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Vuber Pulse Battery Kit
10/10 icon-question
  • Automatically reads resistance and makes voltage adjustments
  • Wick-less Never Burn element allows flavorful hits

The Vuber Pulse is called a smart battery kit. It can automatically read cartridge resistance then proceed to make the necessary adjustme...

Vuber Dabber
  • Torch-less and coil-less dabbing that packs a punch
  • Small size, high portability
Vuber C2 Core Cartridge
  • Glass tube provides better flavor
  • Airflow buildup design
  • Filter prevents leaks and clogs

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How Vuber Climbed to the Top


Pioneered by its aspiring founder Brandon Gallagher, this company has its humble beginnings in Washington. Where it did not take long for it to gain dominance of the state’s vaping scene and cannabis industry, and expanded countrywide from there. Feeding off a healthy dose of competitive drive, the company sought to stand out by making highly discreet, convenient, and portable vaporizers.

Indeed, innovation is at its core, and all 29 Vuber products it currently has available affirm this truth. They included in this line range from vaporizers categorized based on usage (concentrate, dry flower, or cannabis oil), and they add new battery kits (Vuber Pulse, Element, and Atlas), dab devices (Vuber Dabber), and Vuber vape pens. These stellar products are then supplemented by accessories that boost experience and ease.

Vuber seeks to introduce variety and novelty in their product lines, as evidenced by the Vuber C2 Core Cartridge, a state-of-the-art mouthpiece, and the Vuber Nova, a recently updated handheld vape. That said, Vuber makes it clear that they mean to provide efficiency in their product line, to improve the quality of life of vapers. They may have a focus on delivering modern technology, but their products’ designs do not lag at all.

Vuber Main Products Review

#1 Vuber Pulse Battery Kit

A Sleek Stick Stacked with Surprises

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Vuber Pulse is called a smart battery kit. It can automatically read cartridge resistance then proceed to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the best vaping experience. Any compatible cartridge (510 Thread Concentrate) can be swiftly attached by screwing it on. Pressing the battery’s button thrice will switch between 3 voltage options: low (2.6 volts), medium (3.4 volts), and high (3.8 volts). What is readily displayed on its LED screen where wattage, cell life, and resistance are shown as well.
The Pulse vape also effortlessly stands out with the “Never Burn” feature, a heat-dampening technology that ensures stronger, tastier flavor with each hit. To turn on or off, click the button five times till the indicator light appears; twice to activate pre-heating (for more clouds). Push the button to draw.
Cell life of the vape is substantial, with one user attesting that heavy, consistent use only required the vaporizer to be charged twice. Life varies a lot on setting and wattage, but the company has confirmed it can last up to 4-8 days with regular use. One notable perk is that it can be used while charging, assuring less delay.


  • Very easy to use
  • No need to wait to take a draw
  • Outstanding flavor in every hit
  • Can be used while charging
  • Makes all the voltage adjustments for the user


  • Falls short on vapor production compared to other kits

#2 Vuber Dabber

A Dwarf Dab Rig that Packs a Wallop

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vuber Dabber is a small, portable dab rig that focuses on everything essential in dabbing. Though small, it can provide that much-wanted oomph generally expected from a high-quality rig. Entirely foregoes the use of butane, coils, and torches. It comes ready to use, with the glass mouthpiece, the only piece that needs to be attached. Expect the Vuber Dabber to hold a quarter of a gram per dab.
The glass container of this vape only needs to be filled with water, secure the mouthpiece with clip, then choose from three nails made of quartz, ceramic, and titanium. Click the Dabber’s button 3 or 5 times to activate low and high temperatures, respectively. Use the dabber to place the preferred concentrate then close with a carb cap. The ceramic nail is preferred for more authentic flavor. The vape has a lifetime warranty.
Cell life has 16 cycles, with a full charge allowing about 2 to 3 dabs every day (can reach up to 10 in some cases). Charging to full takes two hours. Heat-up takes 45 seconds on high temp.


  • Excellent flavor with ceramic attachment
  • Very easy to transport
  • Quick heat-ups


  • Short cell life

#3 Vuber C2 Core Cartridge

A Constructive Cartridge that Delivers Clouds of Delight

9/10 icon-question Review score

This innovative glass filter introduces Vuber’s heating technology that separates cannabis oil from the vapor, thereby ensuring better, higher quality flavor. The glass used can act as a stronger barrier than what vapers would generally expect to be incorporated in conventional mouthpieces. Vuber’s C2 Core Cartridge throws in a unique airflow control design, which produces more vapor ideal for vapers who prefer consistently massive hits.
The Vuber C2 Core cartridge only needs to be screwed on to be attached. It handles most cannabis oils regardless of viscosity, with superb taste retention even with continuous use. It promises better flavor, with 0.5ml and 1.0ml capacities, and it delivers nothing less.


