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The Snap
Exxus Snap
10/10 icon-question
  • Three voltage settings
  • Preheat function installed
  • Accepts all types of cartridges

The Snap is an Exxus original. The Snap features a single-button to operate the mod. It has an internal 250mAh battery that enables three...

Mini Vaporizer
Exxus Mini
  • Full temperature control
  • 30-second heat-up time
  • Convection heating-style
Exxus MiCare
Exxus MiCare
  • 510-threaded magnetic adapter included in the kit
  • Four preset voltage settings
  • One-button control

A Closer Look at Exxus


Exxus Vape started operations in 2014. The company is based in California, but it delivers everywhere in the US, Canada, as well as internationally. The brand has a focus on small, portable, easy-to-use devices that are aimed at new vapers. The company’s products are also for those who want hassle-free, inexpensive vaping devices that produce quality vapor.

The majority of units in the Exxus Vape line-up feature simple, one-button control or have preset temperature controls. The one exception being the Exxus-brand dry herb device, the Mini and the Mini Plus, which feature precision temperature control. The rest of the brand’s products are tank and mod combos that use 510-threaded tanks in small, portable batteries.

The company sells these items in Bundles or individually so users can mix and match their devices. The store has several options to choose from in each category. Oil cartridges come in several varieties from the most basic, plastic atomizers to more high-end tanks with ceramic cores and stainless steel frames.

Users can find a variety of atomizers and cartridges for waxes and concentrates on the site. The brand divides between using ceramic, donut-like cores for its atomizers, as well as the coil/rod set-up that is common in many everyday wax pens. These tanks are all 510-threaded and can connect with several similarly-threaded 510-tanks.

Exxus Vape Product Line

The products listed here represent only a small sampling of the products the Exxus website carries. Users can visit the site to find a complete picture of what the brand has to offer.

#1 The Snap

The OG of Oil-Cartridge Mods

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Snap is an Exxus original. The Snap features a single-button to operate the mod. It has an internal 250mAh battery that enables three different voltage settings. The mod itself has a sleek, minimalist design that includes a viewing window so users can check their liquid levels. Users can attach a magnetic 510-adapter to the base of any cartridge to use with the device.

This device also features a ten-second preheat option that users can activate with three quick presses of the main power button. The device signals its current power setting via three different colors via the LED, 3.4V (Green), 3.7V (Blue), 4.0V (Red). The cell takes USB charging via the included charging cable.

#2 Mini Vaporizer

A Signature, Dry-Herb Vaping Device

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Mini, along with the Mini Plus, represent the only dry-herb vaporizers that the brand carries. The rest of their devices are for concentrates or liquid-only. The Mini has a compact frame and stands at only 4” tall, making portable and discreet.

The device has a top-loading materials chamber that is an all-anodized metal heating chamber. The unit has a durable aluminum build that has a single operating button as well as an OLED. The OLED, along with the two up/down buttons, lets users set their ideal temperature via the precision temperature control feature. The Mini has a heating range of between 320F-410F.

#3 Exxus MiCare

Pocket-Sized Vaporizer for Oils and Liquids

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The Exxus MiCare is a portable vaping device for oils and liquid concentrates. The device is also compatible with solid concentrates. The MiCare consists of a tiny battery section with an internal 700mAh battery. The mod section has an opening for the Exxus Vape material tank included in the kit. The tank has a removable top-cap/mouthpiece that users can remove to fill the tank.

The mod section features a single operating button, which users can also press to change the device’s power settings. Users have the option of vaping at four distinct voltage levels, 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V. Each level is represented by a different color light, which shows up on the LED indicator.

#4 Exxus Snap VV

A Colorful, Well-Designed Mod for Cartridges

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The Exxus Snap is a portable mod for refillable or prefilled 510-oil cartridges. Users can insert their cartridges into the bay with an attached magnetic adapter on its base. The device has a single operating button that lets users choose from among the four variable voltage settings. The Snap stands at only 3” and is very portable and discreet. Users can take advantage of the high-capacity Li-Ion battery to power through a full day of vaping.

