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ecigexpress reviewFor vapers who are searching for a one-stop e-cig store, ecigExpress may just be the store they need. From disposables to cig-a-likes, mechanical mods to wholesale DIY e-liquid supplies, ecigExpress has it all.

The company is one of the fastest growing online vape stores today, and the look of their webpage reflects this. The site itself is laid out nicely, and users will be able to navigate to most of the products available from the home page. While browsing may be confusing at first, after a while, one will understand the logic.

What They Offer

 Beginners and advanced vapers will feel right at home at ecigExpress. Cig-a-like batteries and disposable atomizers for new users can be found here, while advanced users can browse through the more advanced mods, DIY e-liquid accessories, and other advanced vaping paraphernalia.

E-cigarette models range from basic Ego type batteries to variable wattage mods. Brands like Aspire, Pioneer 4 You, Kangertech and more can be found here, as well as various battery types and brands such as AW, Efest, and Sony.

For DIY mixers, everything they’ll need is available as well. E-liquid flavors, unflavored e-liquid bases, empty bottles, mixing tools, syringes, menthol crystals, nicotine bases, and even plastic lab ware. E-liquid flavor brands include Capella, FlavourArt, Hangsen, LorAnn, Flavor West, and more.

Even vape accessories are well-represented at ecigExpress. Chargers, spare parts, drip tips, cases, and charging bags among others can be purchased here. While the inventory for these is not the most diverse, the fact that one can browse for something more than just e-cig models and e-liquid is a treat.

Online and Offline

E-Cig Express Shop review As an online store, ecigExpress has all vaping bases covered, and users who want to shop from the comforts of their home can do so with confidence. Additionally, shipping is free for purchases over $59.99 while international shipping is available as well for the benefit of foreign shoppers.

However, aside from its online presence, the company has brick-and-mortar stores as well. Vapers who live in Tacoma, Seattle, Lynnwood, and Bellingham in Washington State can visit the store nearest them to browse and test the products for themselves. As the company grows, it would be nice if their B&M stores spread out to other states and countries as well.

Rewards and Other Perks

 Aside from the vaping products, ecigExpress adds further value to the overall shopping experience by offering rewards and perks to customers. Its newsletter offers customers to save more and get multiple chances to win prizes. Rewards are also earned with every purchase, and those who want to make extra money can even sign up as an affiliate.

On the site, vapers who DIY their own e-juice can also use the company’s e-juice calculator as well as mix their own flavors using the exicExpress Cookbook. The Cookbook has a wide range of recipes that users can mix on their own. Recipes for fruit, drinks, desserts, candies, tobacco, and specialty flavors are all available for free.

Is It Worth the Hype?

 As with everything else in life, nothing is perfect. ecigExpress has a lot to offer, but the variety of actual products in stock is not that impressive. One can find everything they might need in the store, but if you are looking for a particular obscure brand, chances are it is not available.

However, before taking this as a negative, understand that ecigExpress is still a growing vape store and it does add to its inventory regularly. Give it a few months and the number of products and brands available will most likely increase.

Despite the negatives, ecigExpress is still one of the better online vape stores you can find. Think of it as an online convenience store, where one can find most of what they need, rather than a stocked warehouse. That’s how ecigExpress is, a convenient place to shop for whatever vaping need you might have.

Published: October 9, 2015


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