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E-Liquid Grab Bag 300ml
Grab Bag
10/10 icon-question
  • Four nicotine concentrations
  • 300 ml of e-juice altogether
  • Good price

Vapejoose offers many flavors to choose from, so it might be challenging to select a flavor. When that is the case, customers can opt to ...

Vapejoose Max VG E-Juices
Electrical Forest vapejoose
  • 25 unique flavors
  • USP certified vegetable glycerin
VapeJoose High Nicotine Liquids
vapejoose Fruitastic
  • Strong nicotine concentration
  • Top flavors included

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All a Customer Needs to Know about Vapejoose


Vapejoose was founded in 2014 to provide the fastest and most efficient service in the industry. Since then, they have become a success, growing from a one-person operation to a global brand that sells products to 60.000 customers in 24 countries.

Among their main selling points are quality, affordability, and customer service. To ensure that customers get quality e-juice, they create their liquids in a sterile and air filtered lab. Their ISO 6 Certified Clean Room uses state-of-the-art filtration systems to ensure that the liquids are as clean as possible. Their prices are reasonable, but they are not the cheapest on the market. Regardless of the price, they should be well within the price range of most people.

Vapejoose prides itself on its customer service. Customers can call their hotline or email them to voice their concerns about their products. They also have a return policy in place for dissatisfied customers. But, there must not be many angry customers because they have received very good ratings from their clients on Google.

Vapejoose E-Juices and Hot Deals for Customers

Vapejoose sells seven different brands and six different flavor categories, including tobacco, breakfast, and dessert. They also sell liquids with high amounts of vegetable glycerin and high concentrations of high-quality nicotine. Among their most popular e-juices are Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Superberry Crunch, Tropical Freeze, Pacific Grape, and Berry Breeze.

Vapejoose Top Products

#1 E-Liquid Grab Bag 300ml

A set of flavors chosen at random

10/10 icon-question Review score

Vapejoose offers many flavors to choose from, so it might be challenging to select a flavor. When that is the case, customers can opt to purchase a grab bag containing three 100 ml bottles of random e-liquids.

The shopper gets to choose the nicotine concentrations, which are 0, 3, 6, and 12 mg. The Vapejoose Guarantee, the company’s refund, and return policy do not apply to Grab Bags, unfortunately, which means that the items in the bag cannot be returned.


  • Four nicotine concentrations
  • 300 ml of e-juice altogether
  • Good price


  • Flavors are chosen at random
  • No returns

#2 Vapejoose Max VG E-Juices

E-juices for VG lovers

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

There are over 20 unique flavors to choose from in the max vegetable glycerin category, including the ever-popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This flavor combines cinnamon sugar and milk with the taste of cold cereal, which makes it a great juice for starting the morning.

All of their max VG blends use only USP certified vegetable glycerin, and GC/MS verified nicotine. The buyer can select various nicotine concentrations, as well as get this juice in 30, 60, or 120 ml bottles.


  • 25 flavors are available
  • Different nicotine concentrations
  • USP certified vegetable glycerin


  • Depends on the flavor; each is different

#3 VapeJoose High Nicotine Liquids

A nicotine fix in a bottle

9/10 icon-question Review score

People who are transitioning from cigarettes, or another form of tobacco, to e-cigarettes might need an e-juice that has higher than average nicotine concentrations. Vapejoose offers 12 high nicotine liquids to these types of customers, including their famous Superberry Crunch, which is a berry-flavored cereal e-liquid with milk flavoring.

Vapers can get as much as 36 or 48 mg of nicotine per bottle. High nicotine concentrations come in 30 ml bottles that contain 30 percent vegetable glycerin.


  • A lot of sweet favors
  • Strong nicotine concentration
  • Top flavors included in this line


  • Only 12 flavors

#4 Build Your Own Five Pack

Pick any five flavors you want

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Since Vapejoose has so many flavors from which to choose, they have a deal allowing customers to bundle five flavors of their choice, allowing vapers to not only save money but sample various e-liquids. This is a great deal for those who have not shopped with them before or those who have a lot of favorite e-liquids and want to get them all at an affordable price.

These bundles are available in high nicotine concentrations, max vegetable glycerin, 50 and 70 percent vegetable glycerin mixes, and 100 ml Premium bottles. All bottles except Premium sized come in 60 ml, and every bottle in the bundle has to have the same vegetable glycerin and nicotine levels.


