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Best Wax Atomizers

When it comes to the best wax atomizers and 510 attachments on the market, there are hundreds to choose from. For most people, the difference might be a little unclear. Which is where this guide will come in handy! I plan to highlight some of the best 510 wax attachments for wax vaporizers and help you get a head start into the world of wax vaping.

Best Wax Atomizers - Guide to Finding the Best Wax 510 Attachment

What is a wax atomizer?

The most significant difference between regular liquid vaping, dry herb vaping and wax vaping is simple. Wax vapes heat a concentrate or wax, rather than a dry herb or liquid juice. The heating of this concentrate results in 100% vapor production offering a clean and pure way to vaporize your wax or concentrate.

Wax atomizers have all sorts of names. You can expect them to be called: wax pens, dab pens, concentrate vapes and many others including the words “wax, dab and concentrate”. However, they all do the same thing. You can connect most attachments via 510 thread, which allows you to put them on any battery or mod.

Why would you want a wax atomizer?

Typically, wax atomizers are a lot easier to maintain and use, with the device vaporizing almost 100% of the wax or concentrate. There is barely any residue left after vaping session, making it easy to use your wax atty on the go. You can expect a wax atomizer to be used with either marijuana wax or oil concentrates. With the reduction of combustion that you get when you vape those, it appears to be much safer than other inhalation methods.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best 510 attachments on the market and what you should be looking to get today!

Top 6 Wax Attachments

1. MiG Vapor Brain Fogger

MiG Vapor Brain Fogger

Starting off the list with one of the most visually appealing attachments. The Brain Fogger, by MiG Vapor, hosts a transparent glass dome covering the atomizer. This glass dome lets you see into the heating chamber and check how much of your wax is left to heat up. With the option for two separate coils, there is a lot of customization with this wax atomizer. Additionally, everything is fully detachable making it easier to give a good clean down.

Price $39.95
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Airflow Non- Adjustable
Build Material Glass & Ceramic

2. La Queef 510 e-Nail

La Queef 510 e-Nail

You might think Mig Vapor didn’t have practicality in mind when designing the La Queef. Alternatively, they’ve decided to provide one of the best wax vaping experiences available with a 510 attachment. The La Queef hosts an offset and extended mouthpiece coming from the atomizer, allowing for a lot more space to let the vapor cool and generate some more flavor. The La Queef uses a dual coil heating system or a single one, giving you more choice and customization for your vaping style.

Here you can find our La Queef 510 e-Nail review.

Price  $79.95 $89.95
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Airflow Non- Adjustable
Build Material Glass & Ceramic

3. Source Orb 4

Source Orb 4

The Source Orb 4 is another device that goes for the practicality and functionality more than the looks. At a first glance, the 510 attachment looks like a flower vase that has been shrunk down significantly. The Source Orb 4 has many different features which will leave you coming back for more. Hosting 5 adjustable airflow settings, it has a magnetic chamber lock and up to 4 portable advanced atomizers. You can expect a nice and pure drag with a lot of flavor and adjustment settings to your taste, when using this wax atomizer. Additionally, the Source Orb 4 hosts an entirely stainless-steel construct, making it extremely sturdy and secure.

Price $49.95
Heating Chamber Material Titanium
Airflow Adjustable
Build Material Stainless-Steel

Get yours from the Vapor Nation Website.

4. Honey Stick

Honey Stick

One of the stealthiest options on this list, the Honey Stick suits anybody who likes to bring their wax atomizer on the go, using it in public places where they’d rather not have the extra attention. The full black ceramic design will easily blend into the battery, making it seem like just an everyday vape; except for the smell of course. The Honey Stick hosts a ceramic heating chamber right at the core of the attachment. Because there isn’t much space left around the core, it seems like they decided to create the smallest tank ever. This attachment is also available in an all-white edition if you’re looking for a slightly more pleasing color.

Price $29.99
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Airflow Non-Adjustable
Build Material Ceramic

Get yours from the Vapor Nation Website.

5. Atmos Kiln

Atmos Kiln

Another stealthy attachment, the Atmos Kiln looks like a replica of the Honey Stick, hosting an all in one full black/white ceramic design. The only difference between them is the lack of airflow holes on the side. The Atmos Kiln has an easy to use mod with 2 main sections so effortless to take apart and clean. You won’t really have any trouble understanding how to build up this tank or disassemble it. If you’re looking for a neat and easy to use 510 attachments, then this is the one for you.

Price $39.95
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic
Airflow Non-Adjustable
Build Material Ceramic

Get yours from the Vapor Nation Website.

6. Source Nail

Source Nail

The Source Nail 2 is another device hosting an intricate mouthpiece, coming separately from the heating chamber. This vaporizer offers such a pleasant vaping experience when used indoors that you can relax and take your time. Thanks to its complex design, you wouldn’t really want to have the Source Nail anywhere around with you. When it comes to a chamber material, the Source Nail 2 beats all the others, bringing ceramic, quartz and titanium ones to their list.

Price $69.95
Heating Chamber Material Ceramic, Quartz, Titanium
Airflow Non-Adjustable
Build Material Ceramic & Glass

Get yours from the Vapor Nation Website.

What to look for?

So, you’ve got a list of the best 510 wax attachments, what else do you need? Before you pick your wax atomizer, you’ll want to ask yourself a couple of questions to ensure you select the right device and get the best experience. Make sure those would be:

Chamber Size

The size of the chamber is really important. It is necessary to assess the amount of wax you’ll be vaping and how much of it you put for each session. Overpacking a heating chamber might damage your device, so make sure you buy one big enough for your needs.

Chamber Material

The different build materials for the chamber and tank itself result in a small change in the taste of vapor, not too noticeable but you’ll definitely feel the difference. Try and get new experiences with all the various types of build material.


When it comes down to it, vaping is all about the sensation, and you’ll get many different experiences with diverse vapes. Don’t be afraid to swap around and try new vaping tools. The market continually changes, and new attachments come out daily.

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