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PuffCo Peak
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  • Four preset temperature settings
  • Heats up in twenty seconds
  • Vibrates when ready

The PuffCo Peak is an electronic dab rig with an internal battery and four temperature settings. The Peak has a pyramid-like shape with s...

Dr. Dabber Boost
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  • Titanium, quartz and ceramic nail options
  • Preset temperatures
  • Lightweight and portable
KandyPens Rubi
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  • Supports both e-liquid and oils
  • No button, air-activated battery
  • Portable and lightweight

An Up-Close Look at The Brand


The Daily High Club was a response to over-priced smoking accessories at non-headshop retail locations like gas stations and convenience stores. The team at DHC wanted tokers to have a more affordable option when it came to buying rolling papers, lighters, and blunt wraps.

The brand created a dual-pronged approach. It began with specially-curated boxes that users could receive monthly. It also built a website that users could visit to browse the store brimming with everything a serious connoisseur of botanicals and dry herb could want to have.

As of this writing, the company offers three types of boxes that range from a low-cost, all-organic option to the most expensive bursting with things like transparent papers, full-size lighters, and a new glass piece.

This box, called El Primo, changes every month. Subscribers receive a new, hand-crafted glass piece, as well as the regular assortment of smoking supplies.

The Daily High Club also has friends in high places. The company has endorsements from famous aromatherapy enthusiasts Tommy Chong and B-Real from Cypress Hill. Chong and B-Real also curated their El Primo box with branded gear and bongs designed by each of them.

Users do not have to sign-up for a subscription to get a Daily High Club box as they come sold individually. Visitors also have the option of buying all or any of the items in the boxes. Users can also choose some things the company does not include in their packages high-performing, electronic dab rigs as well as artistic, glass bongs.

The Daily High Club: Product Offerings

Although the brand is famous for offering specially-curated boxes full of smoking gear, it also has an extensive product line of items that do not come in their packages. Here a few things that users will find in the company’s online store.

#1 PuffCo Peak

A Dab Rig for Refined Vaping

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The PuffCo Peak is an electronic dab rig with an internal battery and four temperature settings. The Peak has a pyramid-like shape with sharp edges and consists only of two pieces: the battery base and the bubbler section.

Users can activate the battery, change the power settings, and change the LED light settings via the unit’s single, touch-activated power button. The unit features an all-ceramic atomizer and uses a coil-less design.

Users can select from four color-coded temperatures going from, Blue – 450F, Green – 500F, Red – 550F, and White – 600F. The atomizer section uses a glass carb cap to trap the vapor, while the borosilicate glass unit features a spike-like mouthpiece.

#2 Dr. Dabber Boost

Three Different Nails for Concentrates Vaping

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The Dr. Dabber Boost is a portable e-nail that comes with three different atomizers. Users can choose from either titanium, quartz, or ceramic nail to vape their concentrates. The kit comes loaded with special tools and attachments, all packaged in a luxurious mahogany box.

The kit includes things like a hand-blown glass bubbler, magnetic carb cap, and the three separate nails. The device has a one-button operation, and the battery comes loaded only with preset temperatures.

The highest available temperature is 700F. It can reach that temperature in only twenty seconds. Users can switch out the nails based on their preference, as the other nails produce a different variety of vapor. The battery uses USB charging, and the kit includes a battery charger, as well as a stand to rest the device.

#3 KandyPens Rubi

E-Liquid or Oil Vaping

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The KandyPens Rubi is a small, compact device for vaping e-liquid or oil. It stands at four inches tall with the pod installed up top. The Rubi consists of a tiny battery unit that has a 280mAh capacity and a 1ml liquid pod.

The pod uses CCELL technology, meaning its atomizer is ceramic to produce optimal flavor. Users can vape either e-liquid or oil in the pod. The entire pod is plastic, and its uses, along with the battery, air-activation.

The outer chassis of the Rubi has no buttons, so users need only inhale to start vaping. The device uses USB charging and has a small port at its base. There is a little “K” logo on its front that uses an LED battery life indicator.

