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Epic Bars Vape Pen
Epic Bars Nicotine Salt Disposable Vape Pen
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  • 1.3 ml of liquid per vape
  • 50 mg of salt nicotine
  • 280 mah battery

Epic Bars are disposables made by Elysian Labs that contain 1.3 ml of vape liquid and are good for around 300 puffs. They come in several...

Epic X Bars
Epic X Bars
  • Proprietary coil
  • Improved mouthpiece
  • 1,500 puffs per vape
Epic Vapes E-Liquid Flavors
Epic Vapes
  • Five flavor categories
  • Dozens of individual flavors
  • Tobacco and coffee flavors

Overview of Epic Vapes

Epic Vapes has several disposables in its inventory: Epic Bars, Epic X Bars, and flavored and unflavored liquids. This is quite a limited inventory, if what their site lists is accurate. Judging by photos of some of their shops, the website does not list everything they sell.

Their retail site has several devices not listed on the wholesale site. The site is not all that well designed, having no prices and little information about product features.

There are quite a few benefits to buying their products, despite the poorly designed website. The company has opportunities for discounts, reasonably fast delivery, and high quality liquids and devices. To round it all off, they have excellent customer service and very helpful staff. They are perfect for retail customers and those seeking b2b relationships alike.

#1 Epic Bars Vape Pen

Disposables for Menthol Lovers

10/10 icon-question Review score

Epic Bars are disposables made by Elysian Labs that contain 1.3 ml of vape liquid and are good for around 300 puffs. They come in several excellent flavors, the best being strawberry cream, blue razz, and watermelon ice.

Most Epic Bars are menthol flavored, which is a bit of a disappointment, and there are no tobacco or coffee flavors. However, overlooking those drawbacks, they are pretty good pens with quality salt nicotine.

Reasons to Get This

  • Many menthol options
  • 300 puffs per vape
  • Nine Flavors


  • 1.3 ml of liquid per vape
  • 50 mg of salt nicotine
  • 280 mah battery


  • Only three non-menthol flavors
  • No coffee or tobacco options

#2 Epic X Bars

For a More Intense Vape Experience

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Epic X is similar to the Epic Bar, but it has several features that make it the perfect vape for someone searching for something more economical.

Each vape is capable of 1,500 puffs, and they have improved and proprietary mouthpieces and coil systems that improve the flavor and airflow significantly.
There are four flavors: tangerine ice, blue razz, cool mint, and pina colada. There are few flavors, but this is a new product, so there are likely to be more at a later date.

Reasons to Get This

  • Larger battery
  • More puffs per vape
  • Improved coil and mouthpiece


  • Proprietary coil
  • Improved mouthpiece
  • 1,500 puffs per vape


  • Only four flavors

#3 Epic Vapes E-Liquid Flavors

An Epic Blast of Flavor

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Not only do they sell disposables, they also sell bottles of juices. What is more, the company has several varieties of liquid, including tobacco and coffee flavors. It is too bad that none of the disposables come in these flavors, but at least they have them as a juice-only option. Additional flavors include strawberry, blueberry blast, cinnamon sugar cookie, and wintergreen ice.

Reasons to Get This

  • Dozens of different flavors
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality nicotine


  • Five flavor categories
  • Dozens of individual flavors
  • Tobacco and coffee flavors


  • None

#4 Epic Vapes Unflavored E-Liquids

For DIY Vapers

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Sometimes it is hard to find liquids that accurately reflect the flavor one desires. Unflavored liquids give vapers a way to get the flavor exactly as they like it.

These liquids come in 60 ml bottles, and the nicotine concentrations range from 0 to 50 mg. They make a great addition to any liquid collection when paired with good flavor additives.

Reasons to Get This

  • Can create flavors
  • Different nicotine levels
  • Zero nicotine option available


  • 60 ml bottles
  • Up to 50 mg nicotine available


  • None

Epic Vapes Deliveries

They ship to all 50 states and to most countries. Shipping usually takes a few days, if domestic, but due to problems with lockdowns and the pandemic, it might take longer than usual for a product to arrive.

Shipping can take several weeks for clients outside the United States and North America. However, customers get a tracking number when they place an order, allowing them to monitor the package’s progress.

Epic Vapes Discounts and Coupons

The company has no coupons or discounts for the bulk buying site, but there are for the Flavor Vials retail site. The Coupon Birds has coupons for 25 percent off on purchases over $50 and another for 50 percent off.


Disposables do not come with a warranty, nor do liquids. However, other devices sold at their brick and mortar stores will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Anyone who buys a device from the shop directly should make sure it comes with a manual.

Read it and operate the vape the way the manual says. Warranties are voided if the device is misused.

Customer Service Rating

The company has very good customer service. Their phone number is posted on the retail and wholesale site, and they answer calls promptly. Additionally, they have a Facebook page and they answer messages within an hour if not sooner.

Epic Vapes Store Locations

Flavor Vials has 12 store locations, six in Ohio and six in Indiana. The street addresses are listed on the website.


Epic Vapes vs. Puff E-Cig

Puff E-Cig Brand Review

  • Puff seems more geared to online shoppers than Epic Vapes/Flavor Vials.
  • Epic Vapes only has disposables and liquids on its site, whereas Puff has disposables, pod systems, vape kits, liquids and an assortment of other items.
  • Additionally, Puff’s website is much better designed and easier to navigate. It also lists every product in the inventory.

Epic Vapes vs. Vapor Lax

Vapor Lax Brand Review

  • Vapor Lax does not have as many devices as Puff, but it still has a much better designed site than Epic Vapes and Flavor Vials.
  • Vapor Lux has five devices: the Vapor Lux Sirius, Max, Mate, and Nano.
  • The Sirius is the best device on their site, and it lasts over 2,000 puffs and even has adjustable airflow.
  • Vapor Las has a more varied selection of flavors than Epic Vapes.
  • These features put it well above the Epic Bar and the Epic X Bar.

Closing Thoughts

Some harsh things may have been said about Epic Vapes and their retail site Flavor Vials, but it is not a bad shop. They just have a poorly designed site that is still under construction.

The brick and mortar stores are great and have a variety of products on their shelves. Unfortunately, not all of the products are listed on either of their sites.

But, Epic Vapes has excellent pens and great customer service, which is where it really counts, especially when forming a b2b relationship.

Anyone who has done business with them should leave a comment. Please tell us what you think about their products and how easy it is to do business with them.


  • Over a dozen stores across Indiana and Ohio
  • Ideal for vapers and businessmen in the American Midwest and Great Lakes area
  • Wholesale and retail websites available
  • Excellent customer service
  • Reasonably fast delivery considering Covid restrictions
Published: September 11, 2021



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