Review of the Brass Knuckles Vape Brand’s Features


The Brass Knuckles vape is a 510 threaded pen that utilizes pre-filled THC concentrate cartridges. Also, it has several design features that are fairly common. The Brass Knuckles vape pens are available with 900 and 650 mah batteries. Users can also change the voltage by clicking the firing button.

In addition to these technical specifications, it has a unique appearance. The Brass Knuckles vape pens have shiny metallic or wooden bodies. The cartridges have a metallic mouthpiece and a window through which the user can check the level of concentrate. Not only is the appearance unique, but these vapes are also small and portable. It is undoubtedly a vape that can fit anywhere on someone’s person or in a purse or luggage.

While the vape features and design are impressive, some issues are navigating the company’s website and fake pens and cartridges. In addition, the accusations leveled against this company have severely damaged consumer confidence. Potential customers are worried about getting sick using their cartridges.

What Comes with the Brass Knuckles Starter Kit?

The kit arrives in a childproof case that contains the cart or pen and a USB plug-in. Also, a layer of soft material protects the contents from damage during shipping.

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Brass Knuckles Vape Review: Design and Build Quality

The Brass Knuckles vape pens and the cartridges are designed to attract attention, being made from gleaming metal. Wooden pens are also available that attract less attention, but the brass mouthpiece still has a high sheen. These pens are not for vaping inconspicuously.

The connection between the battery and the cartridge is well made. It is straightforward to screw it in and out of the vape.

#1 The Brass Knuckles Battery

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The dab pen battery is 510 threaded, so connecting the cart is effortless. Available in 650 and 900 mah, the batteries have three settings: 2.4, 3.2, and 4.0 volts. The battery life is good, and it can give the user several hours of vaping time.

#2 The Brass Knuckles THC Oil Cartridges

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In addition to being 510 threaded and easy to stick onto the battery, the oil inside the cartridges is highly potent. They contain slightly over 70 percent THC and one gram of concentrate. The taste of the vapor is acceptable. Grape Ape is a good flavor, and it tastes like grape juice. Moxie cartridges also taste good.

The device uses a quartz atomizer to heat the cannabis oil. Quartz is preferred for heating concentrates. In addition, it handles airflow more efficiently than ceramic and other materials.

There have been complaints about the cartridges not being very reliable, but recently the manufacturer has improved upon the design, resulting in fewer defects. One problem was that the oil would get stuck in the cartridge, making it challenging to take a draw.

How Long do the Brass Knuckles Cartridges Last?

They contain only a gram of concentrate, but it is enough to last a considerable amount of time. Each cartridge lasted between two to three days before it needed to be replaced. The amount of puffs one can get off of this is around 200. Vapers who do not hit their pieces heavily can extend the life of their cartridges to four or five days.

Brass Knuckles Cartridges Weed Strains

The company has many strains and flavors, plus they combine the THC in the concentrates with terpenes. There are also new flavors that the company is planning to roll out. So vapers who like this company should monitor the site.


  • Gorilla Glue
  • Banana OG
  • Gelato
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Forbidden Fruit


  • Blueberry
  • SFV OG
  • Tahoe OG
  • Grape God
  • Do-Si-Dos
  • Glue
  • Tahoe OG


  • Blue Dream
  • Jack Herer
  • Maui
  • Sour Apple
  • Sour Diesel
  • Strawberry Cough
  • Tangie

They also have several Limited Edition vapes available:

  • Brass Woods
  • Gushers
  • Kush Kola
  • Napalm OG
  • Abracadabra
  • Los Angeles Kush

How to Use Brass Knuckles Vapes

Ease of use is one of the advantages of using these vapes. To turn the vape on or off, click the firing button five times in rapid succession. Two clicks put it into the pre-heat mode, while three clicks change the voltage settings. A small light indicates the output voltage: green – 2.4 volts, blue – 3.2 volts, red – 4.0 volts.

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Vaping Instructions

To vape, you need to activate the device, as shown in the previous paragraph. Then set it to the desired voltage, and hold the firing button and take a drag.

Brass Knuckles Cartridge and Battery Performance

The battery life is more than enough, and each drag results in plenty of vapor. The adjustable settings make it easy to dial in the voltage, but vaping on the highest setting can result in a burnt flavor and a ruined cart. It is a major problem because some people like vaping on high wattages, and they cannot do so with these vapes. The vape functions best when it is set to 3.2 volts.


The brass mouthpiece is designed to fit comfortably between the lips, which helps to prevent vapor from escaping. Also, many of the flavors taste good and deliver solid hits. But, sometimes, the vapor cannot get through the mouthpiece because it gets highly viscous. Another problem with performance is that the lower the oil level in the pod, the worse the flavor.

Brass Knuckles Issues: Lawsuits and Fakes

Ignacio Lee, a company customer, filed a lawsuit against the company. He was alleging that pesticides poisoned him in the concentrates. In addition, he claimed that the Candy Apple and Sour Diesel flavors made him seriously ill. It causes fatigue, chest pains, and difficulty breathing. Mister Lee requested that a third-party laboratory test the products. The lab conducting the analysis claimed to have found pesticides in the products.


Mister Joiner responded to the plaintiff’s petition by stating that his oils are clean and free of pesticides and contaminants. Joiner was likely correct in claiming that his products are safe to use. But, due to the number of copycat products out there, it is easy to get a fake cartridge.

It is so easy to get duped by fraudsters because they do not have an authorized retailer list. As a result, customers go online, type in a search, and pick whatever is at the top of the search engine rankings. They may or may not get the genuine article.

