VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Kit Review

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VaporFi has been steadily gaining a reputation as a dependable and reliable vape company that produces all sorts of vaping mods, accessories and even e-juices. I’ve only reviewed a few of their products, most notably the VaporFi V-Grip 75W mod that performed superbly well for a low wattage device.

Now comes the VaporFi VAIO GO AIO vape kit, which features a pen-style mod with a built-in battery that has a capacity of 2000mAh. The all-in-one mod also sports an internal e-juice reservoir with a 3ml capacity.

VaporFi VAIO GO Vape Starter Kit Review

The VAIO GO features an interchangeable atomizer system and comes complete with two coil options sure to please either direct lung or mouth-to-lung hitters. The possibilities don’t stop with the coils either.

Included in the kit are two separate mouthpieces that, you guessed it, offer users either a direct lung or mouth-to-lung draw. The device comes in six different color options and is loaded with little details that add to your overall vaping experience, like LED battery level indicator lights, a whole slew of safety features like a fifteen second cutoff time and low voltage protection.


When you open up your VaporFi VAIO GO AIO starter kit, here’s what you’ll find:

  • One VaporFi VAIO GO AIO pen mod
  • One VaporFi VAIO GO 0.5ohm coil
  • One VaporFi VAIO GO 1.5ohm coil
  • One VaporFi VAIO GO DTL mouthpiece
  • One VaporFi VAIO GO MTL mouthpiece
  • One user’s manual
  • One USB charging cable

The First Look

It feels strange getting back to vape pens after the never-ending deluge of box mods. While I was looking at the VAIO GO, in my mind, I was thinking, “yeah, it looks like a pen, or one of those oversized, novelty balloon pens, so what”?

But, after I recalibrated my reviewer settings back to vape pen, I started to make notes about the VAIO GO. It’s not the smallest, most portable vape pen around. It mysteriously not so big, but not small enough to qualify as a compact, lightweight device.

I don’t mean to say that the VAIO GO can comfortably fit into your pocket; it most certainly could, but there is a dozen other similarly powered devices that are also much smaller in size. The internal 2000mAh battery also hinders the VAIO GO’s attempts to be thought of as on-the-go device since it adds a little weight to the overall feel of the VAIO GO.

The VAIO GO seems to be made of a zinc alloy and its other parts like the mouthpiece and atomizer are all made from quality materials. There is a single-firing button on the front of the device, which is directly underneath the built-in tank and the glass-shielded atomizer bay.

There is an LED indicator light housed within the viewing port of the tank, which serves as your battery level indicator and will turn three different colors, red (lowest charge), yellow (medium charge), and green (full charge) to show you the strength of your battery.

The top cap of the VAIO GO features an adjustable airflow ring that allows you to customize your airflow. On the side opposite of the firing button, you will find the USB charging port that you can use to charge the VAIO GO’s internal battery.

The VAIO GO: Up Close

All-in-one kits are notoriously easy to use. With no adjustable features (other than the airflow ring, the mouthpieces, and the two atomizer choices) the VAIO GO is ready to vape almost right away.

Now, it may seem like the built-in tank on the VAIO GO can take an enormous amount of e-juice since the “tank” is mostly just the top section of the mod. But if you look at the viewing window on the GO you’ll see a small fill line that demarcates the tank’s 3ml capacity.

Be sure not to go past the fill line since it overfilling the tank will lead to spitting back issues and potential leaking problems. You should also drip a few drops of e-juice onto the atomizer, but at the top and on the exposed cotton wick.

When attaching your atomizer to the atomizer base, you don’t need to screw it in too tightly. Otherwise, the contact will be damaged by the metal pin. The atomizer and the chimney are some of the features on the VAIO GO that look very well-made, with all the parts machined quite nicely.

Once you have filled the tank, primed your coil, attached your preferred mouthpiece, you merely reattach all the pieces, and turn the device on with five clicks of the firing button, which will make the LED light start flashing. Just press the firing button and inhale to begin vaping.

