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The Hyperion
Hyperion E-Rig
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  • USB-C charging
  • Wide-mouth fill port for easy loading
  • Easy to clean

The Hyperion is Humboldt Vape Tech’s entry into the portable e-rig market. The device is compatible with all Sequoia coils for vapi...

The Sai Atomizer Line
  • Over fifteen different coil-styles
  • Four color options - black, gold, titanium, and stainless steel
  • Choose from Kanthal, titanium or ceramic coils
The Sequoia Line
  • Users over seven different coil types
  • Materials range from titanium, Kanthal, ceramic and quartz
  • Uses both top and bottom airflow

A Closer Look at the Humboldt Brand


Humboldt Vape Tech takes its name from Humboldt County, California, which is known as the epicenter of marijuana cultivation in the entire state. No wonder then that the best dab vaping devices would come from this part of the country. With that said, HVT makes only one device for dry herb vapers, the Generation 2 dry herb ceramic tank.

Save for that one exception. Its purview is strictly on extracts (shatters, rosin, wax, butter). The company sees its mission as perfecting the art of dab vaping, which was the goal of its founder Vic Arvizu. He wanted to take the large, ungainly rigs and torches that he was using to dab, but make them smaller and more portable.

Sequoia and Sai were born from this motivation. The two atomizers push the boundaries of what is possible in dab vaping because of their unique construction and the high-quality materials used in their builds. The two main HVT products have heavy-duty stainless steel builds, but use different styles of atomizer – donut, coiled, coil/rod – inside the oven, which is what makes them one-of-a-kind.

Typical dab devices use one-of-two usual coil styles: the flat disc or donut atomizer made of ceramic; or the coil/rod combination that uses quartz rods and titanium coils. HVT took those nominal designs and expanded them for use with high-wattage, sub-ohm mods so users could push the power and get even better-quality vapor.

Humboldt Vape Tech Products

Despite its focus on dab vaping, the brand has other offerings that users can find on its website. Highlighted here will be the two mainstays of the HVT brand, along with its newest offering, an electronic, portable dab rig.

#1 The Hyperion

An E-Rig for Sequoia Coils

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The Hyperion is Humboldt Vape Tech’s entry into the portable e-rig market. The device is compatible with all Sequoia coils for vaping concentrates. The unit features a base section that houses the battery; a separate spout holds the coil, and a glass bubbler piece sticks up from the base.

The Hyperion has a single touch-sensitive button ringed with an LED to show battery and power levels. The unit comes pre-installed with four different, color-coded heat settings. The lowest temperature is red, and the highest temperature is shown with green.

The kit features three different coil types. One is the AVS Hex-Core coil that uses pre-made, titanium coils. The second and third are bucket-style coils lined with either titanium or quartz. The power base takes USB charging and can power up in under two hours.

#2 The Sai Atomizer Line

The Products that Made Humboldt Famous

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The Sai atomizer is HVT’s most popular item, but the Sai is more than just one product. The Sai brand extends to all the other products spun off from the original atomizer. The base Sai starter kit includes the essentials like the atomizer base, a top airflow top cap, and a choice of either the titanium or quartz bucket coils.

Individual pieces are also available on the HVT website. The top cap, coil base and coil options for the Sai come in several styles and colors so users can mix and match. The base atomizer features a sturdy, all-stainless steel exterior (although the unit comes in four different colors).

Then there are the coil options that number over fifteen. The materials vary but consist of Kanthal, stainless steel, and titanium, as well as ceramic. Users can choose from bucket-style coils or donut or flattened coils or rod and coil combinations.

#3 The Sequoia Line

Sturdy, Durable Atomizers for Concentrates

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The Sequoia line of atomizers is the second pillar of HVT’s success. The Sequoia, like the Sai, is both HVT’s flagship atomizer and a larger brand that extends to the many coil types. The base model features an all-stainless steel exterior with a top cap that supports top and bottom airflow. The device measures 25mm in diameter and features a 510-gold-plated connection on its base.

The atomizer also features many coil options and comes in two color options stainless steel or titanium. Users can choose from varieties of the coil-like Kanthal wire and quartz rods or an all-ceramic bucket or triple titanium coils with ceramic rods. There are other options to choose from, and each coil has its own specifications. The wattage of most of the coils runs between 20-30W, while the highest temperature they can reach is 450F.

Humboldt Vape Tech’s Social Media Presence

HVT makes no secret about how Reddit groups played an important role in the company’s success. It was through collaborating and listening to dabbers on Reddit groups where the company gained the knowledge to create the Sequoia and Sai lines that now dominate the industry.

Humboldt still maintains an active presence on Reddit, as well as on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The company’s Instagram page features mostly pictures of HVT employees or the products or pics from the company’s outreach programs around California.

How HVT Treats Its Customers

The Humboldt brand is a trusted one in dabbing circles. The brand, by and large, has a positive reputation both for its unparalleled quality as well as its customer service.

As it is a small operation, the company can focus more on dealing directly with customer problems or complaints, rather than having customers wait weeks for resolutions and answers. Some customers do have complaints about being charged for broken or defective parts, but the brand always presents its side, even if the outcome is not what a person wanted.

Humboldt Vape Tech Product Table

Sequoia Coils Sai Coils
Sequoia AVS Hexcore Stainless steel/Black ceramic
Quartz Bucket Sai Ceramic Flattened AVS
Triple Titanium/Quartz Rods Quartz Bucket
5mm Kanthal w/Quartz Stainless steel/White ceramic
Ceramic Donut Titanium Bucket
Triple Titanium/Black Ceramic Titanium Bucket Dual Titanium Triple Titanium/Quartz

Final Thoughts: Humboldt Vape Tech Review: A Trusted Name in Dab Vaping

Humboldt Vape Tech has earned a reputation for quality and reliability through its innovative atomizer designs. The company took the idea of rebuildable coils for e-liquid with massive coil sizes and applied it to concentrates vaping. At first glance, the exterior of the Sequoia and Sai looks like sub-ohm RDAs, but inside the coils use no wicks as users apply their concentrate directly onto the coil surface.

When users attach the atomizers to a variable wattage or temperature mod, they can apply instant power to the coils reducing heat-up times while getting massive hits. The variety of coils available is also exceptional.

There are several material types (titanium, quartz, ceramic), styles (bucket, donut, coil/rods) and sizes (4mm, 5mm) so that users can pick and choose their preferred ones and use them accordingly, as Sai coils are compatible with the Sequoia atomizer and vice-versa.

Have you used a Humboldt Vape Tech product? Did you use the Sequoia or Sai, and which coil? Which did you think performed the best? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published: May 18, 2020 Updated: May 21, 2020

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