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Geekvape Aegis X 200 Starter Kit
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  • Dual-18650 device
  • Comes with the Zeus tank
  • 3.5ml and 5ml glass tank options included

The Geekvape Aegis X 200 is a high-functioning, dual-18650 device that comes with a highly-rated and upgraded Zeus sub-ohm tank. The devi...

Vaporesso Gen S 220W
Vaporesso Gen S
  • Cutting-edge exterior design
  • 0.91” OLED screen
  • 220W limit
VooPoo Drag 2
VooPoo Drag 2 177W img
  • Zinc alloy and resin build material
  • Includes the 4.5ml Pnp Pod tank and coils
  • Dimensions: 51 x 26 x 134.4mm

A Closer Look at Healthcabin

healthcabin brand

Healthcabin is a leader in selling and distributing high-quality products around the world. Based in Shenzhen, China, the company has easy access to the Southeast Asian, EU, UK, and US markets for e-cigarettes. The company also boasts one of the largest product lines imaginable. Users can find familiar brands like Aspire, Innokin, Eleaf, and Vaporesso.

The company also traffics in lesser-known, underground brands like Tesla Cigs and YiHi. The Healthcabin website is very well-organized and easy-to-navigate. Users can simply scroll over the several menu items and choose from there what they want to see. The website features eight different product categories, which range from Brands to E-Juice and Best-Sellers.

The site also features a Sales section where users can pick up high-quality vaping merchandise at significant discounts. Users can also pre-order specific items that are not yet available but are forthcoming. They will get alerted whenever the product does come out. Users can check out the New Arrivals section too. It’s a good way to stay on top of the latest gear and trends.

The e-juice section is also extensive. There are many familiar brands like Pachamama as well as VGOD and NKD 100. The e-juice section also divides into a free-base and nicotine salts section for users with specific tastes. The site also offers a wide range of flavor shots so DIYers can pick and choose which flavors they want to incorporate into their home-brewed e-juice.

The Best of Healthcabin

Healthcabin has an extensive product line. The products featured here are only a small sampling. For a fuller picture of what the site has to offer, feel free to visit and browse the site. Here are only a few of the best products that Healthcabin has to offer.

#1 Geekvape Aegis X 200 Starter Kit

A Sturdy, Powerful Dual-18650 Device

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Geekvape Aegis X 200 is a high-functioning, dual-18650 device that comes with a highly-rated and upgraded Zeus sub-ohm tank. The device also features a bright, 2.7” OLED along its entire front, which greatly improves user experience. The Aegis X 200 comes equipped with the AS 2.0 chipset. This chipset allows users to vape up to 200W. It also gives vapers the option to vape in temperature control with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Users can install the two batteries via the bottom-opening battery bay door. The door is also a part of the device’s overall sturdy build, which is IP67 waterproof, and also dust and shock-proof.

#2 VooPoo Drag 2

Innovative and Stylish

9/10 icon-question Review score

The VooPoo Drag 2 is the heir to the original and super-popular Drag. The Drag 2 is also a dual-18650 device that features inlaid resin side panels, one of which is the battery bay door. The door attaches with a strong magnetic connection. The device maintains the side-facing OLED as the original. The OLED measures 0.91”. The Drag 2 has a high-power limit of 177W, which is a bit higher than the first Drag. The new Drag also comes with the updated GENE.FIT chip that lets users apply a Burst Mode or a FIT mode that lets them conserve battery power.

#3 Vaporesso Gen S 220W

A Stylish, Well-Made Dual 18650 Device

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Vaporesso Gen S 220W is a finely-made, dual 18650 mod that comes as a stand-alone device (no tank included). The Vaporesso Gen S is also an updated version of the Vaporesso Gen that is paired only with the SKRR tank and coils. This version of the Gen features an updated AXON chipset, as well as a redesigned exterior. The new Gen S has three layers of build material. At the base is polycarbonate, while the second layer is zinc alloy, and topped off with a soft-touch rubber coating. This combination of build materials makes the device both sturdy and lightweight while making it smudge and fingerprint resistant. Users can also take advantage of the Gen S’s several new outputs from Smart Mode to Pulse and ECO mode, the latter of which saves battery life.

#4 SMOK Nord 2

A Powerful, Lightweight Pod System

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The SMOK Nord 2 is the heir to the original Nord device that now features a high-capacity 1500mAh battery. The new Nord maintains the original’s form factor and has easy one-button usability. The device is not air-activated as users must switch on the device via the single-power button on the device’s front. The new Nord does add a side-facing, 0.69” OLED for improved user experience. The Nord 2 pod can hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid and comes with two Nord coils. But the pod is compatible with coils from the original Nord, as well as the SMOK RPM.

Deals and Discounts

There are a lot of discounts and deals on the Healthcabin website. The company always has sales, promotions, mark-downs, and special offers on all its products. They also offer special coupon codes for select items from mods, tanks, and e-juices to gear and accessories.

Users can sign up for the company’s newsletter and get a 10% discount on all products. But the company also has a dedicated page for Weekly Sales and Specials. All a visitor has to do to find deals is to browse the site and find a good deal on a variety of products.

Other Healthcabin Products

As mentioned above, Healthcabin offers a wide range of products. They carry a long list of products from mods to e-juices, but they also sell a variety of electronic products. Users can find things like audio/visual equipment, as well as other electronic devices like power banks. They can also find things like cables and other accessories for electronics.

The Competition

Vapor 4 Life


Vapor4Life is an American-based e-cigarette company. It manufactures and markets its proprietary brand of e-cigarettes and pod systems, as well as e-juices. It also carries several brands of vaporizer and offers users a wide range of products to choose from. Among the various Vapor4Life, branded products are the Zeus and Titan e-cigarettes.

These devices are easy-to-use and are mostly air-activated. Users can choose from several different flavors and nicotine strengths. The two models come either pre-filled or with empty tanks so users can use their e-juice.

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor

Mig Vapor is a Florida-based company that specializes in its brand of e-cigarettes. The company also features a long-line of premium e-juices. Users can mix and match their preferred flavors at the Vimman Juice Bar, which features a long list of unique and specialty flavors. Mig Vapor not only sells e-cigarettes or other devices, but they also offer vaporizers for alternative uses like aromatherapy. The brand delivers all over the US and ships internationally as well.

Conclusion: Healthcabin Review: The Total Vaping Store

What is your favorite online vape retailer? Have you ever bought anything from Healthcabin? Let us know in the comments section below.

Healthcabin has been in the vaping business since 2010 and they have grown exponentially. The company is based in China but it has an international reach. It has customers throughout Asia, Europe, and the US. It has a wide range of products at reasonable prices. Users can also find things like e-juice and vape accessories for recognized name brands for a fraction of the price at most stateside retailers.


  • Excellent selection
  • Daily deals and discounts
  • Wide variety of e-juices
  • A lot of experience in the vaping industry
  • Wide product line


  • No alternative vaping devices
Published: January 12, 2021 Updated: August 16, 2022

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