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Vape Pods by Skol - Pack of 4
Skol Pods Strawberry Lemonade
10/10 icon-question
  • Compatible with both Skol and JUUL devices
  • Classic tobacco flavor
  • Approximately 200 puffs per pod

This set of vape pods are fully compatible for use in Skol devices as well as JUUL devices. It comes in a pack of 4 vape pod cartridges. ...

Anarchist e-Juice Pink Lemonade
Anarchist Pink Lemonade
  • The delicious, sweet and tangy taste
  • Available in 4 different nicotine strengths
Jynx Vape Pod by Craving Vapor
Jynx Vape Pod by Craving Vapor
  • A simple, single-button system with the press to fire
  • Light, portable vape setup

General Overview


Local Vape is an online vape store that offers a wide range of e-cigarette, atomizers, mods, vaporizers, e-juices, vape kits, and other vaping accessories. This shop offers not only vaping products but also a variety of CBD products such as tinctures, cartridges, lotions, gummies.

Local Vape also has a sale section on their website, where they sell vaping products and accessories at attractive discounts. They are also wholesalers of vaping products and have a separate website for their distributors.

The brand also offers a rewards program where a user gets 50 reward points for signing up, additional points for making a purchase, and even gets a bonus 500 points on its birthday. These points can then be used for a monetary discount on the purchase.

The website lists their customer service number clearly on the homepage, which can be used to get in touch in case of any defective product (should get in touch within 24 hours), return, or shipping queries.

Local Vape offers different shipping charges based on the products a user purchases and gives options for shipping methods and their prices. They do not offer free shipping. Customers get a confirmation message once their order is shipped, and tracking info about 24 to 48 hours of the order getting shipped.

Local Vape Review: Product Line

Here is only a small part of the products that this brand has to offer.

#1 Vape Pods by Skol - Pack of 4

High Quality, Classic Tobacco Flavor At An Affordable Price

10/10 icon-question Review score

This set of vape pods are fully compatible for use in Skol devices as well as JUUL devices. It comes in a pack of 4 vape pod cartridges. Each pod has a 0.7 ml of e-juice capacity and 5% nicotine by volume. Its classic and smooth tobacco flavor is made for those that have tobacco cravings. Each replacement pod gives approximately 200 puffs.

Considering the price, these vape pods appear to be a good mix of high-quality flavor at a budget-friendly price point. These vape pods are manufactured in the USA. These Skol-compatible 4 pack vape pods are ideal for vape enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality flavor, a high puff count per pod, all at an affordable price.


  • Approximately 200 puffs per pod
  • Compatible with both Skol and JUUL devices
  • Classic tobacco flavor
  • Affordable price


  • Pods may not hit as consistently as regular JUUL pods

#2 Anarchist e-Juice Pink Lemonade

Delicious Flavor and Smooth Vape Experience

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The pink lemonade flavor e-juice by Anarchist offers a delicious, citrusy taste that is both sweet and tangy. Available in a big 100 ml bottle, the capacity of this product is good, which means users do not have to restock repeatedly. People can choose nicotine strengths between 0 mg, 2 mg, 4 mg, and 6 mg. The Anarchist Pink Lemonade e-juice appears to be one of the most popular and widely sought-after flavors by Anarchist, with many customers claiming to have repeatedly purchased this flavor after their first bottle.

This e-juice has received a lot of positive reviews by customers, who claim to be loyal users of this flavor thanks to its delicious taste and smooth vaping experience. The price of this e-juice is also quite budget-friendly, given that it is a 100 ml bottle.


  • The delicious, sweet and tangy taste
  • Available in 4 different nicotine strengths
  • Good quantity at an affordable price


  • No obvious cons

#3 Jynx Vape Pod by Craving Vapor

Portable and Ergonomic Vape Mod

9/10 icon-question Review score

The Jynx by Craving Vapor is a sleek, well-built vape mod that is portable enough to be carried everywhere. The device works on an 1100 mAh built-in battery and comes with a 0.25-ohm Titanium coil. It has a simple, single-button firing system, with a press-to-fire setup. Its tank has a 2 ml e-juice capacity, which, while not being a lot, is enough for vapers looking for a stealthy setup. Its anti-abrasion surface makes the device sturdy and long-lasting.