This company has two separate websites: Brassknucklescarts and Brassknucklesog. Users can buy the vapes on the “carts” site, and there is no place on that site to purchase batteries as far as we can tell. The inability to find batteries on the company site could lead customers to nefarious parties that will sell them fake products.

How to Identify Fake Brass Knuckles

There are several ways to spot fake products, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store. The company posted a highly informative article on spotting them. Customers should read it carefully before starting shopping.

Authentic company’s products have the following characteristics:

  • Company hologram sticker is located on the packages
  • The package states that product is California law and health policy compliant
  • Each cartridge and battery holds one gram of oil, is 510 threaded, and is capable of eight watts of power
  • The product is clearly labeled with the name of the strain and flavor
  • All packages are childproof with tabs on the sides
  • Every product is lab tested

Signs of a fake product include:

  • Poor spelling
  • No California law and health policy compliant signs
  • No logo
  • Non-authentic hologram stickers
  • Odd flavor or smell
  • No logos on cartridge or mouthpiece
  • No childproof casing

Lab Tests and Where to Shop

In 2018, Brass Knuckles had their products tested by a different lab. The laboratory found that their oils were pesticide-free and safe to use. However, despite these new lab results, they lost a large portion of their customer base.

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The way to avoid getting burned by fake products is not to shop online. Customers should go to a medical dispensary in California or Nevada instead. Unfortunately, it is inconvenient for people who have a different home state.

Brass Knuckles Competitors Review

Brass Knuckles vs. Heavy Hitters


Heavy Hitters is a rival to Brass Knuckles in almost every way. Starting from the packaging and design of their labels to claiming that they make the strongest THC concentrate. Heavy Hitters have earned their reputation for powerful cannabis products. Most of their carts test at 90% and more. However, they have branched out to offer other types of cannabis products like edibles and resins.

Brass Knuckles vs. Tree Base Klear

Tree Base Klear is a relatively new entrant into the THC cart market. The brand, being so new, has a limited number of pre-filled, 510-cartridges on the market divided by strain and potency. Their line consists almost entirely of 510-cartridges and little else. The brand focuses on the purity of its products. It does not use propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or any other additives in the oil to ensure it is safe and lives up to its name.

Brass Knuckles vs. Dank Vapes

Dank Vapes is a brand that never existed, at least, legitimately. Many counterfeit THC vape cartridges were sold under the Dank Vapes label, even though the company itself never existed. It was a front for unlicensed and unregulated producers to send their products to market. Dank Vapes are no longer sold in reputable dispensaries and retail outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cartridge do Brass Knuckles use?

The type of cartridge that Brass Knuckles uses is a standard glass and metal 510-cartridge. It has 510-threading on the bottom and can hold 1,000mg of liquid concentrate. The atomizer and heating element are made of quartz, different from the standard CCELL atomizers (ceramic).

Which carts are the strongest?

Brass Knuckles is one brand that has many of its most popular products, whether Sativa, Indica, or a Hybrid. It regularly tests in between 80-90% of THC content. However, THC concentrations vary between different strains and growing methods. Some cartridges could test less than 80-90%, but only because the strain was developed that way.

Are Brass Knuckle batteries good?

Brass Knuckles do sell a line of branded batteries to go along with their carts. It comes in two different capacities, a 600mAh and a 900mAh. Both batteries feature variable voltage settings, three, to be exact, that range from 2.4V, 3.2V, and 4.0V. The batteries are standard in the industry. It is common to see companies release their own branded batteries and other merchandise.

How to Charge Brass Knuckles Vape Battery?

Each Brass Knuckles-brand vape battery comes with its USB charger to recharge the internal battery.

Is Brass Knuckles a good brand?

Whether Brass Knuckles is a good company or not is up to its customers. However, they have become a recognizable brand in the world of THC trucks. However, their name has been tarnished over the past few years due to security concerns and the veracity of their laboratory reports.

Are Brass Knuckles still in business?

Yes, Brass Knuckles is still in business as of this writing.

There are a lot of things to like about these vapes and their cartridges, including battery and pod life, but we cannot give them a high review. Firstly, vaping on a high wattage results in a burnt flavor. Another problem is the issue of fake products. It is too easy to get fooled online, and the only sure way to avoid getting a counterfeit product is to go to a dispensary in Nevada or California. It is good that dispensaries in these states are selling authentic products, but what if your home Texas, Iowa, or Maine? Finally, there are past issues with lab reports finding high levels of pesticides in their pods. The company claims that their oils are clean, but is it worth taking a chance?

Due to these problems with Brass Knuckles, we do not recommend buying their vapes. If you have a different opinion, please let us know. We welcome dissenting viewpoints on our site. Readers who believe we have been unfair should feel free to comment.

Published: February 9, 2020 Updated: August 25, 2021

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    Got the Brass Knuckles 900 mah battery. Only recharged it 4 times and each time the battery lasted for significantly less time. After the 4th cycle I was only able to get 30 minutes of use out of it.

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    just got a BK 900 batt and 1 gram thc cartridge. Tried to charge the bat. when pluged in it light up the start button with 3 white then 5 red, pause the 10 red lights.
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    Can tell you just smoked on it for a day and then trashed it because you gave the battery 10/10

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      just got a BK 900 batt and 1 gram thc cartridge. Tried to charge the bat. when pluged in it light up the start button with 3 white then 5 red, pause the 10 red lights.
      after 4 hrs no change. tried to set bat voltage to 3.2 but no lights. tried to turn it on with 5 clicks not change no lights, tried to set warming setting at 2 clicks no change
      Still does not vape/

      Help please