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All-in-One Cartridges
Heavy Hitters All-in-One Cartridge
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  • Size: 0.3 g
  • Lasts for 200-300 puffs
  • Comes with a CBD-THC blend

The All-in-One Cartridge from Heavy Hitters is its best-selling product. The Heavy Hitters cartridge is made from the same glass and stai...

1g Cartridge
Heavy Hitters 1g Cartridge
  • Size: 1 g
  • Lasts for 200-300 puffs
  • 510 threaded
Pax Era Pods
Heavy Hitters Pax Era Pods
  • Size: 0.5 g
  • Lasts for 200-300 puffs
  • Works with Pax Era device only

A Close-Up Look


Heavy Hitters stays close to home in California. The birthplace of the brand, California, is also the only place where Heavy Hitters cartridges are available for sale. The brand does not ship out-of-state, so any vape cart carrying the Heavy Hitters logo found outside of California is a guaranteed fake.

The Heavy Hitters line-up features carts filled with high-potency THC or CBD oil, which is not mixed, blended, or cut with anything. Heavy Hitters claims their carts are 100% THC or CBD oil with no added elements (like MCT, PG, or Vitamin E acetate) to thin the oil. They are so sure of this that they display it prominently on their home page.

The cartridges themselves are standard, 510 cartridges with glass and stainless steel frames. They look like regular THC vape oil cartridges, and they connect to any similarly-threaded 510 battery.

The coils inside are ceramic, which the company claims to offer a more consistent flavor profile for any flavor offered by them. The design of the cartridges makes them seem like they are refillable or reusable, but they are not. The entire tank is sealed, and the mouthpiece does not screw open like with other 510-tanks.

The carts are entirely sealed, so they are meant to be disposed of once the oil runs out. The coils have a capacity of 4Vs, so they may have compatibility problems for higher-powered batteries. The line-up does not include any accompanying vape batteries, so anyone buying off of them has to have a suitable mod to pair with the tanks, including the Pax Era device.

The following reviews will look at only three products from its product roster. These three products (all vape carts) best represent the over-all quality and distinctiveness of the entire brand. According to the brand, each Cartridge has a different vape life. The disposable cartridges can go for between 100-200 puffs; the 1g carts can last for between 200-300; the 2gs cartridges can last for between 300-400 puffs.

Top Heavy Hitters Products

#1 All-in-One Cartridges

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The All-in-One Cartridge from Heavy Hitters is its best-selling product. The Heavy Hitters cartridge is made from the same glass and stainless steel frame that all its other cartridges feature. It has a ceramic core and holds about 300mg of liquid inside the tank (0.3ml).

The tank has the brand’s cold-filtered, terpene-heavy cannabis oil inside that comes in seven different strains, from OG Kush to Pineapple Express. Users can get about 200-300 puffs from the cart, but it may last longer depending on use. The All-in-One cartridge also comes with a CBD-THC blend (1:1).

The carts come individually packaged and have a rubber seal on the mouthpiece that users need to remove. Once removed, users need to attach the Cartridge to a 510-threaded battery to start vaping.

#2 1g Cartridge

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The Heavy Hitters 1g cartridge features an all-glass tank with the ceramic core inside. The stainless steel trim of the tank makes the Cartridge a little more durable and gives it some nice weight. The tank has 510-threads and is compatible with any similarly-threaded 510 battery.

The oil in the tank comes in over twenty different varieties, including Strawberry Cough, Cherry Pie, Skywalker OG, and Mimosa, with potency reaching into the 80-90% THC range. There are also trace amounts of CBD in most of the strains listed on the website. The 1g cartridges can last for about 200-300 puffs, but the real vape life of the cart depends on usage.

#3 Pax Era Pods

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Heavy Hitters is a licensed Pax Era pod “filler”, which means the company receives Era pods from Pax to fill with their unique brand of cannabis oil. The company sells Era pods filled with their cold-filtered, cannabis oil extract taken from plants grown in California. They also have nothing to do with the design or construction of the pod, as they only fill them and then sell them to Era users.

The Era pods, we know, feature dual-silica wicks for improved absorption of the oil. The pods are fully-integrated and are not refillable. The pods can hold 0.5gs of liquid, and they can last for anywhere between 200-300 puffs, after which users can dispose of them. The pods only work with the Pax Era device and are not compatible with any other battery type.

