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Select is a subsidiary of the Cura Cannabis Solutions brand, which is one of the top alternative medicine companies in the US. The Portland-based Cura is one of the largest and most widespread cannabis brands thanks in large part to the success of its line of oil cartridges. Although Select Oil started in Portland it has since expanded its reach to other legal states like California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Select Oil was the answer to poor quality vape oil cartridges. The two co-founders decided to try a different style of an oil cartridge that departed from the usual silica wicks and coils that produced poor to distasteful flavors. They decided to use imported, organic Japanese cotton along with ceramic cores that deliver a more consistently smoother flavor experience.

Apart from the hardware, Select has also made its name as a quality brand because of the oil that fills those elite cartridges. The team does not offer much information about where it gets its crop from, how the plants are grown, or the extraction process they use.

In one interview, Cameron Forni, a co-founder of Select, said that the company rejects 80% of the crop from California for failing to meet its stringent quality and purity standards. This could mean it gets its crop from Oregon, Colorado, but the team does not say. Some users say that Select uses cold-press extraction, while others speculate that it uses ethanol extraction.

The Select Line of Products

Building off the success of its vape cartridges, Select has branched out to expand its product line to the edibles and tinctures market. It continues to make and market new strains of cartridges but has recently pulled its flavored varieties from the market due to the federal flavor vape ban.

Select Oil says on its website that it is now exploring new flavor options that are closer to the profile of the actual plant. The items listed here are only a small sampling of Select products, so users in legal states should visit their local dispensaries to find a wider range of products.

#1 Select Elite Cartridges

Top-of-the-Line Flavor

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Select Elite cartridges are the latest iteration from the manufacturer that contains high-quality, triple-tested oil (for pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants) in 510-atomizers. There are several strains and flavors available from usual offerings like Maui Wowie, Strawberry Banana, Durban Poison, and Pineapple Express. Users should consult their local dispensary for Select’s full menu of options.

The cartridges are 510-threaded and users need only attach them to compatible mods or pens. Low-voltage mods work best, as higher power outputs would produce harsher vapor. The cartridges are a mix of plastic and stainless steel, while the internal heating element is a nichrome coil. Potencies for Select carts range between 80-95%

#2 Select Elite Gummies

All-Natural Ingredients and Great Taste

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The edibles section of Select’s product lines features only a selection of three different-flavored gummies. The gummies contain either 5mg or 10mg of high-quality, super-potent THC, which is lab-tested and certified free of contaminants like pesticides or heavy metals. The selections come in three flavors: Passion Fruit/Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, and Blueberry-Lemon. Each package contains 100mg, with each portion containing about 10mg of THC in each gummy. The treats are made from all-natural ingredients and flavorings so users can experience the full force of the terpene-loaded goodness of each bite.

Deals and Discounts

The company does not sell its products online, as they are only available in legal, state-certified dispensaries in legal states. Individual shops and dispensaries might offer deals on bulk purchases, but you would have to inquire at the store.

As such, the brand does not offer discounts or coupons or other deals that other e-liquid sites might have. With that said, Select cbd cartridges are often cited as the only products that are both quality and affordable, at least, compared to other brands like Kurvana or Heavy Hitters.

Things to Know About Select CBD Products

H3 How to Use Select Oil Products?

The line of pre-filled oil cartridges needs only a compatible 510-vape pen or mod for use. Users can attach the cartridge to a mod and start vaping by turning on the battery. The brand also features disposable vape pens for THC and CBD, which are all auto-activated, so users need only start vaping.

For the gummies, users can take a half a gummy to experience the effects. The time of day is also important as the company formulates the gummies to daytime, afternoon, and evening for maximum enjoyability.

Where Are Select Oil Products Made?

The company is based in Portland although where exactly it has its manufacturing facility is unclear. Many of the processes and equipment that they use are proprietary, meaning that they are not for sharing with the public. But in an FAQ posted on its website the brand points to an NBC News investigation that found its cartridges to be among the three brands that tested negative for Vitamin E acetate, pesticides, and contaminants.



cbdfx-website img

CBDfx is a California based company that deals exclusively with cannabidiol, another cannabis compound, and not tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the intoxicating compound. CBDfx markets various CBD products ranging from disposable vape pens to tinctures, to edibles, to creams and even dog treats.

The brand is well-known as a leader in the industry and maintains a good reputation for transparency with its third-party lab testing of all its products. CBDfx products are routinely tested, as well as made from organically-grown hemp plants. They deliver to the US and internationally, and can also be found in specific CBD shops and dispensaries.

Just CBD


Just CBD is another cannabidiol-only brand that makes and markets an extensive line-up of CBD products from cartridges to tinctures to edibles. The company puts a focus on purity as all of its items are made with organically-grown hemp plants.

It publishes monthly lab-reports on all its independently-tested products that show no traces of THC or THC-levels well-below the legal limit of 0.3%. The brand’s products are widely-available either through the company website where users can get discounts and use coupon codes or in special CBD shops.

Conclusion: Select Oil Review: One of the Purest, Best-Tasting Oils Around

Select is a fast-growing company that was also at the forefront of cannabis oil production. Oregon became legal before California so the company had more time to perfect its extraction process, source a new kind of oil cartridge, and focus exclusively on producing a high-quality product with a battery of tests to ensure its purity.

The brand does not have a listing of its full product line on its website, so users have to go to their favorite dispensary to find out more about its offerings. For now, the cartridges are available in legal states like Oregon, California, and Nevada, although it plans to expand to all fifteen legal states and Canada.

Published: April 22, 2020 Updated: July 26, 2021

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