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Hempzilla CBD Juul Pods Review
hempzilla cbd Juul pods
10/10 icon-question
  • 300 mg of CBD
  • Broad-Spectrum
  • GMO-free

These pods are arguably the most convenient product in Hempzilla’s inventory. They are pods filled with CBD liquid that are Juul compat...

Hempzilla CBD Cigarettes
hempzilla cbd cigarettes
  • Biodegradable Paper
  • Organic
  • USA Grown
Hempzilla Joint and Muscle CBD Gel
hempzilla cbd joint and muscle gel
  • Topical Gel
  • 300 mg
  • Broad-Spectrum

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Hempzilla Extraction CBD Method

hempzilla cbd brand review

Hempzilla uses the CO2 extraction process. It is not the most efficient extraction method, but it is the best for removing unwanted substances from the oil, such as metal, pesticides, and other unwanted substances.

7 Best Hempzilla Products

#1 Hempzilla CBD Juul Pods Review

Juul Compatible Carts

10/10 icon-question Review score

These pods are arguably the most convenient product in Hempzilla’s inventory. They are pods filled with CBD liquid that are Juul compatible. The primary advantage of these CBD pods is not having to buy a battery if you already have a Juul. Secondly, they come in six flavors, including Loop Milk and Strawberry Cream Gelato.

These CBD carts are simple to use, and they are vaped the same way as if they held nicotine.


  • Excellent Flavors
  • Very Effective and Fast Acting
  • Simple to Use
  • Contains most of the vital cannabinoids and terpenes


  • More flavor options needed

#2 Hempzilla CBD Cigarettes

Filtered Pre-Rolls

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This is the traditional way to get cannabinoids. These items contain dry herbs rolled up in filtered cigarettes. They may look like Marlboros, but they contain zero nicotine or tobacco but all of the essential cannabinoids. Additionally, they are highly potent.

Because of their look and feel, they should be very popular with former cigarette smokers.


  • Contain all the essential cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • It maybe too harsh for novice users

#3 Hempzilla Joint and Muscle CBD Gel

For Targeted Relief

9/10 icon-question Review score

Tinctures and vapes offer full-body relief, but that is not always necessary. Sometimes it is better to get localized relief for specific areas of the body that cause pain and irritation.

This gel can help relieve pain in places like muscles and joints without producing a full-body effect. As a result, it is an excellent product for athletes and people who are otherwise physically active.

It is easy to use. Just apply a dime-size amount to whatever body part is in pain and massage it in. The pain will ease soon after.


  • Works like Icy Hot
  • Available in 1 and 4 oz jars
  • No THC
  • Inexpensive


  • Localized Relief Only

#4 Five Pack CBD Flower Pre-Roll

Hempzilla Pre-Rolls

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

This five-pack is the best option for new customers who want to sample Hempzilla flower. It contains five different pre-rolls, each with 100 mg of CBD. The strains in these packs include Special Sauce, Silver Haze, and over a dozen more. They also have a CBG pre-roll.

These pre-rolls are THC-free and contain zero nicotine, making them safe for people who do not want to get high or restart their cigarette habit.

The only problem is that they are a tad bit expensive, but the price is worth it.


  • No trim or shake
  • Bold flavors
  • Full-Spectrum


  • Pricey

#5 Hempzilla Fresh Ink Tattoo Cream

Relieves Irritated Skin

8/10 icon-question Review score

People love getting tattoos, but they do not like the effects of getting them. When the ink is freshly on the skin, the area of the tattoo can be painful and itchy. It can be too much for some people.

If applied correctly, this cream can help relieve the pain and irritation around the new tattoo. It can also keep the skin around it moist. Also, its antibacterial properties can prevent the new tattoo from getting infected.


  • Not greasy
  • Absorbs quickly
  • Moisturizes
  • Suitable for new and old tattoos


  • Expensive

#6 Hempzilla Citrus Vanilla CBD Tincture

Flow Formula

7.5/10 icon-question Review score

Menstrual cramps can be very intense, preventing women from fully enjoying the activities they usually enjoy. This tincture can provide the relief they need. It relieves cramps, bloating, and other problems related to menstruation. Additionally, it can reduce mood swings associated with PMS.


  • Very Effective
  • Not Overpowering
  • Good Flavor


  • Higher strengths are needed

#7 Hempzilla CBD Gummies

30 Pack

7/10 icon-question Review score

Not everyone needs or is ready for something as powerful as vape juice or tinctures. Some people need something less potent, and edibles are just what those people need.

These jars contain 30 gummies each, and they are loaded with 25 mg of CBD and are very flavorful. In addition, they have no artificial ingredients and are vegan-friendly.


