Yocan Evolve Review — Efficiency and Practicality Combined


by James Bickford

Updated: October 21, 2022

Yocan Evolve desktop

Review Score: 88/100

Price Range:
Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Silver
Battery Capacity:
12 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm
Temperature Control:
Preset Temperatures
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • 1 extra dual quartz rod vape coil
  • Separate coil cap prevents oil or wax leakage


  • Poor battery life

Starting Price: $ 39.99

The Yocan Evolve wax pen features a single button and a fixed temperature option to offer you a hassle-free experience. Yocan introduced dual quartz coils to the Evolve pen, which offers a clean, pure and flavor-rich experience and still has reliable features to enjoy your vaping experience.

The Yocan Evolve looks cool, feels great in hands and is practical to carry around. The hot vapor gets to cool off slightly right before reaching the lips, thanks to the coil design. Lastly, the pen comes with two atomizers provided in the kit, so you will have plenty of time before having to purchase a new one. How great is that?

The Evolve size and shape are quite standard, and you will find many other devices with the same size or shape. However, it is small enough almost to be completely covered by the hand. If you are into stealth vaping, this device is just small enough to get that niche job done.

Yocan Evolve: Build Quality

The device is put together quite well, and it feels rigid and strong with a metal-based quality to it. Also, it comes equipped with an atomizer splash guard – it really helps control any splatter. The inclusion of backup atomizer is nice and should have your vaping needs covered for a few months.

Yocan Evolve desktop

What do you get with the Evolve?

The box is practical, flat, made of thicker paper (so more solid) and comes with the following content:

  • 1x Atomizer
  • 1x 650mah Battery
  • 1x Extra quartz dual coil
  • 1x Wax tool
  • 1x USB line

The Experience of Using Yocan Evolve Wax Pen

Start with unscrewing the Yocan Evolve mouthpiece, to access to the atomizer then unscrew the atomizer cap to see the heating chamber. The pieces come off easily. Use the loading dab tool to load the wax directly to the heating coils and try not to touch the coils with the metal tool to avoid damaging them.

Put the mouthpiece back. It is easy and takes no time. Just like most wax pens out there, press the power button five times to switch the device on. Then press again, hold the button and start drawing at the same time from the mouthpiece.

The Evolve heats the coils until you release the button because it does not have any temperature control settings. Moreover, the device will automatically stop heating after 10 seconds, in order to preserve battery life.

The Evolve Battery

The 650mah battery is standard in most wax pens and has a fairly average battery life compared to other similar devices.

Frequent users would probably have to charge the battery once a day. The other ones will probably be able to get a good few days without charging. However, the Yocan Evolve requires detaching the battery from the device body, in order to charge. So you will not be able to use the pen while charging.

Evolve VS. (R)Evolve

(R)Evolve, the newest version of the Evolve, is sleek and discreet, the device comes in a customized box, light and easy to carry in your bag or purse. Simple to use, it might take a bit of time to clean – especially the first times – and to recharge given its larger capacity.

Yocan (R)Evolve

However, one thing stands out with the Yocan (R)Evolve pen: its ability to regulate low temperatures, and still produce a tasty vapor with thick clouds throughout each session.

Yocan Evolve vs. the Atmos Kiln RA vs. the Mig Vapor WASP

The Atmos Kiln RA

The Atmos Kiln RA has a similar form factor to the Yocan Evolve, with its stout, stubby body. Both devices measure around the same with the Evolve being 4.7 inches long and the Kiln at around 4.12 inches.

Atmos Kiln RA

The Kiln has only an all-ceramic heating chamber and disc element, while the Yocan Evolve uses both a dual-quartz and ceramic disc atomizer. The Evolve is much cheaper compared with the Kiln, but they both produce vapor very well.

The Mig Vapor WASP

The WASP has a slimmer, more compact design than either the Evolve or the Kiln, making it the more portable of the three. The battery on the WASP is 900mAh, so it is less than the Kiln’s 950mAh battery but bigger than the Evolve’s powerful 650mAh cell.

Mig Vapor WASP Vape Pen image

The WASP does not have a ceramic heating element while the Evolve’s dual quartz coils work well for heating the wax to produce clean and pure vapor.

Yocan Evolve Specifications

Yocan Evolve
Brand / Manufacturer : Yocan Tech
Type: Portable Vaporizer
Usage: Wax/Concentrates
Energy Source: Battery
Battery capacity: 650 mAh
Size: 12 x 1.4 x 1.4 cm
Chamber/oven material: Quartz
Automatic shut-off: Yes

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • 1 extra dual quartz rod vape coil
  • Separate coil cap prevents oil or wax leakage
  • Simple, one-button controls
  • Soft, rubberized exterior

The Negatives

  • No adjustable temperature settings
  • Poor battery life

Final Thoughts

Yocan Evolve would be the perfect fit for the beginners. However, it has been designed to remain simple and easy to use, for low budgets. Overall, it does not require much knowledge or maintenance, and it is easy to use with its simplified options and unique button. It does the job and offers a decent vapor. One thing for sure: it will not be a wasted investment

Published: October 19, 2017Updated: October 21, 2022

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