The VAIO GO: The Vape

Depending on which vaping style you prefer the most, direct-lung or mouth-to-lung, you’ll have different things to say about the VAIO GO. I found that the VAIO GO performed well in both of its modes.

I used the 1.5ohm MTL atomizer first, and with the airflow holes only partially exposed, I found I got a very satisfying mouthful of clouds. The vapor was warm and tasty, although the cloud production was minimal and resulted in light and thin clouds.

I didn’t notice much difference between the two mouthpieces that come with the VAIO GO, even though their use was supposed to result in two very different draws. The silver DTL mouthpiece is slightly thinner than the wider bore black MTL mouthpiece, and that helped to deliver a more lightweight vapor stream.

But overall, I would say that neither the mouthpiece or atomizer was so strict in what it could deliver, meaning that they didn’t produce a dedicated MTL or DL experience, but a combination of both.

How the Device Stacks Up

Because it has been a while since I’ve used or reviewed a vape pen, I had to go digging into my past reviews to find a device comparable to the VAIO GO. I do remember the SMOK Stick AIO as one of the first AIO vape pens that I ever reviewed.

But going even further back, I thought the JAC Vapour S Series 17 vape pen was an excellent choice to make the comparison with the VAIO GO. The SMOK Stick AIO came with two sub-ohm coils, while the JAC Vapour S Series 17 kit came with a direct-to-lung and a mouth-to-lung coil.

Regarding its technical specs, the S Series 17 did have a lower battery capacity at only 900mAh compared to the VAIO GO’s substantial 2000mAh capacity that ensures a very long vaping session. The tank capacity is also more abundant on the VAIO GO – 3ml compared to the S Series 17’s confounding 1.8ml.

So, while I did enjoy using and vaping with the S Series 17, the VAIO GO has it beat in two meaningful ways – the increased battery and tank capacity, which makes the VAIO GO a winner regarding both battery and e-juice life. I loved the look of the S Series 17, but based on vaping performance and output, the day must go to the VAIO GO.

The Pros

Two coil options

Two coil options were something that I liked about the S Series as well. Not just the inclusion of two of the same coils, like with the SMOK Stick AIO that only came with two sub-ohm coil options, but two coils for different styles of vaping.

Battery life

With an internal 2000mAh battery, and with no option to increase voltage or wattage, you are pretty much guaranteed a substantially long vaping time, especially with the MTL coil option.

Flavor quality

The MTL coil was excellent for producing smooth, flavorful vapor. The accompanying MTL mouthpiece was a welcome addition to the kit and worked well to provide a satisfying smoking-like vape.

The Cons

Tank setup

The big, internal tank section practically smothers the coil in e-juice, which means your fingers will definitely get sticky when you try to remove it or fill up your tank.

The Last Call

Getting back to the world of vape pens was a welcome reprieve from high-wattage, vaping giants that are much more technically advanced. The VaporFi VAIO GO AIO is one entry in the VAIO line that features other vape pens, as well as box mods.

But all of VaporFi’s devices seem to share a simple, straightforward design philosophy that emphasizes a device’s smooth functionality over complicated vaping settings and adjustments. VaporFi is definitely a company that appeals to the general public, rather than advanced vaping veterans.

The VAIO GO performed excellently. Its bigger-than-usual battery and tank capacity helped it last for at least a full day of moderate vaping. There’s only one-button on the entire device. The atomizers were a breeze to use and replace and the option of enjoying your vape juice two different ways was a major plus.

I give the VaporFi VAIO GO AIO starter kit a 7/10.

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  • Travis

    August 14, 2018 at 3:40 pm

    I am a pen nut you could say but the VIAO had become my go too. I vape probably too much while there are great pens out this this one by far out last in battery life. The only downfall the drip tips but look at vapor fi. Website they carry all varietys.

  • Sandi

    March 4, 2018 at 1:06 am

    Had to exchange my vaporfi vaio go three times. Vaping was fine until I had to charge the battery. Everytime I went to charge the battery I got no charge, nothing. I am pretty frustrated. Vendor told my I was doing nothing wrong so I can’t figure out the problem with the battery not taking a charge.