The e-liquids have a VG / PG ratio of 80% / 20% – ensuring huge vapor production and solid feel. This kind of e-liquid is perfect for RDAs and sub-ohm tanks — so if those are the type of atomizers you regularly use, they surely have one suited just for you. However, these juices might undergo steeping and loose in taste.

Some of the profiles they offer include candy, dessert, breakfast, menthol, cream, yogurt, and much more. Meaning that their e-liquids will fit a lot of different flavor profiles for a wide range of vapers.

#1 ELiquid Depot Gentleman

A Smooth Vanilla and Caramel Ice Cream Tobacco E-liquid

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Gentleman e-liquid by ELiquid Depot is their fifth most popular juice. With this e-liquid, one gets the caramel ice cream with a hint of tobacco in the inhale and on the exhale. It is not too sweet and not too harsh and is also easy on coils.

This specific e-liquid has a great, spot-on flavor and hits very well – perfect for people who used to smoke over a pack of cogs a day. The Gentleman juice smokes great and produces very thick clouds. It also comes at such a great and unbeatable price at $11.99 per 120mL bottle. One also gets to choose the nicotine strength that they prefer as it is offered in 0mg/mL (no nicotine), 3mg/mL, and 6mg/mL. Overall, this tobacco-mixed juice fits well for those who like the vanilla or caramel flavor.


  • Fast shipping
  • Provides normal throat hit
  • Affordable compared to other e-liquids


  • The tobacco taste could be lacking for some
  • No other PG/VG options available

#2 Blue Crumb

A Blueberry Cheesecake Crumble Flavored E-Liquid

9/10 icon-question Review score

Blue Crumb’s flavor is spot on – with the blueberry being well-balanced with the cream flavor. The blueberry taste is mild and light compared to the sugary vanilla of the crumble. It isn’t sharp and overpowering, which is good.

There is enough blueberry that gives it a nice fruity hint that nicely mixes with the creamy vanilla flavor.

Another great thing about this e-liquid is that you can mix any favor together with it to get your desired flavor – if the already good blueberry flavor is not enough for you. This e-liquid has a very cakey exhale and residual taste. It comes in 120mL bottles with three nicotine strengths to choose from: 0mg/mL (no nicotine), 3mg/mL, and 6mg/mL.


  • Has a smooth and creamy blueberry taste
  • Is absolutely delicious and the flavor is there every time
  • Shipping only takes a few days


  • Shipping costs half-the-price of e-juice (about $5)
  • Not really strong flavor

#3 Krispy

An E-liquid with a Sweet Glazed Donut Flavor

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Krispy has a full flavor and is just sweet enough. The Krispy tastes like a glazed donut with a hint of cinnamon. It is not overly sweet and sugary and has a potent flavor that you can taste all throughout. It tastes sweet on the inhale and just like a warm glazed donut on the exhale.

The Krispy is well thick and lets you get clouds for days without feeling like it gets too light until the cotton dries out. It has a surpassing taste and an even better value; its price is also unbeatable.

The Krispy comes in 120mL bottles and three nicotine strengths to choose from: 0mg/mL (no nicotine), 3mg/mL, and 6mg/mL.


  • Makes you think about Krispy Kreme donuts on the first drag
  • Has a light taste that won’t interfere with the tongue for a prolonged period of time
  • Great flavor


  • Does not exactly taste like a donut but it is close enough
  • Seems to be very cinnamon-y for some

ELiquid Depot Coupon

ELiquid Depot offers coupons/vouchers from time to time. Some of the coupons/vouchers they once offered are $8.99 for a 120mL vape juice and 10% off when you purchase 2 bottles or more.
These coupons have expired already though, but just watch out for other coupons by checking their site from time to time or by signing up for their email newsletter for greater savings. They advise people to not fall for fake coupon sites and just get coupons straight from them.

ELiquid Depot – Where to put in the coupon code?

Once you get a coupon code, you can put it in the coupon code section when you check out.

How Long Does ELiquid Depot Take to Ship?

They processes orders within one business day, however, this could take up to three business days during spikes of higher volume. Tracking information will then be up in 24 to 48 hours – allowing you to track where your order is real time. Shipments are insured and guaranteed and the UPS Company handles them.

Warranty by the Brand

ELiquid Depot does not offer a warranty, return, or exchange policies due to their products’ consumable nature.

Customer Service Rating

Both positive and negative feedbacks have been caught.

Users reported delays and silence after buying something on sale. While the regular purchases have mainly pretty good customer service seems.

Some vapers experienced flavor-lie feeling e-juice peppery. While it might a question of taste and preference we must admit reasonable supports answer on the strength. But let’s keep in mind a flavor purity taste (percentage of the propylene glycol) which differs from mixed brands’ liquids. Meanwhile it has nothing in common with the quality or nicotine level.
Brand representatives can be contacted by calling or via an email on Monday-Friday and are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

As some customers say in reviews and are thankful for, ELiquid Depot has skilled customer service. They do their best recommending different options. Do such recommendations help to better the taste? Not always.

It’s up to you to decide whether to get in touch with Depot’s service or not. They have binary reviews so set them own rating.

Share you experience with and don’t forget to rate the brand with a stars in the end.


ELiquid Depot vs Ruthless Vapor


ELiquid Depot offers a variety of their very own vape juice, pod juice, and pods manufactured by other manufacturers for specific devices.

Ruthless Vapor, on the other hand, offers some e-liquids of their own and a lot more from other brands. Ruthless Vapor basically just displays different e-juices (including those of their own and those of other brands) and redirects one to different resellers where you could actually buy them. Pricewise, ELiquid
Depot offers cheaper e-juices, at half or more than half the cost of what Ruthless Vapor offers. While the second brand has good gourmet variety.

Is Rolling Paper Depot and ELiquid Depot the same?


Rolling Paper Depot is different by a mile from ELiquid Depot as they not sell the same products (liquids and rolling papers). What Rolling Paper Depot offers are mainly rolling papers, but that doesn’t end there.

They also sell other stuff like herb grinders, storage/stash safes, rolling trays, scales, and assorted cannabis gadgets and accessories.
Rolling Paper Depot and ELiquid Depot cater to different audiences: those who have the need for products made especially for cannabis and those who are in need of e-liquids for their vape devices.


Their e-liquids are super cheap compared to those made by other companies in the vaping industry – take for example Ruthless Vapor. Their products truly have the best prices online and they offer fast shipping and helpful customer service, too.
The main thing that makes them stand out from other retailers is their cheap price, given that they make their own (excluding the replacement pods by other manufacturers) and do not have to make a profit for a shop, distributors, and vape juice manufacturers.

What was not excellent in this acquaintance is the flavor. Probably, for newbie vaper, a flavor will not be an issue, but advanced users know the nature and notes of the preferred taste and how it differs. This makes e-juice by depot a good fit for all-one devices, not too strong sub-oHm devices and pod systems, where vapor production has fewer chances to get burnt or wasted.
Most vapers conclude that the taste is worth the money.
Do you agree? Let us know about your vaping experience in the comment section below.


  • E-liquids come pre-steeped and include a born-on date on their labels
  • Their bottles have mini needle tips
  • Their e-liquids produce decent clouds and phenomenal taste
  • ELiquid Depot has an effective customer service


  • They are not really that transparent with the reviews as they censor negative reviews and only leaves the positive ones posted
  • A few of their e-liquids do not taste as advertised
Published: April 17, 2019 Updated: December 23, 2020



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