The Vape-Off: Heavy Hitters vs. Brass Knuckles vs. Alpine Vapor

Brass Knuckles


The Brass Knuckles brand is another mainstay of California THC oil producers. They regularly compete with Heavy Hitters for the strongest and best cannabis cartridges around. Brass Knuckles also claims to make a product that uses no solvents, is pesticide-free, and contains no other additives. Brass Knuckles has a much larger product line with close to twenty strains available, which are divided between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid-dominant strains (they do not have a CBD-only option like HH). Brass Knuckles carts are available online – although there is a $240 minimum purchase rule to buy from the website – and in-licensed dispensaries across California. The potency of Brass Knuckle vape cartridges rivals of Heavy Hitters cartridges, with some testing as high as 80-90% THC.

Alpine Vapor

Alpine Vapor has its own branded THC vape cartridges, but it also has many more products on its roster than either Brass Knuckles or HH. AV also sells strain-specific THC flower, with content reaching as high as 91% THC for its dry herb selections that are based around Sativa and Indica, or Hybrid options. Alpine Vapor also uses CCELL (ceramic core) atomizers for their pre-fills, like HH. The strains available for Alpine Vapor pre-filled carts are organized around moods and have names like Amplify, Expand, and Create. Along with the pre-filled Carts, AV also has disposable vape pens, which are vape-ready units that combine a pre-filled cart and a portable battery. AV also has a line of CBD-only products, which run the range of flowers and concentrate oil.

Conclusion: Heavy Hitters Brand Review: Cold-Purified and Extra-Strong

Heavy Hitters is among the most popular and most potent vape cartridges on the market right now. Between their two competitors – Brass Knuckles and Alpine Vapor – HH is the only one to have a contract to fill Pax Era Pods. They have a limited product line, as they deal exclusively in pre-filled carts – so no vape batteries, no disposable pens, no liquid-only options – but the small amount of items lets them focus on creating high-quality cannabis oil.

The cannabis oil comes from plants grown in California. The company does not post lab results on their page, but they are available for customers who wish to view them by contacting the company directly. They say that they do not publish the reports to prevent counterfeiters from copying the results to fool unsuspecting buyers that they are buying a lab-tested product.

A breakdown of HH carts also found no harmful chemicals (like glue) in the construction of the cartridges. The carts are fully sealed, even though the three airflow vents on the base do leak some. The carts are not refillable, in that sense, so they are only single-use. But the quality and potency of the oil come through with every puff. The well-built tanks match with the quality-made cannabis oil inside.

FAQ about Heavy Hitters

How do I use a HH cartridge?

Except for the Pax Era pods, they fill with its proprietary oil and work only with the Era device. Every other HH pre-filled cartridge is 510-threaded so users can attach them to any similarly-threaded 510 battery.

How do I recharge a disposable HH cartridge?

Disposable HH vape carts are not meant to be recharged. HH does not even sell pre-filled disposable pens (cart and battery). They only sell cartridges, which users then connect to any corresponding cell.

Where can I buy HH carts?

HH carts are available only in California, as they explicitly mention on their website. They do not ship to other states and sell their carts only to authorized, licensed dispensaries. For a complete list of where to buy authentic HH pre-filled carts go to their website.

How do I spot a fake HH cartridge?

One sure-fire way to tell if an HH branded cartridge is real or fake is by where you bought it. HH itself admits that they are always changing things like the packaging, placement of logos, and brands to throw off counterfeiters, so just checking the packaging is not enough. HH also says that if a cart is bought outside of California or from a store/dispensary not listed on their authorized sellers’ map, then that cart is 100% fake.


  • Powerful effects
  • High-quality taste
  • Many strains available
  • Tanks are very well-made


  • Carts not suitable for high-powered batteries (anything above 4V)
Published: February 2, 2020 Updated: July 28, 2021

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  • Elena

    June 14, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    I’ve had 3 heavy hitters cartridges leak all in the same way…they leak where they screw into the battery. I don’t carry them with me and I haven’t dropped them. I’ve written to heavy hitters several times with no response from them. they shouldn’t be leaking they’re probably the most expensive cartridges out there!

  • Elena

    June 14, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    I’ve had 3 heavy hitters cartridges leak from where they screw into the battery (not the bottom, from out of the very bottom)! I don’t carry them with me and I haven’t dropped them. I’ve written to them several times with no response. I’m just disgusted because they’re probably the most expensive vape cartridge on the market!