VaporFi Vice Starter Kit Review

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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 85%

Value for Money: 90%

Price: $99.99

Our Verdict: VaporFi’s latest product, the Vice Starter Kit offers users an affordable, safe, easy to use, and fun way to get into sub-ohm vaping. With a powerful 2200mAh battery and a tank with airflow control and replaceable heads, the vape pen-like Vice is power and portability rolled into one.

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First Impressions on VaporFi Vice Starter Kit
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Design: Opting to go with a tube shape instead of the usual box shape for sub-ohm mods, the Vice is sleek and elegant looking. The body has a button that is flush, and the VaporFi name is engraved cleanly towards the bottom. The tank completes the overall look, coming in the same color and finish, and has a small window for users to check the e-juice level. The tank and body create a seamless look with the only breaks in the design being the adjustable air holes. The glass drip tip is the cherry on top, giving an extra touch of class.

Build Quality: The Vice is very well made, just as one would expect from a VaporFi product. The body and tank are made of stainless steel, and the window is crafted out of pyrex. Everything fits perfectly and the tank and battery screw on smoothly. Each part is machined well, without any overlaps or ill-fitting components. The device looks like it can handle daily rough handling, although the pyrex glass might break so some degree of care should still be practiced. Overall, the Vice is a sturdy, high-quality made unit that can last users years of service.

What’s in the Box: Each VaporFi Vice Starter Kit includes one 2200mAh Vice battery, one Vice sub-ohm tank, one additional 1.2 ohm atomizer, one additional 0.5 sub-ohm atomizer, one AC adaptor, and a USB charger.

VaporFi Vice Starter Kit: Vaping Experience

Usability: Using the Vice is similar to other tank-equipped e-cigarettes. To fill, users simply unscrew the top part of the tank and fill it with e-juice. It is recommended to use e-liquid bottles with fine tip nozzles to minimize spillage. Once filled, screw the top back on then attach it to the device.

Once the device has been fully charged, and the tank is attached, operating it is simple. Users press the button on the side when inhaling, then release when done. No fuss operation for an easy vape.

Vapor Production and Performance: The Vice is capable of huge clouds of vapor. If you have not tried sub-ohm vaping yet, prepare to be dazzled by how much vapor can be produced. Using the 1.2 ohm atomizer gives great vapor, but if the 0.5 ohm one is used, vapor production is ramped up. Along with the dense clouds, users also get a clean and tasty vape. Since the tank is made of stainless steel and pyrex, there are no plastic parts to contaminate the flavor. The glass mouthpiece – which gives no aftertastes whatsoever – also adds to the final vapor quality.

For a mid-tier sub-ohm capable device, the Vice performs admirably. Vapor production is top notch, and the taste is clean and pure. The device is like a mech device in that it outputs 4.2 volts and tapers as the battery gets depleted. However, unlike mech mods that have no safety features whatsoever, the Vice has low voltage and short-circuit protection. The device also won’t fire if atomizers less than 0.5 ohms are used.

Users who are looking for a device that can perform like a mech mod but without the risks will love the Vice. An excellent entry device into the world of sub-ohm vaping.

Battery Life and Atomizers: The battery life of the Vice is excellent, able to last around eight hours using the 1.2 ohm atomizer. If the sub-ohm atomizer is used, battery life is about six hours. However, this depends on how one vapes. Light vapers can make the battery last a full day while those who chain vape will get significantly less.

The Vice is not a variable voltage or wattage device. It acts like a mech mod but with safety features built-in. This means the longer one vapes, the weaker the power output. On the upside, this also means users get the full power of the battery thus, maximizing the potential of the sub-ohm atomizers.

The atomizers included in the tank are replaceable, and users can purchase additional coil heads for $39.99. However, if one has the skill, the atomizers can be rebuilt to save you money. Rebuilding the atomizer is a better option since one can customize the overall vape experience.

The tank itself has a decent 2.5ml capacity, which can last as long as the battery. It is made of stainless steel and pyrex, ensuring users a pure and clean tasting vape every time.

Additional Details

The VaporFi Vice Starter Kit offers great value for what it does. Users who do not have the funds to buy separate sub-ohm tanks and sub-ohm capable batteries can save a lot with this kit.

The overall performance of the Vice is great considering its price, and the build quality is top notch. The sleek and elegant design looks like it costs more than the asking price. Battery life is superb, and the vapor production is excellent.

If you have been curious about sub-ohm vaping but do not know where to start, the VaporFi Vice Starter Kit is a great place to start. It has everything one will need to start sub-ohm vaping but without the risks. Combine the Vice with the fantastic VaporFi e-liquid, and it is hard to beat.

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Getting Started: VaporFi Vice Starter Kit

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