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FlowerPot Vaporizer
FlowerPot Vaporizer
10/10 icon-question
  • Made from Grade 2 titanium
  • Made in the USA
  • Fits 14mm and 18mm female glass pieces

The FlowerPot vaporizer from NV consists of four basic parts, the PID controller for setting the temperature, the coil assembly, and the ...

TBucket Banger
TBucket Banger Vaporizer
  • All-titanium build
  • Fully-adjustable joint to always stay level
  • SiC and Sapphire bowls available (sold separately)
DCup Vaporizer
Dcup Vaporizer
  • Wide-surface area for dabs
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Made from Grade 2 titanium

Newvape Review: A Closer Look


Newvape is a brand dedicated to an advanced level of flower and concentrates vaping. Newvapers or people who have never vaped before should not get these products. The typical Newvape bundles consist of several parts that may not be so easily recognizable to the uninitiated.

Newvape started life as something else. The factory where products are made used to be a CNC machining shop that specialized in making titanium medical parts and accessories. The shop still works with titanium but now creates heavy-duty coils and buckets to ensure a top-quality vaping experience.

One thing about the brand that sets it apart from other commercial vaporizers is that instead of using batteries – either internally or externally – Newvape bundles come with a PID controller that acts as the device’s main heat source. These sophisticated machines have numerous industrial applications, but when paired with a vaporizer, it allows users to input their preferred temperature (the typical range is between 550F and 800F).

The PID controller is plugged into a wall outlet, so users can vape all day long, and that is the point with devices like these. The PID powers an external coil attachment that stays hot so users can place it over their materials to take a hit when they want. Aside from the controller device, NV products also feature innovative coil designs. These coils, again, are not typical coils like or other vaporizers.

Newvape Products

The brand has several mainstay products. The categories divide between vaping for flowers or concentrates, but the new Vrod vaporizer works with both herbs and concentrates. As these are high-performing, industrial-strength vaporizers made from US-Grade 2 titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum.

They are a significant investment and not for the casual vaper. For a full overview of all the company’s offerings, be sure to visit its website, online vaporizer forums or check out its online instructional videos.

#1 FlowerPot Vaporizer

A True Vaping Machine

10/10 icon-question Review score

The FlowerPot vaporizer from NV consists of four basic parts, the PID controller for setting the temperature, the coil assembly, and the heat post. The package includes a 20mm (0.78”) coil with a hemp-wick handle and an XLR-connector cable to plug into the heat distributor. The kit also includes two male connector posts measuring either 14mm (0.55”) or 18mm (0.7”) that are suitable for glass pieces with similar measurements.

The FlowerPort bundle does not include a glass attachment, but the two heat posts can connect to any style of the glass piece. The kit also includes the Shovelhead bowl where users place their ground-up material. The bowl sits atop the heat post. When the Weed Eater head reaches its temperatures, users place the coil above the titanium screen above the bowl to create vapor.

#2 TBucket Banger

Two Dishes for Dab Vaping

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The TBucket Banger is an atomizer for dabs that uses two different material dishes. The TBucket banger comes alone, which means that it features only the all-titanium bucket, the carb cap, and several screws to keep it all together. The TBucket can also come as an accessory or in a bundle package that includes a PID controller, 14mm and 18mm male connections, and two different buckets, including SiC (silicon carbide) or Sapphire.

The TBucket-only kit does not include the other dishes. The banger-only kit features the 30mm, all-titanium bucket that is compatible with other 30mm-diameter dishes. The TBucket also uses adjustable joints so it can be made to sit level with all types of e-nails or glass pieces.

#3 DCup Vaporizer

Low-Temp Atomizer for Concentrates

9/10 icon-question Review score

The DCup vaporizer assembly features an all-titanium, 30mm bowl with a carb cap and adjustable joint. The DCup is for concentrates-only and is compatible with other material dishes available from NV like its SiC (silicon carbide) or sapphire bowls. Users can insert the bowls into the cup-style atomizer for lower-temperature dabs that maximize flavor production. The cup is compatible with any flat, disc or donut-style cup for vaping dabs. The DCup has a lid that fits over it and is secured in place with a screw.

