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Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Vape Juice
Dinner Lady Lemon Tart E-Juice
10/10 icon-question
  • Exquisite lemon meringue pastry flavor
  • CBD flavors available
  • 10 ml nic salts variant also available

Lemon tart is a sweet vape liquid that contains nicotine and tastes like a butter biscuit with hints of meringue. Lemon tart is one of th...

Blue Menthol Disposable E-Cigarette
Dinner Lady Blue Menthol Disposable E-Cigarette
  • Menthol with a hint of sweetness
  • Disposable
  • Affordable price
Smok Nord Vape Kit
SMOK Nord Vape Pod Starter Kit picture 2
  • 2 ml pod capacity
  • 8 to 9-hour battery life
  • Two coils

Overview of Dinner Lady’s Inventory and Services


Dinner Lady is a British company that is best known for its vape liquids. The shop was established in 2016 with two employees. Since then, they have grown considerably. Currently, they have 200 employees, and they do business in 96 countries.

They have several popular vape juices, including lemon tart, blackberry crumble, and several tobacco vape flavors. Their vape liquids are available in vape juice bottles and disposable vapes, and they have nic salts and CBD options available, too.

Their vape juice is made following the guidelines established by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which is responsible for the Department of Health and Social Care. Additionally, the shop has its own quality control department to ensure the vape liquids meet the company’s standards, as well as those of Her Majesty’s government.

Customers not only can get vape liquids, but they can buy mods made by popular brands like Smok and GeekVape. These vapes are known for their quality, and they go great with vape liquids produced by this shop. Not only can mods be bought, but there are a whole host of accessories on their shelves, too. Choose between coils, bulb glass, tanks, and several other items. The list is endless.

Dinner Lady is also known for its excellent customer service. Customer support is available by phone and email, and their address is posted on their contact page. If ever there is a problem, their team is available to help. They are polite and are willing to do whatever needs to be done to help a customer. Additionally, they have fast delivery, and their packages can arrive to customers in as little as a day, depending on the location of the address.

Best Dinner Lady Nicotine Vape Juice

#1 Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Vape Juice

Lemon Tart and Biscuit Dessert Vape Liquid

10/10 icon-question Review score

Lemon tart is a sweet vape liquid that contains nicotine and tastes like a butter biscuit with hints of meringue. Lemon tart is one of their richest flavors because of the crisp and sweet inhale, and the buttery exhale. This very tart flavor comes in a variety of forms. Customers can buy regular Dinner Lady e-juice, or they can get nic salts or CBD options. Also available are disposable e-cigarettes that come pre-loaded with lemon tart dessert e-juice. Each subcategory of this lemon tart vape liquid comes in multiple concentrations and sizes.

#2 Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble Vape Liquid

Blackberry Pastry Dessert Nicotine Concentrate

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This product is 30 ml of flavor concentrate, and it is specifically geared towards vapers who like to make their own vape liquids. Vapers should add this concentrate to their own quantities of vegetable glycerin makes this product into a dessert nicotine vape liquid. The result will be a highly flavorful vaping experience that tastes precisely like blackberry crumble. Please, do not vape the concentrate without first adding vegetable glycerin.

#3 Mint Tobacco Vape Juice

Minty Fresh Tobacco E-Liquid

9/10 icon-question Review score

This free base nicotine Vape juice is carefully crafted so that the flavor perfectly mimics the flavor of mint cigarettes. Available in various strengths, mint tobacco is a high-quality product that can satisfy any nicotine craving. This product has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, and each bottle contains 10 ml of e-liquid. Mint tobacco works perfectly with cartridges and vape pens.

Best Disposable E-Cigarettes

#1 Blue Menthol Disposable E-Cigarette

Menthol Flavored E-Cigs

10/10 icon-question Review score

There is a considerable difference between this flavor and others in the market for disposables. The vape juice in this device is not only menthol flavored, but it has a hint of sweetness, making it more unique than other vapes. Each puff off of this device will be delightfully satisfying. Former menthol smokers will appreciate this uniquely authentic flavor.