#4 Nexus Vaporizer

Three Atomizers for a Luxury Pen

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

The Nexus Vaporizer is a concentrates-only pen that has three preset temperature settings. The pen also comes with three different atomizer styles for different vaping styles. The three atomizers include two quartz rod (single and dual) coils and a flat, ceramic disc atomizer.

The Nexus has a stylish, rubberized finish for a more comfortable grip. It uses USB charging to recharge the 650mAh capacity battery inside. The Nexus consists of two pieces: the atomizer section and the battery section, which are both 510-threaded.

Users can attach different tanks and atomizer to the battery if they wish. The Nexus has a screw-top mouthpiece and a single-button design for uses to select their temperature. The temperatures range from 340F to 400F to 420F.

#5 Daily High Club Skull Rig

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The Daily High Club Skull rig is exactly what it sounds like: a glass attachment piece shaped like a skull. The rig attaches to any compatible device, as it features a 14mm female joint so that it could go well with a device like the PuffCo Peak or KandyPens Oura.

The entire piece is made from hand-blown glass by a designer in the LA-area. It stands at over seven inches tall and can fit comfortably in hand. The glass rig has a stem sticking up from the center with the female joint protruding from the side.

The Daily High Club Boxes

The bread and butter of the Daily High Club’s operation are their three subscription packages. Users can opt to buy the boxes monthly or at one-time. The three options include the following:

  • All-Natural: The cheapest ($1 plus shipping) subscription option, this package consists of a pack of 1.25-size papers, organic bee wicks, filter tips, and even a matchbook
  • Connoisseur: The second option in the DHC line-up is a step up from All-Natural, as it includes more items like rolling papers and lighters, but also things like cleaning supplies. The contents of every Connoisseur box changes every month, and it is curated by experts who know what a real connoisseur would want.
  • El Primo: El Primo is the flagship box that features over $100-worth of merchandise. No El Primo box is the same as the last, as each one is unique to the month or whoever is curating it. One example is the box out this month that features a specially-made glass piece, pre-rolled blunts, and a pack of transparent rolling papers.

Users can also choose how frequently they receive a box and how and when to pay for it. They can pay for three or six boxes up-front or pay for them on an individual basis. Users can also cancel at any time and select the kind of items they want to be included in their kit. The contents of each box are also available after they are sent out. Users can search for past boxes on the DHC website, which shows previous months’ selection.


The Daily High Club does not offer any dedicated discount program for military members (active-duty or veterans), first responders, or any other group. What it does offer are the lowest prices on high-quality smoking gear, especially in the form of their boxes.

El Primo alone has $100 worth of merchandise but costs half that if you buy only one – in a subscription plan, it costs even less. The brand also features an “On Sale” section, as well as an “Awesome Stuff Under $25” space on its website that has bongs, pipes, and other accessories at affordable prices.


Where is DHC located?

DHC has its headquarters in Los Angeles.

What are DHC’s shipping policies?

DHC will ship anywhere in the US, Canada, and international addresses. Every order is shipped out within fifteen business days. Delivery time for US customers is between 3-5 days. International orders take longer, with a maximum delivery time of fifteen days.

How do I track my box?

Customers receive a tracking number from the company once their order has been shipped out.

Daily High Club Review: High Customers, Not High Prices

The Daily High Club gives smoking enthusiasts a chance to get some quality gear, without paying high prices. The company has a fun, colorful brand that hardly even mentions any legal, semi-legal, or illegal substances, which makes one forget all about what they are selling. And for anyone wondering: no, the company does not ship any illicit substances through the mail. The brand offers a plethora of smoking gear and accessories.

The glass pieces are not only functional tools for enjoying botanicals, but each one is a unique, objet d’art that is fun to have and look at. DHC also teams up with many famous herb enthusiasts to help them design and curate their brand of the box so their fans can smoke like them. The company ships all over the world so people everywhere can enjoy their offers and products.

Have you gotten a Daily High Club subscription? If you did, which choices appeal to you the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published: March 14, 2020 Updated: May 8, 2020



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