The device takes USB charging and can recharge in under one hour. The kit includes a single Exxus Oil Cartridge with a ceramic coil, but the mod is compatible with any 510-cartridge, whether from the company itself or another brand. The unit takes USB charging and can be up and ready to vape in under one hour.

#5 Exxus Tap VV

Variable Voltage Settings with a Tap of a Button

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The Tap is another oil-cartridge device that supports pre-filled or refillable 510-cartridges. This device features a slim, streamlined exterior design and has a tube-like form factor. The Tap has a single operating button on its bottom that is touch-sensitive, so users need only tap it to activate it, change the voltage settings, or enable the preheat function.

The Tap is 510-threaded and has an internal 280mAh battery. Users can choose from four different power settings, which are demarcated by four different lights. Users can simply tap the base to change the power from 3.3V (Blue), 3.7V (Green), 3.9V (Yellow), and 4.2V (Red). The cell takes USB charging with a special adapter plug included in the kit.

Buying From Exxus Vape

Users can buy the company’s products directly from its website. Customers get free shipping with orders over $50. Delivery time for these products takes about 1-5 business days. For quicker delivery times, users can opt for Express Air 2-day delivery, which comes at the cost of $15. The cutoff time for when packages are shipped out is 4:00 PM, so any orders received after are shipped out the next day. The company offers shipping in the US and internationally, but international customers are not eligible for Express delivery.

Exxus Vape Review: Deals and Discounts

The company does not offer any specific discount program for military members or first responders. But it does provide price protections, so if users find a purchased Exxus vape product at a lower price somewhere else, the company will pay back 100% of the difference. It has to be within ten days of the purchase date, though. The company offers various seasonal discounts via its website or if users sign-up for the company newsletter.

Exxus Vape Review: Brand Warranties

The company is so confident of its products that it guarantees all of its products to be defective-free. If any user receives their product damaged or defective, the company will replace it absolutely free of charge. The company also extends manufacturer warranties to all its non-branded products, so users who receive non-branded items can still return or exchange any defective products.

Exxus Vape Review: Customer Service Rating

The brand has a strong commitment to excellent customer service. They take care to listen to their customers not only to resolve problems but to gather input about devices so it can change or improve them. People report positive experiences using Exxus Vape products. They are generally happy with the ease-of-functioning of their devices as well as how well they perform. They also cite fast delivery times for their products and responsive customer service as reasons why they like shopping at the site.

The Competition

Exxus Vape vs. Oasis Vape

OasisVape Brand img

Oasis Vape is an online vape retailer that also has several physical stores located throughout Arizona and New Mexico. The company has a focus on e-juices as it carries several premium lines as well as lesser-known brands. It also carries a large selection of pod and disposable devices aimed at newer vapers. Oasis also carries sub-ohm units from brands like Vaporesso and GeekVape. The company offers nationwide shipping and friendly customer service at all its brick-and-mortar stores.

Exxus Vape vs. Open Vape


Open Vape is a brand similar to Exxus. Only it features a smaller product line dedicated strictly to oils and concentrates. Users can choose from several pen-style refillable vapes that have variable voltage settings as well as small, compact frames. Open Vape sells a variety of different tank systems, mostly for oils and concentrates. Users can choose from standard plastic tanks or premium glass and stainless steel atomizers with ceramic cores.

Final Thoughts: Exxus Vape Review: A Vape Company that Cares

Exxus Vape is a premium vape company with a focus on alternative devices. Users can choose from several well-made, high-performing devices for oils and herbs and liquids that are also pocket-friendly and discreet. The discreteness of the company’s products is a big draw. Users can hold a Snap or Tap in their hands, and no one will know it’s there.

The focus on alternative vaping devices also makes the brand popular for its commitment to alternative lifestyles. The brand has a hint of California cool that gives it a laid-back business philosophy that consistently delivers high-quality products.

Have you ever been a customer of this company? Have you used any of their products? Let us know in the comments section below.


  • Good product selection
  • Supports alternative vaping
  • Products are high-performing, well-made and discreet
  • Fast delivery times
  • Excellent customer service


  • Few, if any, e-liquid devices
  • Many copied or unoriginal products
Published: May 13, 2020 Updated: May 13, 2020

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