Florida’s Community Opposing Views on New Cannabis Products

Opposing Views on Cannabis
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Florida’s government is facing a new cannabis controversy. More precisely, it is over a new whole-flower cannabis product. There are these buds contained in the vaporizer cup that people could use in joints, pipes, and bongs. They are causing all kinds of potential legal trouble. As a result, it prompted Trulieve, an authorized dispenser, to issue warnings on the proper use of this product.

Florida’s Department of Health Requires Approval

However, this warning did not placate Florida’s Department of Health. The Department’s spokeswoman, Mara Gambinieri. There was a clear statement saying that all products must have approval from the Office of Compassionate Use. This was not the case with this product. Despite the lack of approval, medical marijuana supporters feel encouraged. This is due to The Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative known as Amendment 2.

As a result, they are not opposing its use due to entourage effects. This is a list of possible benefits of marijuana. However, the government only have concerns about the use. If the use is wholesome, then there should be no problems. If the users have other ideas, what then?

Smoking Cannabis Remains a Burning Issue

The cannabis controversy gets deeper. The opposing views do not make matters easy neither for the Department of Health nor for the Senate. Furthermore, in addition to implementing Amendment 2, smoking remains a burning issue. This is something that needs some sorting out alongside general marijuana use rules. Some are in favor of a complete ban on it.

Meanwhile, others, like attorney John Morgan, threatens to sue the Department if the new rule does not allow smoking cannabis. Mr. Morgan had played a crucial role in passing the amendment.

For them not to allow smoking, that is the opposite of what the amendment says. The only place where it says it can’t be smoked are public places.Attorney John Morgan
Will all sides come to a mutual agreement or will they fight for personal gains? This is yet to be seen. Future sessions will reveal what lies ahead. Currently, the cannabis controversy is not exactly what users is hoping for.

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