#2 Smooth Tobacco Disposable E-Cigarette

Tobacco Flavored E-Cigs

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This disposable vape’s liquid is designed to taste like a real cigarette. The flavor is smooth and bold, making these mods a perfect option for those transitioning to vaping. This device is also small and lightweight, making it an excellent choice for vapers who are on the go or want to vape discreetly. These disposable vapes contain enough nicotine to satisfy the strongest cravings. They are the equivalent of 20 cigarettes

Top Vape Starter Kits

#1 Smok Nord Vape Kit

Seven Color Shell

10/10 icon-question Review score

The Smok Nord is a pod system device powered by an onboard 1,100 mah battery. Two coils come with the vape a 0.6 ohm Nord Mesh for direct to lung vaping and a 1.4 ohm Nord Regular designed for mouth to lung vaping. The primary advantage of the Smok Nord is that it is portable and fits the hand comfortably. It is also easy to check the vape liquid levels thanks to the e-liquid window built into the pod. Additionally, it has a clicky firing button, and the device provides information about the battery life.

#2 VooPoo Drag 2 Vape Starter Kit

177 Watt TC Box Mod

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

The VooPoo Drag 2 is a 177-watt box mod that uses the new and innovative GENE chip and FIT mode. The result of these upgrades is an incredibly flavorful and stable vaping experience. Two 18650 batteries power this vape, and it has a clear and high-resolution OLED screen. Additionally, it has a 0.05 to 5.0-ohm resistance range, and it is constructed from zinc alloy and resin, giving it incredible durability.

#3 GeekVape Aegis Boost

40 Watt Pod Mod Kit

9/10 icon-question Review score

The GeekVape Aegis Boost is a 40-watt pod mod device powered by a 1,500 mah battery. This vape uses the highly advanced AS chipset, making it highly responsive and accurate. Not only that, but the Aegis Boost is also shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof. The pods hold 2 ml of vape juice, and they are refillable. They also support plug and play coils that are suitable for mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping.

How to Use Their Pods

They have a wide range of pods from manufacturers like Smok, Caliburn, UWELL, and more. Pods differ from tanks because they combine tanks and coils into a single device. Some pods are closed systems, while others are open.

Closed systems cannot be refilled; however, open systems can be refilled. An open pod system has a port that allows the user to refill it. Eventually, open pods lose their potency and their coils have to be replaced, or the entire pod has to be discarded.

What Are Shipping Policies of the Dinner Lady?

Dinner Lady uses Royal Mail for their deliveries. There are three shipping options customers can choose. Delivery time is one to three business days.

If customers choose the Tracked 24 option, they can expect their packages to arrive in one to two business days. Customers in remote locations or overseas territories can expect longer delivery times.

Tracked 48 is another delivery service, and with this option, the package will arrive in 2 to 3 business days. As with Tracked 24, customers in remote locations should expect longer wait times.

The company’s order cut-off time is 3:00 PM UK time Monday through Friday.

Competing Products

The Dollar Juice Club


The Dollar Juice Club is a shop that mostly sells vape liquids, but they also have some hardware in their inventory. The most significant difference between these two brands is that Dinner Lady has a greater variety of products than The Dollar Juice Club.

These are both excellent brands with great flavors, but Dinner Lady has a slight edge thanks to the variety of products it sells.

West Coast Vape Supply


West Coast Vape Supply is a vaping company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What sets them apart from Dinner Lady is that not only do they sell e-liquid vapes, but they also have mods for dry herbs and concentrates.

They are an excellent company to shop with for those looking for mods compatible with nicotine e-juice. Still, they do not have mods compatible with dry herbs and concentrates.

Should I Vape Dinner Lady? - Yes!

This is an excellent shop with a wide range of products. Dinner Lady vape liquid is sold at an affordable price, and they are of incredibly high quality, especially their lemon tart e-juice. Other juices in their inventory are also good, but none of them can beat this flavor. The bottom line is that this shop is great for people who want high-grade vape juice for a low price.

Please leave us a comment telling us about your customer experience with Dinner Lady. Your comments help other readers choose where to get their vape liquids and vapes.


  • Wide variety of products available
  • High-quality e-juice
  • Affordable vape liquids


  • Dinner Lady salt nic bottles could be larger
Published: June 26, 2020 Updated: August 30, 2021

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