3 Times Celebrities Were Caught Vaping

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Vaping used to be an activity most commonly associated with the younger population. However, the truth is that adults of all ages equally enjoy blowing off some steam occasionally (pun intended). According to a 2015 CDC report, over 9 million adults in the US are vaping daily. Among millions of people over the age of 18, there is almost the same number of ways to enjoy vape. Some people would be surprised with the places and occasions that represent an opportunity to pop out their vaping units and take a few puffs. To break those prejudices we prepared a few interesting moments that show everyone can vape:

  • At a party
  • Important events
  • Enjoying a game

Let’s get this party started

Katty Perri's vaporizers

This is a famous photo of an even more popular pop star having a beer while vaping. Ping-Pong table, some friends, sunshine, vape, and a cold one-even the millionaire music celebrities cannot say no to that! If we were going to assume which flavor Katy prefers, perhaps the best guess would be cherry, right. It’s always interesting to see a famous young person having fun just like all other members of the youth, shows how we are all the same after all. Kudos to Katy Perry for promoting real values, and showing us how she can look like a real badass. Who would have said that the cute girl we see in the videos is the same party animal we see in this photo.

 Leo is just chilling after a duel with a bear

Legendary VAping Di Caprio
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After you singlehandedly defeat a bear and take its skin as a coat, all that is left to do is put on your best evening suit and relax while enjoying a soothing flavor from your vaporizer. In a photo, provided by Hollywood Reporter, Leonardo is caught vaping at the 2016 Oscar show. Looks like for our Leo the best vapes are those you take after getting that long-awaited Best actor award. Puffing victory smoke will never go out of fashion it seems. Seeing a world-known Hollywood performer enjoying vape during a gala evening puts us in a position to think that many other middle-aged adults like to do the same on similar occasions. In other words, this brakes the illusion that someone might have thinking that vaping is something only kids do at parties.

Even for the older

Vaping Jack Nicholson cool
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In case anyone had any doubt, adults of all ages enjoy vaping according to this picture that shows Jack Nicholson during a Lakers game. Beloved “Joker” seems to be fond of three things: Lakers reaching the top, vapes, and stylish glasses. This is yet another proof that shows how powering up one’s hedonism level to the maximum with favorite vape flavors has no age limit. For our dear Jack, the best way to watch a Lakers game is clear. In addition, we must admit that Nicholson looks sharp all laid back, glasses on, the pen between his teeth. Almost makes you forget he wanted to kill Batman.

Is there an age limit for vaping?

Legally, persons below the age of 18 are not allowed to use vaping products, so there is a bottom age limit. However, when it comes to adults, there are no boundaries or restrictions. We can see that adults of all ages equally use every opportunity they see fit in order to enjoy vape. If there was ever a question if using vaporizers is suitable for everyone, this article should have solved that dilemma. There are no limits to having fun and enjoying your favorite activities.

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