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Vapetasia E-Juice Royalty
Vapetasia E-Juice Royalty image
10/10 icon-question
  • Multiple nicotine concentrations
  • Mild tobacco flavor
  • Salt nicotine option available

Royalty II is a high-class e-juice with an exceptional flavor and aroma. It is their top-selling e-juice, outperforming everything else i...

Vapetasia E-Juice Killer Kustard Strawberry
Vapetasia E-Juice Killer Kustard Strawberry image
  • 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg available
  • Salt nicotine option
  • Great flavor
Vapetasia E-Juice Milk of the Poppy
Vapetasia E-Juice Milk of the Poppy image
  • Dragon fruit flavor
  • Salt nicotine option available
  • Multiple nicotine concentrations

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What Makes Vapetasia E-Juice Unique?


Vapetasia e-juice is available in several brands, each of which consists of several flavors. Their brands are Vapetasia Signature, Killer Kustard, Goodies, Vape Parfait, and Vape Lemonade. Several of these e-juice groups have salt nicotine options. Liquids come in a variety of different sizes and nicotine concentrations. Furthermore, many of the vape liquids in these categories have salt nicotine variants with high levels of nicotine. Vapers will be able to find whatever size or dosage with which they are comfortable.

Perhaps the best thing about Vapetasia e-juice is that all of their liquids are produced in the United States, and they are made to the highest quality. Customers will not have to worry about getting a low-quality product made from substandard ingredients. The danger of buying products made outside of the United States and the European Union is that American and EU companies are held to a higher manufacturing standard, while other manufacturers are not.

Vapetasia has several headwear and shirt options available in their apparel section. There are several snapbacks available in different colors and patterns, with their logo emblazoned on the front. Customers wanting to dress warmly for winter and autumn can also select black, grey, and pink beanies that have the Vapetasia emblem. T-shirts and tank tops are on sale for summers, and sweatshirts are on their shelves, too.

In addition to their clothing options, they have promotional items available, too. Choose from among lanyards, posters, mousepads, and a large selection of other merchandise. These little trinkets are really fun to sport, and many of them are quite useful.

Customers will never be left in the lurch when they shop with them, either. They have an outstanding team of customer service specialists who can be contacted through a variety of methods. Vapetasia also has a fair return policy to ensure that buyers are never stuck with damaged or poorly made e-juice.

The Best Vapetasia E-Juice Flavors

Vapetasia e-juice is available in several flavors, nicotine, concentrations, and sizes.

#1 Vapetasia E-Juice Royalty

Custard, Hazelnut, Vanilla, and Tobacco

10/10 icon-question Review score

Royalty II is a high-class e-juice with an exceptional flavor and aroma. It is their top-selling e-juice, outperforming everything else in their inventory. This vape liquid contains a unique blend of custard, hazelnut, and vanilla, with a hint of tobacco thrown into the mix. The result of this concoction is a creamy combination that is flavorful and relaxing. Royalty 2 is available in 60 and 100 ml bottles, and it is sold in nicotine concentrations of 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg.

#2 Vapetasia E-Juice Killer Kustard Strawberry

Strawberries and Vanilla E-Juice

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Kill Kustard strawberry Vapetasia e-juice is a delicious treat that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. This liquid’s vapor is flavored with creamy vanilla custard covered in tantalizingly sweet strawberries. Vaping with this liquid is like eating strawberries that have been freshly picked, and the vanilla custard tastes as if it just came fresh out of the confectionary. Killer Kustard strawberry vanilla custard packs a soft punch that makes it great for every time of the day. There are several nicotine concentrations available, and the bottles come in 60 and 100 ml sizes.

#3 Vapetasia E-Juice Milk of the Poppy

Strawberry and Dragon Fruit

9/10 icon-question Review score

Milk of the Poppy is a strawberry and dragon fruit blend made with a cream flavor. Together, these ingredients create a highly fulfilling vape liquid. At the heart of this juice is dragon fruit, a rare fruit from China that is very tasty, and makes the inhale an unforgettable experience. This selection is to die for, and it is excellent for any time morning or night. This e-juice is available in 60 and 100 ml bottles, and customers can buy it in nicotine concentrations of 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg.

#4 Vapetasia E-Juice Blackberry Lemonade

Tart and Sweet Blackberry E-Juice

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Blackberry Lemonade is an e-juice for people who like a sweet and tart drink, which is just what this vaping liquid provides. This flavor profile is achieved by combining lemon and blackberry flavors that are sweet, tangy, and refreshing. One of the ways the flavor is enhanced is by using an ingredient that is similar to very dark blackberries, which helps to give the juice a sweeter and more tart taste. This selection is a little more expensive than their other liquids, but the few extra bucks are worth it.

