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Bongs and Water Pipes
Red Eye Tek 12in Radiation Beaker Bong
10/10 icon-question
  • Made from silicone/glass
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Some bongs have storage tray

This inventory consists of bongs and water pipes from some of the most reputable brands in the weed industry, like Envy Glass, Roor, and ...

Glass Dab Rigs
Waxmaid Silicone Four-In-One Bong/Dab Rig/Nectar Collector/Bubbler
  • Designed for minimal filtration and maximum flavor
  • Durable body
  • Heat resistant
Empire Glassworks Avocadope Carb Cap
  • Individually handcrafted
  • Variable temperature settings
  • Heat resistant

420 Science Review

420science Brand Review

420 Science’s chief advantage must be the size of its warehouse because on their website there are pages upon pages of items used for vaping and smoking cannabis products. They have hand pipes, bong, vapes, and plenty of accessories to improve the experience.

The sheer scale of their operation allows them to sell a considerable amount of items at varying prices. As a result, they can target a very wide consumer demographic.

Additionally, they have fast shipping time, a reasonable return policy, and plenty of opportunities on coupon sites for huge discounts.

420 Science Product Line

#1 Bongs and Water Pipes

10/10 icon-question Review score

This inventory consists of bongs and water pipes from some of the most reputable brands in the weed industry, like Envy Glass, Roor, and Grav. Additionally, they have pipes and bongs available at all kinds of prices.

No matter the customer’s budget, he or she should find something to his or her liking, whether they like silicone, glass, or dicrone. Additionally, they have six pages of products; everyone should be able to find something to their liking.


  • Huge inventory
  • Different prices for all budgets
  • Free shipping if spending more than $79
  • Discreet packaging


  • None

#2 Glass Dab Rigs

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

Again, here is another product inventory that has a massive selection from which customers can choose. These rigs come from the best names in the industry, like 1 City, Alien Flower Monkey, and Empire Glassworks.

420 Science also has its own glass dab rigs available at a nominal price. These glass dab rigs come in various prices, forms, and materials – cheap and expensive, big and small, and glass and silicone.


  • Glass and silicone dab rig available
  • Variety of dab rigs available
  • Wide range of prices on dab rigs


  • Silicone rigs are easy to damage

#3 Vaporizers

9/10 icon-question Review score

The vaporizer section is just as good as the categories mentioned above. They have everything from desktop to handheld vapes, including products from Storz and Bickel to Pax.

In addition, their vaporizers are compatible with all types of materials, like flower and dab. Everything for every budget imaginable is there to be bought with a price range from $49 to $299.


  • Vapes for flower and concentrate
  • Desktop and handheld devices
  • Prices for all budgets
  • Quality brands
  • Six pages of different products


  • None

#4 Hand Pipes and Bubblers

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

Hand pipes and small bubblers are the perfect devices for people who want to consume marijuana and cannabis products on the go, being small and portable. Bubblers do an excellent job of filtering out smoke, while hand pipes allow users to smoke without inhaling the taste of paper.

420 Science has six pages of these items on their site from brands like 1 City Studios, Cali Crusher, and HiSi glass. Additionally, the vast majority of these items are reasonably priced.


  • Low prices
  • Large selection
  • Available in different sizes and materials


  • Silicone hand pipes and bubblers can be deformed by heat

#5 Accessories

8/10 icon-question Review score

420 Science has 14 pages of accessories that include wipes, wax wallets, and everything else needed to enjoy THC and CBD products. The prices are generally low with a few exceptions, and there is a wide selection that contains every single item cannabis users need to improve their next experience.


  • 14 pages of accessories
  • Wide range of prices, primarily low
  • Products from dozens of different brands


  • None

420 Science Shipping Options

Shipping costs $4.20 for orders under $79, but with purchases that cost more, shipping is free, as long as the destination address is within the continental United States. Shipping is done with Federal Express and the United States Postal Service.

Shipping usually takes two to five business days. Customers living in north, east, and south Texas can expect their orders to arrive in a day, as can customers in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana directly across the border. The further the buyer is from these regions, the longer shipping takes.


420 Science has no locations except for their office and warehouse in Austin, Texas. All purchases are made online.

420 Science Coupon and Discount Codes

The internet abounds with websites that allow consumers to save money on purchases using a coupon and discount code.

Coupons allow shoppers to save as much as 50 percent on their purchases. Other codes also allow for significant savings. The coupons and discounts are very useful for saving money on 420 Science’s more expensive items.


420 Science does not have warranties on its items; however, if an item is damaged in transit, they will compensate the customer. They also have a satisfaction guaranteed policy for policies within the continental United States, but it is only for first-time purchases of certain items. Items not made by 420 Science, like vapes, are usually covered by a factory warranty.

Customer Service Rating

420 Science has excellent customer service. While they do not have their address posted, they do have a phone number you can contact that works during business hours. They also have a contact form customers can use if they prefer written correspondence.

Their Biggest Competitors in 2022

420 Science vs. Grasscity

Grasscity Brand Review

420 Science and Grasscity are similar companies with huge operations and inventories. Customers will be able to find whatever it is they are searching for on these sites. The big differences between them are their respective locations.

Grasscity is located in California, so they may not be the best option for people living in the Deep South, East Coast, and Midwest in terms of delivery time.

However, they are perfectly suited for people living on the West Coast and South West. Another difference is that Grasscity sells CBD oils, edibles, flowers, and pre-rolls, and 420 Science does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Use a Water Pipe?

420 Science abounds with water pipes, but people who have never used them may wonder what is the point if they can smoke or vape weed. Water pipes are unique because the user can inhale smoke or vapor through a glass pipe with a container of water at the bottom.

The water not only cools the smoke and vapor, but it filters out some of the harsher elements, resulting in a cooler and cleaner stream of smoke and vapor.

Anyone who has not tried this method should try it once. 420 Science has several inexpensive water pipes that are ideal for first-time users.

Do 420 Jars Come With Lids? What Are They Like?

The 420 Jars do indeed come with lids, and they pop-top lids that seal and keep whatever is in the container fresh and ready for use.

They are made of glass and come with several decals and a space where users can label what kind of product is inside and how much of it there is. Additionally, they come in different sizes and prices.

How Much Weed Can a Small 420 Science Jar Hold?

The 420 Jars can hold anywhere between half an ounce to an eighth of an ounce of weed. These sizes are all large enough to hold a substantial amount of hash, concentrate, or other cannabis products.

Closing Thoughts About 420 Science

420 Science is one of the best places to get cannabis products like vapes, hand pipes, and such at prices that can suit tight and high budgets. They also have such extensive inventories for each of their product categories that customers should find whatever it is they are looking for. The only drawback is that they do not sell CBD or marijuana.

One of the reasons this may be is that they are located in Texas, which has not legalized recreational marijuana. Nevertheless, they are still an excellent source for everything needed to use cannabis.

If you have shopped with this company, we would like to hear your opinion of their services. Feel free to relate your customer service experience.


  • A wide array of products and prices
  • Opportunities for discounts on higher priced items
  • Fast shipping time
  • Reasonable return policy


  • They do not sell cannabis
Published: August 17, 2021

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