This vape mod has a user-friendly LED battery life indicator that signals the battery levels for the customer to see. Its built-in battery can be charged with a USB charging port. This easy to use vape mod has a plug-n-play connection, with a gold plated connection whose design is proprietary by the brand.


  • Light, portable vape setup
  • A simple, single-button system with the press to fire


  • The tank has only 2 ml capacity

Local Vape Review: Delivery

The company delivers to all US states except for Nevada and Massachusetts. Once a customer has placed the order, they send a shipment confirmation notification within 24 hours once the company has shipped the order. Furthermore, they also share the tracking information of a package within 24 to 48 hours of shipping the order.

Local Vape Discount

The brand has a dedicated ‘sale’ section that lists vaping products and accessories at attractive discounts. This section is not seasonal but is available throughout the year. There are RDAs, e-juices, atomizers, and even merchandise and vape accessories on sale in this section. They also have a rewards system where they offer reward points to their customers for three actions – signing up on the website (50 points), making a purchase, and a bonus of 500 points on their birthday. These points translate to monetary discount – with 500 points equal to a $5 discount, 1000 points meaning $10 off, 5000 points mean $20 off, and 7500 points mean 25% off on order.

Warranty by Brand

The website does not have a set guideline for all orders when it comes to the question about returns or defective products. Instead, it appears that they look at these queries on a case to case basis. In the FAQ section, it says that anyone who feels that they have received a wrong product should contact them within 24 hours via their customer care number. If customers want to return any product, then they should contact them as well. They also go on to mention that no refund, returns, or exchanges are applicable unless authorized by the company.

Local Vape Review: Customer Service Rating

The online customer reviews for the Local Vape’s store are mainly positive. Customers consider their staff as polite and patient with their queries, while helping them buy the products that are most suited to their requirements. The customers have also appreciated the quality and wide range of products. They also have a customer helpline number listed clearly on their website for any questions that their customers might have about the products or their order.

What Are the Competitors?

Local Vape vs. Jac Vapour


Jac Vapor was established in 2014 and claims to be one of the world’s top 10 largest online e-cigarette retailers in the world. Both brands sell a wide variety of coils, vape mods, batteries, vape tanks, and other vape accessories. In addition to other vape brands, Jac Vapor sells its own line of designed vape devices and vape products, while Local only sells products by other brands.

Jac Vapor has an extensive FAQ section with clear returns and warranty information, and a help center open Monday to Friday to help with customer queries. Both brands also have a dedicated sale section, clearance section, and also offer gift vouchers that customers can gift others.

Local Vape vs. ePuffer


ePuffer was established in 2007 and is one of the pioneers in designing and manufacturing e-cigarettes, besides other vape products as well, such as vape pods, e-cigars, e-juices, nic salts and more. They have a user-friendly website with a wide range of self-made vape products. Like Local Vape, they also have a dedicated clearance section on their site with vape products and accessories at attractive discounts.

ePuffer also has a rewards and affiliate program and gift certificates. Both the brands ePuffer have a wholesale and distribution facility. They also have a very detailed FAQ page and a resource guide for beginner vape enthusiasts, listing down the details of what vaping is, the different types of vape products and their functions.

Closing Thoughts on Local Vape

Local Vape is an online seller of a wide range of vaping products and accessories. They have a wide variety of vape mods, coils, e-juices, cartridges, atomizers, and CBD products available as well. The website has a dedicated sale section where products can be bought at an attractive discount. They offer a rewards program with points for signing up, making a purchase, and a bonus on the customer’s birthday. The company was founded in 2012, and it boasts of having a customer-oriented focus. This website is ideal for vape enthusiasts if they’re looking for an online destination with a wide variety of brands, high-quality vape products, and accessories at affordable prices.

If you’ve tried a product by Local Vape, please feel free to share your experience in the comment section below. Your opinion will greatly help other vapers in purchasing products that are right for them.


  • Wide range of vape products and brands
  • Offer CBD products as well
  • Sale section with attractive discounts
  • Clear rewards program


  • Unclear returns policy
  • No details on the warranty provided
Published: April 21, 2020 Updated: May 8, 2020

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