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Acai Berry Flavor Concentrate
Acai Berry Flavor Concentrate
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  • No artificial colors or sweeteners
  • Dissolves in water
  • No diacetyl and no sugar

The Acai Berry flavor concentrate acts in the same way as the Banana Bavarian Cream concentrate. It is meant to heighten the flavor of an...

  • Single flavor profile
  • Can be mixed with other flavors
  • Many nicotine and VG/PG options
Coffee Your Way
Coffee Your Way
  • Different options to choose from
  • Add up to four different flavors
  • Bottle sizes range from 5ml to 250ml

A Close-Up Look at ECBlend

Eecblendflavors Brand

The ECBlend brand started up in 2011 in Southern Oregon. The company prides itself on the no-nonsense approach it takes to e-juices. It creates its products with natural ingredients and labels each creation according to state and FDA regulations. The company also uses USP certified base materials for its VG/PG blends, which are 100% Soy-free.

The two bases are food-grade and are free from harmful chemicals like diacetyl. ECBlends does not use any essential oils in its e-juices either, so there is no vitamin E acetate to worry about. The company derives its flavor from natural ingredients. It boasts of a flavor catalog of over 400 different flavors ranging from Chocolate Hazelnut, Cherries, and Watermelon.

The e-juices are made in an FDA-certified location that is inspected by a third-party inspector so the company can qualify as a member of the AEMSA (American E-liquid Manufacturers Standards Association). The company has many different flavor categories consisting of its blends.

It also uses a Create Your Own Wizard tool that vapers can use to mix their e-juice to their standards. When users complete an order for a custom e-juice, ECBlends artisanal mixers get to work to blend the ingredients and let them steep for the right amount of time, before it reaches perfection.

ECBlends has a presence in retail vape shops across four states, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. It also has affiliate stores in two Southern states, Oklahoma and Nevada. The brand ships anywhere in the US and also allows for international shipping. Shipping times vary for each order, especially for custom e-juice orders.

The ECBlend Flavor Catalog

With their over 400 flavor options, choosing from among the best the brand has to offer was difficult. These four samples are only a small taste of what ECBlends has to offer. They also make custom e-juices in case you want to experiment and get creative.

#1 Acai Berry Flavor Concentrate

A Sweet and Tangy Berry Taste

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The Acai Berry flavor concentrate acts in the same way as the Banana Bavarian Cream concentrate. It is meant to heighten the flavor of any homemade e-juice with its singular berry flavor, which goes between sweet and tart. The flavor concentrate can also be added to other homemade goods like candy, sweets, beverages, or baked goods. The flavor concentrate is not a vape juice. It can be added to any liquid base, whether it is VG or PG dominant, and can be added according to a user’s taste. The flavor concentrate comes in various sizes and users can order other materials to go along with the concentrate.

#2 Menthol

A Classic Flavor With Many Add-Ons

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The Menthol e-juice selection from ECBlend is your typical menthol flavored e-juice, but it can become so much more. The company offers the e-juice as a base so users can mix and match what they want to add. The options are endless. Users can choose from over seven different nicotine strengths and can get a liquid base of VG and PG in eight varieties from max VG to max PG. The Menthol e-juice can also be modified with flavors from ECBlends long list of flavors like Cool Hit or with another all-natural sweetener.

#3 Coffee Your Way

Tailor-Made Coffee E-Juice

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The great thing about all ECBlends flavors and e-juices is that you can decide how strong (in flavor) the liquid is, up to the many different nicotine strengths. The Coffee Your Way e-juice is exactly that, it is an e-juice that you decide how much flavor it has, how many different flavors it can have, down to any added flavors you can try. Users can opt for a Strong Coffee taste or a Regular Coffee taste. They can opt for an Amaretto shot, a Whiskey shot, a Cream shot. There are too many tastes to describe so you’re better off checking out the flavor for yourself.

#4 Banana Bavarian Cream Flavor Concentrate

A Delicious Addition to any E-Juice

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The Banana Bavarian Cream flavor concentrate is a concentrated flavor additive that blends sweet bananas with a creamy finish. This is only a concentrate, meant to be used as an addition to e-juices, and should not be vaped on its own. The concentrate can also be added to food items and baked goods. The flavor concentrate is water-soluble and does not contain any artificial colors or sweeteners. Users can combine 15ml of the concentrate with 45ml of a liquid base (like VG or PG) to create a splendid e-juice.

Delivery Options of the ECBlend

ECBlend can deliver to various locations both in the US and internationally. What they do not offer is guaranteed delivery times. As they mix, match and steep every bottle of e-juice that they make, this process can take up to one or two weeks to get right. After they ship it out, users will receive an email notifying them of the delivery.

They can track their order via the company’s website. Shipping costs also vary and users can choose from among several options from regular to Priority to First Class mail. Internationally, the company delivers to any address, although it is up to customers to know the customs laws regarding international shipping of vape products. Hardware purchases take less time and are usually shipped out between two or three days.

Warranties and Returns

ECBlend does not accept returns or exchanges of any of its unique e-juice blends. They do offer a satisfaction guarantee for all their e-juices, and they will exchange incorrect orders that are shipped out. The company does accept returns of vape gear within fourteen days of delivery, although customers must first contact the company for a Return Merchandise Authorization.

The Competition

Broke Dick

broke dick e juices online vape store

The Broke Dick e-juice label is unique among most e-juice companies as it makes a point of cutting costs everywhere so users can enjoy premium e-liquids at a reasonable price. The company rents out an IS0 7 facility in Southern Florida to make small-batch e-juices four times a year. The company users high-quality ingredients and has a wide range of flavors in the catalog from typical tobacco and menthol to other dessert-based flavors.

The Dollar E-Juice Club


The Dollar E-Juice Club lives up to its name by offering small 5ml bottles of e-juice for under a dollar. The company also sells premium e-juices at higher prices that features natural and artificial ingredients, while also making them free of harmful additives and preservatives.

The Dollar E-Juice Club also sells a variety of vaping devices that users can pair with any e-juice they like. The company’s prices are aimed at people on a budget and even 25ml bottles of high-quality e-juice rarely cost more than $10.

Conclusion: ECBlend Flavors Review: A Flavor-Centric Company

ECBlend is a no-nonsense e-juice company that does not market to young people the way other companies do. They do not use colorful labels, nor do they give their products childish names. ECBlend is a company that goes after the serious vaper, who is more concerned with flavor quality, natural ingredients, and no other chemical additives.

The company has a wide variety of flavor shots, so much so, that users can build their ideal e-juice from the base the company suggests. You don’t just buy a menthol e-juice – you can, if you want – you buy a menthol e-juice with several flavor shots, with a lot or no nicotine, or one that is high VG or high PG, the choice is up to you.


  • Adult-centered e-juice flavors and labels
  • The endless selection of flavors
  • You can create your own e-juice from their extensive flavor catalog
  • Each e-juice expertly crafted for maximum flavor


  • Slow shipping times
Published: November 25, 2020 Updated: May 3, 2021

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