarettes and e-cigs, in the form of a sleek design. However, to make that design truly individual, the market offers a variety of Juul skins, stickers, and more to personalize any Juul vape pod to reflect the owner’s tastes and style. So, what options are available?

Juul Pod Customization and Protection

The idea behind the Juul was to produce a simple and easy to use the pod e-cigarette that fits in the palm of the user’s hand, and while many consumers praise the attractiveness of this compact device even looking for a replacement so-called Juul killers, others want a little more than a clean, black design.

Customization Is Common in Homes and Cars – Why Not Vapes, Too?

From the American flag to cool, refreshing watermelons, there are thousands of designs for Juul wraps available.

However, it does not stop at ready-designed, patterned Juul covers. Vapers can choose to upload a favorite image of friends and family to a service that creates skins for a fully customized Juul skin wrap.

Younger vapers, looking for a buzz, love the Juul. While this is an undeniably quality product, people look for added protection for when they’re out and about. Adding a Juul wrap gives it extra protection and limits scratches and scuffs to the casing.

Something Special for the Juul

This little device is a daily companion – whether in a pocket, sitting on a desk at work, or in hand. So, does it not warrant a fresh, individual look?

While fresh fruits, prints similar to designer handbags, and animals might be fun for many Juulers, most guys want a Juul sleeve that represents their interests. Common themes are a favorite sports team or a dream supercar, gaming skins etc.



Many producers of Juul covers offer iconic emblems of the world’s most exclusive supercar manufacturers – think of Ferrari with its yellow emblem complete with prancing horse. How neat would that look on a Juul?

For those guys who frequent the skate park, chances are Supreme is a familiar sight. Now, more than just streetwear clothing and accessories can sport the iconic Supreme logo. With Supreme Juul skins also available for vapers to buy, it’s easy to show a passion for skateboarding even off the ramp.

The popularity of Juul skin designs changes with the seasons. In summer, bright colors and the American flag become popular to celebrate the long summer days and the Fourth of July holiday.

Trends come and go, and currently, nothing is more popular with gamers than Fortnite, and producers of Juul covers are quick to jump on the bandwagon.

Have a favorite TV show or music artist? Now, with a quick search, it is easy to find Juul skins with Rick and Morty and even Drake.

So, whatever the interest or time of year, a custom Juul can reflect the season or trend of the time.

More Than Skins, Wraps, and Covers

Juul customization comes in many forms: Juul wraps, Juul covers, and Juul stickers are just a few examples, but there are more options available. For a truly unique design consider slapping a Juul sticker on the side of the device.

juul skin whatever

Stickers come in all shapes and sizes. With amusing phrases such as “Bro, can I hit your Juul?” or imagery like a frog lifting weights, sites that specialize in handmade, unique stock from individual sellers are worth checking out. Pulling out a personalized Juul surely adds extra style to any vaping experience.


  • How Do Juul Skins Work?

    Putting on a Juul skin is relatively simple. Most skins work just like large, pre-cut stickers designed to fit the Juul perfectly. Before applying any skin, make sure to clean your Juul of any grease or sweap. To mount Juul wrap, peel it off the backing, align to the edges and the indicator light on the device, and carefully wrap it around the vape making sure to keep everything aligned and avoiding bubbles.

    *The regulations are in place to ensure the safety of all people.

  • How to Remove a Juul Skin?

    Most Juul skins easily peel off the device like a sticker. However, if they don’t come off readily, use a hot air gun or hair dryer to soften the adhesive.

  • Can Vapers Reuse a Juul Skin?

    Most Juul skins are a one-time use only, since the vinyl plastic many skins are made of can warp due to stretching during removal. Other skins might be reusable, but this feature can vary from skin to skin.

  • Who Sells Juul Skins Near Me?

    Many vape shops also sell skins, and you can find local vape shops in your area with the map. The internet is also a great resource, with many skins for sale on sites such as Etsy and Amazon.

    Several dedicated Juul skin websites have also started to emerge.

  • How to Make Homemade Juul Skins?

    Feeling creative? Check out this video on how to make a homemade vape skin:


Ready to Customize the Juul?

A customized Juul decal or skin is exciting; it adds extra style to an already well-designed device. What’s more, combining a cover, skin, or wrap provides extra protection should the Juul slip from a pocket or desk. So, stick on a Juul skin for style and security. However, keep in mind that when a Juul is ready for replacement, it is time to update the skin, too.

Published: September 12, 2018Updated: August 31, 2021

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