The DCup can come as a single piece or in a bundle package that includes 14mm and 18mm male connector pieces. The kit also features a universal dab tool/loader and can work with flat coils as well as ringed coils.

#4 Tsunami Vaporizer

A Banger-Style Vape with “Peak” Performance

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Tsunami Vaporizer is the only NV device that has any similarity to commercially available vaporizers. The Tsunami consists of a base that houses the PID heat controller that powers the device, so it works with an external power source, like many desktop vaporizers. The Tsunami has an all aluminum-alloy base with the only controls being those on the PID.

The PID features the power button and temperature regulation interface. The Tsunami comes preinstalled with the TBucket banger coil that has a 30mm diameter and works with the unit’s flat coil. The TBucket is also compatible with different bowls from the NV family like the SiC or Sapphire bowls.

#5 3” Fine Grinder

Perfectly Calibrated for Fine Grinds

8/10 icon-question Review score

The 3” Fine Grinder is a perfect accessory for any dry herb vaporizer. The design of the grinder is specifically designed to create fine grinds out of any dry herb material. The grinder features a two-level design that uses medical-grade aluminum. The grinding teeth can fine grind any material so that it increases the surface area.

The grinder is perfect for convection-style vapes, as the more the material is ground-up the more surface the hot air can pass through. The grinder makes the material so fine it is best for vaping and not traditional smoking via rolled-up cigarettes.

FAQ about Newvape

How do I use Newvape products?

All brand’s devices have three basic parts that have sub-categories. These parts are the heat source, the coil assembly and the connector piece that attaches to a suitable glass section. The coil assembly has its own parts that are mostly for fastening and securing the device, while the bowl section only requires users to insert a screen and load the material.

Users fit the heating coil around the coil assembly, which can vary in style and material, depending on the device and material. The brand has several different coil heads for use with different materials, but they have other parts like the lid, carb caps, and airflow screens. For more detailed instructions, reference the user manuals or the company’s online instructional videos.

Where can I get Newvape products?

Newvape products are available directly from their website or through authorized resellers. NV vaporizers are available through retail vendors (a correction from a statement made earlier), but they are few and far between. Users can find NV on select vendor sites, but for true, NV quality and customer support, it is best to buy directly from the manufacturer.

How can I get discounts?

The company has seasonal sales and promotions on social media. Users need to follow the company’s Instagram or Facebook pages to stay up-to-date on any possible promotions or sales using a coupon code.

Competing Brands

Storz and Bickel


Storz and Bickel is the brand that brought vaporizing into the mainstream. The German company specializes in creating high-tech, high-performing herb and concentrates devices that are both stationary or portable.

The Volcano, first released in 2000, was the brand’s first offering and it has remained the gold standard in desktop vaporizers. Over the years, the brand has come out with a larger selection of industry-shaping devices like the Crafty or the Mighty.

Dr. Dabber


Dr. Dabber is another familiar name to new-generation vapers. The brand has had steady success since the release of its vape devices like the Ghost and the Boost, while it has also branched into the stationary market with award-winning devices like the Switch.

The Switch is compatible with herbs and concentrates and features a unique induction-heating style that is different from any other traditional desktop vaporizer.

Conclusion: Newvape Review: A Higher-Standard of Vaporizer

Newvape devices are a lot different from the mainstream, commercial vaporizers. The operation and assembly of these products are familiar to long-time dabbers or people who have always used these set-ups to vape but can be intimidating to new users. While the company does not state that devices are only for experienced dabbers, they do take so time to master.

And, given their cost, you should only get their device if you have been vaping for a long time, and have some familiarity with how these parts work. Each NV product comes with its pieces and equipment. The company offers many instructional videos as well as the owner manual that comes with every kit.


  • Unique, one-of-a-kind vaporizers not found anywhere else
  • Expert machining and construction
  • All products made with Grade 2-certified titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Extremely durable and built-to-last
  • The unrivaled flavor and vapor quality


  • For experienced users only
  • High price point (on kits and bundles)
Published: May 18, 2020 Updated: September 24, 2020

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