  • Choose any five flavors
  • Affordable cost
  • 100 ml bottles are economical


  • Only 60 and 100 ml bottles available

#5 The JustFog MiniFit

Portable and cost-effective mini vape

8/10 icon-question Review score

The JustFog MiniFit is a pod system powered by a 370 mAh battery that can run for one to three hours, depending on how heavily it is used. While the battery life might be low, this disadvantage is offset by its fast charging time. Once it is plugged in, the JustFog MiniFit charges in 15 to 20 minutes. The vape has three LED indicators to show the charge level: three lights for full, two for 70 to 30 percent, and three for 30 to 0 percent. It blinks four times when the battery is nearly depleted. The device is a single button operated, and it generates constant voltage-based output.

The kit comes with a single pod capable of holding 1.5 ml of e-juice. The pod is filled from the bottom, and the refilling port is small, which can make topping off difficult and messy. The pod heats up the liquid with a 1.6-ohm coil that produces good clouds and vapor. Coils can be changed and re-wicked, but doing this is hard because of the pod’s small size. Airflow is tight, similar to that of a cigarette, and it cannot be adjusted.

Because of its small size, the JustFog MiniFit can be taken almost anywhere. It fits snuggly in shirt and jeans pockets, as well as in purses. Its small size and low price make it a great pod mod for those looking for something affordable and portable.


  • Good size and weight
  • Charges quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Great device for the price


  • Short battery life
  • Airflow cannot be adjusted

Vapejoose Coupons for Saving Money

There are a lot of ways to save money with Vapejoose, one of which is with coupons. There are dozens of coupons that can be used on the store website.

On the Vapejoose website, there are a variety of coupons that allow for big discounts, including one that gets the purchaser 50 percent off. Other deals enable vapers to get points toward their next purchase. This company even has wholesale options covered for those looking to form a B2B partnership.

VapeJoose Accessories Overview

In addition to having a lot of good e-liquids and hardware, they also sell accessories. People looking to get a gift for a friend can purchase gift cards ranging from $10 to $250. For those who like building their own coils, Vapejoose has cotton and coils made of stainless steel, nichrome, kanthal, and titanium.

Vapejoose also offers ribbon wire, Clapton wire, and fused Clapton wire for experienced coil builders. Also, spare bottles and squonk bottles are available, and replacement parts like glass tanks, filters (including the V-Stealth Vape Filter), and drip tips.

Does Vapejoose Treat Customer Well?

People who have shopped with Vapejoose rated them highly, giving them 4.7 stars on Google. Commenters on the Google thread noted that their staff is amiable, polite, and knowledgeable about the products they are selling. Reviews are not always enough to go by, though. One way to tell a company is reputable is whether they have a return policy.

Customers who feel that they have gotten a raw deal can depend on the Vapejoose Guarantee. This policy states that hardware can be returned in 30 days so long as it is in good condition. Used hardware can also be returned in 30 days if there is a serious defect. For all other problems and inquiries, they have a customer support hotline and email address where vapers can call or write to resolve their problems. But, considering their high customer satisfaction rating, there most likely will not be any issues.

Vapewild and Mitten Vapors: Are They Better Than Vapejoose?

Vapejoose vs. Vapewild

VapeWild Vape Shop

Both Vapejoose and Vapewild are pretty even in terms of quality of flavor, devices, and service. They both have a lot of different flavors to choose from, and the prices are affordable. The same thing goes with their devices and accessories, and both teams have quality employees that go out of their respective ways to help customers. Vapejoose, however, sells gift cards, and Vapewild, to our knowledge, does not.

Vapejoose vs. Mitten Vapors

Mitten Vapors review image

Those wanting to shop with a company that can offer more than e-juice should certainly choose Vapejoose over Mitten Vapors. Vapejoose sells not only liquids but also hardware and accessories, while Mitten Vapors mostly sells e-juice. This does not mean Mitten Vapors is a lousy company; in fact, their customers have given them 4.3 stars on Google. But, they are mostly an e-juice vendor.

Final Impressions about Vapejoose

Vapejoose is a great store to take one’s business, not only because they have a lot of hardware and liquids to offer, but also because they can service all types of clients. Their affordable prices make them accessible to everyone, no matter their budgets, and the vast array of equipment in their inventory makes them suitable for experienced and rookie vapers alike. Because of this company’s vast reach, they can sell to customers no matter where they are located and, no matter what their clients are looking for, they will be able to find it. Vapejoose company sells almost everything.

What is your experience shopping with this company? Do they offer the quality of service they claim or were you disappointed? Regardless of how you feel, let us know by leaving a comment below!


  • Good customer service
  • Lots of liquids to choose
  • A significant amount of hardware in the store
  • Good for advanced and novice vapers
  • They have gift cards


  • During holidays shipping can be slow
Published: March 1, 2020 Updated: January 14, 2021



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