#5 Vapetasia E-Juice Pineapple Express

Pineapple Salt Nicotine

8/10 icon-question Review score

This e-juice induces a wave of relaxation by using the flavor of pineapple infused with salt nicotine. This is a trendy blend because it has a creaminess unmatched by other flavors. Plus, it is the preferred choice for people wanting to switch from e-cigarettes to analogs. Because of its great taste and optimal nicotine concentration, it is an outstanding all-day vape. As a friendly warning, this e-juice is not meant for use in vapes that reach sub-ohm resistance.

Does Vapetasia Offer a Good Customer Experience?

There are several reasons why it is good to be one of their customers. First off, Vapetasia has a sensible return policy. While they do not allow customers to return products that have already been used, they do give buyers 14 days to return damaged goods. This warranty not only covers goods with manufacturing defects, but it also includes items damaged in transit.

The best thing about this company in regards to the client experience is that there are several ways to contact them. On their contact page, there is a contact form that the customer can fill out. The customer service team will reach the person who filled it out promptly. For people who have urgent requests and questions, the company’s phone number and email are posted on the contact page, as well.

Does Vapetasia Have Coupons Online?

There are several ways to save money when shopping for Vapetasia e-juice. By looking through coupon code websites, customers can save large quantities of cash. Some of them have several discounts available that are good on the Vapetasia website. With one of their codes, as much as 30 percent can be saved on Vapetasia e-juice.

These websites also have a lot of options for significant savings on specific e-liquids. Apply their codes to spend less on flavors like Killer Kustard, Rainbow Road, and Pineapple Express.

Vapetasia’s Competitors

There are several competing flavors out there. Each one has characteristics that make them desirable to specific customers.

Kustard Vapetasia E-Juice vs. Vanilla Hazelnut by Vapewild

Vanilla Hazelnut from Vapewild is a butter-pecan flavored e-juice that is very popular at the moment. There are a few advantages this flavor has over Kustard. It has more nicotine concentrations available, and users can select the VG/PG ratio they want.

Vanilla Hazelnut Vapewild

Vapetasia does not give its customers the option to choose the VG/PG ratio. Vanilla Hazelnut is also significantly less expensive. However, Vanilla Hazelnut is only sold in 30 and 60 ml bottles, while Vapetasia customers can get up to 100 ml of e-juice.

Royalty 2 Vapetasia E-Juice vs. Strawnilla Custard from VaporFi

Strawnilla is a dessert e-juice made out of vanilla, Strawberrylicious, and Classic Custard. The advantage of choosing this e-juice over Royalty 2 is that users can choose the VG/PG level they want.


The drawbacks are that they cannot select the nicotine concentration they want, and Royalty 2 is a 100 ml bottle option, whereas Strawnilla only has 30 and 60 ml bottles. Another advantage Royalty 2 has is that there is a salt nicotine version. Strawnilla is slightly cheaper than Royalty 2, but not by much.

Final Verdict on Vapetasia E-Juice

Vapetasia is suitable for customers who are looking for a company that only sells e-juice. They do not have anything in the way of hardware as of now, but this is not a bad thing, though. Vapetasia e-juice is delicious, even if their flavors are a bit pricey. But, people who want high-quality juice have to be willing to pay a higher price. Vapetasia is also a great source of liquid for salt nicotine users since many of their flavors have salt nicotine options.

One disadvantage of shopping them, though, is that buyers cannot select the ratio of vegetable glycerin to polypropylene glycol. Other companies allow their customers to do this, and there is no reason why Vapetasia cannot do this, as well. If Vapetasia allowed its customers to choose their desired VG/PG ratio, they would get five out of five stars. Besides that, there are no other issues with this company. Vapetasia has a wide variety of e-liquids, they have good customer service, and they have a great line of stylish apparel and promotional items. This company is worth taking a look at.

Do you have any experience shopping with Vapetasia or dealing with their customer service team? If so, please let us know by leaving a few words in our comments section.


  • A sizeable selection of tasty e-juice
  • A lot of good salt nicotine flavors available
  • Vapetasia has a 14-day return policy
  • The warranty covers items damaged during delivery
  • Economical 100 ml bottles available


  • It would be nice if they had a line of tobacco flavors
  • The liquids are a little bit on the expensive side
  • No option for choosing the VG/PG ratio
Published: January 16, 2020 Updated: November 19, 2020



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