  • Delivers fantastic draws and hits
  • Substantial vapor production
  • Does not leak and clog
  • A bargain considering its benefits


  • Draws might take effort to ensure smooth hits

#4 Vuber Element Kit: Сoming Soon

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vuber Element is still under development. The company is aiming for a release around December 2020. However, it is already being touted as a dab pen that has optimal portability and flavor. It will also the Never Burn technology found in the Pulse, so vapers can expect purer flavors with each dab. Also, the incorporated heat rod brims with convenience, with its efficient heating technology that makes vapes possible quicker after dabbing.
And, besides being glue- and plastic-free, vaper don’t even need other dabbing implements and coils to make this pen shine. Truly, this Vuber kit is one to watch out for.

#5 Vuber Nova

An Ergonomic, Feature-Packed Vape

8/10 icon-question Review score

When it comes to delivering the all-around vaping experience, the Nova is Vuber’s go-to choice for its hybrid oil and herb setup. Recently upgraded, it now boasts of providing more features and more excellent durability. The Vuber Nova’s ceramic chamber allows heating that takes no more than 30 seconds and higher, cleaner cloud production. Other bonuses included in the upgrade are larger cell capacity that can hold half a gram, three heat settings (370, 410, and 450 degrees Fahrenheit), and a newer LCD screen.
With correct use, draws are guaranteed to be flavorful and smooth. The herb container is located at the top, but there is also a storage compartment at the bottom. A significant plus in portability and storage for the Nova. Clicking it five times turns this Vuber vape on, and the screen will start displaying temperature.
The cell upgrade more than made up for the subpar cell life of the previous version reported by former users.


  • Not hard to get the hang of
  • Works well for herb vaping
  • Satisfactory taste
  • Inconspicuous design


  • Oil vape experience is just average

#6 Vuber Atlas Battery Kit

The Quintessentially Vuber Vape Pen

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vuber Atlas is a 900 mAh powered, soundly designed vape pen kit with as much simplicity as its later counterparts. The highly conservative dual titanium coil atomizers make this pen ideal for the more miserly dabbers and vapers out there. Thanks to its 5/10 threading, it offers versatility in delivering various vapor’s demands.

Besides having a volt range of 3.3 to 3.7 volts, the Atlas’s solo temperature setting provided by the double quartz heating shafts makes its usability pretty elementary. Remove the mouthpiece to open the atomizer then place the concentrate inside the coil. Replace the mouthpiece to begin to use the vape pen. Five clicks will start it up or turn it off.

The cell is long-lasting, and it takes 6 hours to charge it.


  • Can deliver pure, flavorful hits
  • Straightforward usage
  • Single temperature setting
  • Recommended for beginners


  • Not too much versatility

#7 Vuber Pilot Battery

The Primordially Supreme Vuber Original

7/10 icon-question Review score

The Vuber Pilot produces plentiful puffs thanks to its 400 mAh battery with three-volt settings. Low temp and medium temp are 2.6v and 3.3v, respectively, and it caps at 3.7v in the highest setting. The Pilot is just as easy to use as the Atlas, and almost uniform in design and the standard black color of Vuber products. The former offers more options in temperature settings, though. Thanks to the Vuber Pilot’s patented preheat feature, more magnificent clouds are assured with every use.

After turning it on by clicking the power five times, it can be set to pre-heat (by clicking the firing button twice). Or vapers can switch between the available temperature settings (done by clicking the said button thrice). Hold the ignition each time hits are taken, for as much vapor the user can make or until the Pilot’s override feature triggers.

Battery life depends on volt settings and regularity of use, but at most, expect to get a day’s worth of vaping on a fully charged stick.


  • No difficulty whatsoever in operating
  • Three heat settings
  • Pre-heat provides outstanding hits


  • Pales in comparison to the Pulse

Duel of the Vapes

Vuber Atlas vs. Vuber Pilot

The Vuber Atlas’s 900 mAh cell capacity immediately outshines the Vuber Pilot’s 400 mAh one. Even so, the latter has more flexibility because of the voltage options, although some vapers prefer vaporizers with only one temperature setting. The same company manufactures both; it is not surprising that they share in plenty of perks like general ease-of-use, manner of usage, and pleasant experiences.
That said, it will not be fair to assume that one trumps the other. Their similarities are belied by their subtle differences, which appeal to specific vaper’s habits and preferences.

Customer Ratings and Shipping

Vuber only ships within the US from its headquarters in Seattle, and customers can immediately calculate shipping costs when checking out in the company’s online store. Vuber manages to maintain the trend of delivering satisfactory and innovative vaporizers and accessories to the general vaping community. Most of the product lines in the company’s official store are graded with average ratings that range between 4-5 stars out of 5. Also, in the online store, there is a quick function view.


Vuber may very well be a paradigm of American practicality in the vaping world. Almost all its product lines strive, first and foremost, to deliver something fresh and never-before-seen in the vaping community. This seeking could very well be its formula for success, and from what the company has achieved and still achieving, it is pretty evident that its approach can deliver outstanding results.
How about you? What is your impression of the Vuber brand as a whole in our reviews? Are they more preferable to you for their practical, almost antithetical approach to vape when compared to the more show-offish brands out there? Please do not be shy and share your thoughts with us!

Published: November 12, 2019 Updated: November 14, 2019

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