  • Flavorful
  • Available in 6 and 30 Packs
  • Relaxing


  • Expensive

What Are the Benefits and Effects of Hempzilla Products?

Hempzilla products can do a lot of things because they contain CBD. For example, CBD can help relieve anxiety, pain, and the symptoms of various disorders. The effects vary in intensity depending on the product, but they are all highly effective.

Hempzilla Lab Testing and Availability

Lab tests are available directly on the site, where anyone who wants to can read them. The tests indicate that the products have more or less the amount of CBD indicated on the product labels and THC levels that are well below the legal limit.

The only problem is that the labs test only for cannabinoids, not contaminants. So when they say they test for contaminants on their website, they may or may not be telling the truth. It is hard to know because that information is not available or difficult to find.

It is doubtful that their products contain dangerous levels of pesticides, metals, and other contaminants because their hemp comes from Colorado and is CO2 extracted. Still, one can never be too sure.

Other Types of CBD Hempzilla Products

Hempzilla has several other items not mentioned above. These products include different topicals and lotions, honey sticks, and even Hempzilla CBD oil for dogs.

How to Use Hempzilla CBD

Hempzilla CBD has all kinds of products, and one would have to practically write a novel to describe how to use all of them. So here are some basic rules and tips for using CBD.

First-time CBD users should not buy the most potent tincture they can find. The best way to start is by finding some edibles with a low concentration of cannabinoids and trying them. Start by taking two or three a day and see what the effects are. Then, gradually increase the dosage every other week.

Once your body accumulates to the cannabinoids, try taking things like tincture oils and dry herbs. But as with edibles, start with the lowest dosage possible and gradually increase it.

What Dose Is Right For You?

It cannot be emphasized enough that new users should start with the lowest possible dosage and work their way up. If they start with a high dosage, they can make themselves sick. Not dangerously ill, but very uncomfortable.

The best way to determine the proper dosage is to visit a physician with experience prescribing medical cannabis.

Hempzilla Delivery and Returns

Their delivery policies are solid. If an order costs above $100, it ships free. Also, orders are processed within a day. Deliveries take up to five business days. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on how many packages are in the pipeline and the customer’s location.

Customers can only get a refund if the product is unused. However, the customer has to pay return shipping costs, and they must be returned within 30 days from the date they were delivered.

Unfortunately, Hempzilla does not ship to all states or internationally. The states they do not ship to are Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Nebraska, Montana, Kansas, and North and South Dakota.

Hempzilla Customer Service

The best thing about Hempzilla is that they have live customer service available by phone and even fax. They answer the phone during regular business hours, Eastern Standard Time.

Additionally, they have email addresses for their sales and support teams. Another good thing is that they have their full postal address posted.

These are all signs that Hempzilla is legit and has nothing to hide.

Pros and Cons of Hempzilla

There are many advantages to choosing Hempzilla. For one, Hempzilla has many items in their inventory and lab results for all of them and fast shipping. However, some of their lab results are inconsistent and not up to date.

Hempzilla vs. CBD Kratom

shopcbdkratom brand review

Both companies have a wide range of products. But the main difference between them is that Hempzilla has only CBD while Kratom has CBD and THC products. So Kratom is an excellent choice for those who cannot find something they are looking for at Hempzilla.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hempzilla

Is Hempzilla a Good Brand?

Yes, Hempzilla is a good brand. They have a wide range of products that includes nearly anything a CBD connoisseur could want.

Is Hempzilla Legal?

Hempzilla products are legal. However, state laws regarding marijuana’s legality vary state-to-state. Before buying anything, find out whether cannabis is legal in your state. Some states require a prescription to purchase cannabis.

Does Hempzilla CBD Get You High?

Hempzilla’s products should not get a person high. Their lab tests show the cannabinoid profiles of every product, and none of them contain more than 0.3 percent THC.

Does Hempzilla Show Up in a Drug Test?

CBD does not show up on drug tests. However, people afraid that it might raise flags should not take these products. In addition, people on parole or probation or whose employment depends on passing a drug screening will sleep better at night NOT taking any CBD product.

Final Thoughts About This Hempzilla Review

There is so much to like about Hempzilla. For one, they have almost every product imaginable. These include dry herbs, honey sticks, edibles, etc. If it can be named, they most likely have it. Also, they have live customer service available during regular business hours.

The big problem is that their lab results do not show anything for contaminants. Yes, they say their products are entirely natural, but customers cannot take their word for it. Hempzilla needs to update its lab testing practices. But considering where they source their cannabis, it is more likely that their CBD oils are ok.

If you have shopped with this company before, please tell us about your experience by commenting below. We appreciate hearing from our readers!

Published: August 6, 2022 Updated: August 5, 2022



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