Best Cigarette Memes

Cigarette Memes
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Need a laugh or a chuckle? Well, you have come to the right place. These 10 best cigarette memes are sure to give smokers and non-smokers alike a good time. Being a smoker, you may find some of these memes ironic or relative. On the opposite side, a non-smoker looking in may just get a good laugh from seeing the irony. If you think we missed a great cigarette meme let us know in the comments below.

10 Best Cigarette Memes

tries a cigarette for the first time stage five lung cancer

After facts like that, putting up a hand against smoking is a no-brainer.

who said smoking kills - I'm 48 and still feeling good

As you can see this fine lady is of the young age of 48 and alive and kicking. I do not think she has ever looked better. #sarcasm

i'm not smoking any more but i ain't smokin any less

Logic, it is a fundamental of a growing society. However, with this logic, it just blows the mind. #mindblown

please don't throw your cigarette ends on the floor the cockroaches are getting cancer

Well, even the mighty cockroaches cannot handle the effects of cigarettes. #endoftheworld

if quitting smoking adds 10 years to your life will I live till 200 after quitting 10 times

Quitting adds 10 years to your life, seems right. Quitting 10 times adds 200 years cannot argue with that math.

oh, so you smoke cigarettes - tell me how second hand smoke isn't dangerous

This meme is typical non-smokers thoughts when standing next to or around smokers. Especially when getting a face full of smoke.

when I'm about to step outside to have a smoke and then remember that I quit smoking

It is like muscle memory, the long embed thoughts of smoking are always the last to go.

smoking a cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes laughing increases life by 10 minutes - a laughing smoker never dies

Laughing can cure a lot of things, though we are pretty sure dying is not one of them!

how are a hamster and a cigarette similar - both are harmless until you put one in your mouth and set it on fire

We do not recommend you try and smoke either, especially the hamster!

my doctor said - "stay away from smoking"

Do you think that is what the Dr. meant? Still, must give props where props are due.

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