Did you know your e-cig might explode? Learn how to prevent it

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Nowadays, more and more people turn to electronic cigarettes, a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco ones.  However, are they harmless?

E-cigs can explode?

When smoking in an old-fashioned way, there is no need to worry about exploding cigarettes in your pockets, or even worse, in your face. However, smoking is the world’s leading preventable cause of death.

According to the USFA report, there were 25 such incidents in the United States during a period of five years. What is it that makes electronic cigarettes burst into flame? The answer is in the lithium-ion batteries. These batteries can lead to an explosion when overheated, which may be a consequence of overcharging or direct exposure to sunlight.  

The cause found may be in alternative chargers, that is, the ones which were not part of the original package. However, the number of injuries which occurred during the incidences of an explosion is quite small. There are a few reports of burns from these explosions. Overall, the biggest damage comes from laptops and personal computers since those are the main charging places for the majority of users.

How to avoid explosions?

There are always some precaution measurements that you can take to prevent your electronic cigs from exploding 

  •  Always use the charger from the original package. Do not opt for the alternative ones; just stick to the one the manufacturer provided you with. They are most reliable; just make sure you do not leave the e-cig charging during the night.
  • Do not plug your e-cig into any USB port. The safest way is the direct connection with the charger.
  • Check the reputation of the supplier. Avoid buying electronic cigarettes from non-reputable companies, since there are many low-quality and DIY products on the market. They usually do not come with built-in safety mechanisms for preventing batteries from overheating.
  • Check the compatibility of the battery. The battery and the cigarette should always be compatible with each other, that is, the battery should not be more powerful than the cigarette is designed to take. Double-check the quality of the product before installing it into your device.
  • Take proper care of the battery. Each time you want to the clean the battery, make sure it is turned off and do it according to the instructions. So, if the battery is dirty, clean it with a tissue or alcohol wipes.

As presented, a vape indeed can explode, but in very rare situations, all of which are preventable. On the other hand, did you know that your vape can be used as a hacking device? Vape safely, fellow vapers!


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