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Vapor Slide 2 in 1 Review – The Unusual Two-in-One Build

We tested the Vapor Slide 2 in 1, and we never thought such an interesting device would ever exist. This small vaporizer pen is also compatible with most standard water pipes. It features a button-free design with a pressure sensor technology that automatically starts when drawing. Read our review to find out more about these wonderful features!

Vapor Slide 2 IN 1 Review

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Highlights of the Vapor Slide 2 in 1 features

  • 2 in 1 Design vape pen AND water pipe
  • Button-free design
  • Compatible in ALL standard water pipes
  • 800mAh Battery
  • Twistable voltage knob
  • Compatible with oil concentrate and e-Liquid

Box Contents

  • 1x 1ml Dual Top Coil Tanks
  • 1x Vapor Slide Body
  • 1x Micro USB Charger
  • 1x 1.2ml Dual Top Coil Tanks
  • 1x Black Zipper Carrying Case

Exploring the 2 in 1

Positive First Encounter

When we first saw the Vapor Slide, it looked to us like a regular small size vape pen with its 5.5-inch (in height) by 2-inch (in width) size.

We liked the device quality. The body is made of aluminum and is solid. It feels right when held in hand, the shape settles nicely and smoothly in the palm.

Regarding design, it looks quite obviously like a device, especially with the silver mouthpiece end. However, it can still offer discreteness when you hold it in hand and close it, it becomes fully hidden, and only the mouthpiece is sticking out. So it is still possible to vape in full discretion.

Holding Vapor Slide 2 in 1

Portability: Decent, not the Best

The Vapor Slide 2 in 1 is small, easy to use, and can last for several weeks with a single oil cartridge. To our opinion, this is a strong advantage if you are taking a few days trip, like a road trip, or to the mountains. Ideal!

Nothing is perfect, unfortunately. We did not like the handle on the side of the device. It is bothersome when holding the device in hand, but also when we had it in our shirt or trousers pocket especially.

Getting Into Business: Starting the 2 in 1

How does it work?

The Vapor Slide fits oils but will not work with thick concentrates like wax or with dry herbs. There is a cartridge that you can fill yourself. Once done, you can use this as a portable vape pen or slide it into a water pipe. Moreover, it is compatible with the majority of water pipes.

It is easy to use because there are no buttons on the device! You will not need to press any button to turn it on or off anymore, and the heat activates whenever you start drawing – it starts producing vapor immediately. Also, the device switches off automatically after 10 seconds.

You will find a knob on the device bottom, used to adjust the voltage power. The Vapor Slide features a variable voltage that ranges from 3.3 to 4.8V, and each voltage level is marked on the side indicated by the color of the LED lights located at the base:

  • Green for 3.3V
  • Yellow for 3.6V
  • Pink for 3.9V
  • Red for 4.2V
  • Blue for 4.5V
  • Violet for 4.8V

How to fill your Vapor Slide?

Loading and reloading the tank can be a little tricky and may be time-consuming especially if you used cannabis oil.

However, no worries Vapor Slide has a one-on-one video tutorial on how to fill the tank with your favorite oils. All you need is a toothpick and patients.

Battery Life

We found the 1000mAh battery life excellent, and we were delighted with it. It works very well on all the temperature levels. It can last for a few days before having to recharge it. Obviously, the battery life closely depends on how often you will use it, and with which power level.

Blown Away by the Vape Pen

Amazing Button-Free Technology

The Vapor Slide 2 n 1 has an awesome button-free design with brand new airflow and pressure sensor technologies, which activate the pen without pressing any button at all. How amazing is that?

You only need to place the e-liquid or oil in the tank, put the pen into the water pipe joint and start drawing from the waterpipe mouthpiece. The device will start automatically and produce an amazing vapor at each single hit.

Easy to use

We never tried anything easier than the Vapor Slide. Seriously, all you have to do is take a draw! There are no buttons to use, only a knob to switch for temperature, And the device gets activated by airflow. That is all it takes.

Moreover, the fact that a single oil cartridge can hold several weeks makes it a dream vaporizer to have.

Strong and Tasty Vapor Quality

We were extremely satisfied with the vapor quality, but to be honest, when we discovered such fantastic features, we expected no less than great vapor quality.

On the highest temperatures, we felt the vapor could get a bit harsh. Some of us are experienced users and loved their vapor strong, and others did not.

However, when we used it like a water pipe, the harshness disappeared thanks to the water in the filtration. So it felt more enjoyable, the vapor smoothened and had a nice cooling off sensation.


Vapor Slide 2 in 1 and the box

The Vapor Slide is made from aircraft aluminum and has a strong 1000mAh rechargeable battery with a pass-through feature to allow you to charge and vape at the same time.

We loved the twistable voltage knob on the device. It has a specific LED light to indicate each voltage range from 3.3 to 4.8 volts. We were able to increase or decrease the amount of vapor produced. Amazing.

Vapor Slide 2 in 1 vs. Yocan Torch

We wanted to compare the Vapor Slide with another similar device, the Yocan Torch. Their overall build quality is good. They are easy to use; however, the Vapor Slide is more discreet.

The Torch works with any glass water pipe. If you prefer using your own, but look for a device that can deliver a controlled temperature, then the Yocan is for you. The Torch bottom has a connector designed to fit any glass water pipe. Also, once it is on your rig or water pipe, you simply fill in your wax in the atomizer and close it.

We think that the Yocan Torch lacks temperatures flexibility. The device only delivers low-temperature dabs; however, it manages to offer excellent flavors and good clouds full of flavor and smooth draws. To our opinion, this is the biggest downside when the Vapor Slide offers a choice of six temperature levels.

Our Conclusion: Get the Vapor Slide!

Unique Overall Experience

We have to admit that we took great pleasure trying the Vapor Slide 2 in 1. It is something truly unique and very efficient. We loved the fact that the Vapor Slide is able to produce thick and tasty clouds, while the water pipe uses water to add a filtration layer and make it cleaner.

The main functionality is vape pen, and it comes with two top coil tanks, one to use as an “on-the-go sesh” and the other one for water pipe vaping. The Water pipe functionality is designed to fit and easily slide into any standard water pipe joint. Once in place, you just need to start inhaling since the Vapor Slide will activate automatically, thanks to the pressure sensor technology built-in. What a great technology!

Adding that the 1000mAh rechargeable battery can be charged via USB cable, while in use.

Overall, we had a great time with the device, and could easily navigate through the different settings to find your ideal temperature for oils and e-liquids. This features guarantees an amazing vapor production.

What we Really Liked and What Could be Improved


  • Convenient 2 in 1 design
  • Compatible in ALL standard water pipes
  • Great battery capacity
  • Long lasting cartridges life
  • Can be charged while using it
  • Compatible with oil concentrate and e-liquid
  • No button

  • Vapor can be harsh at higher temperatures
  • Twistable voltage knob can twist by accident when in pocket
  • The handle on the side can bother a bit when carrying in a pocket

Final thoughts

We have to admit that we had a great time trying on the Vapor Slide 2 in 1, what an experience! The vape pen gave us plenty of satisfaction; it offers a quality vapor, which can be strong at times. However, then, switching to water pipe mode increased the purity level of the smoke, so it felt like cooling off.

Our experience was quite fascinating, and we were amazed discovering each single of these unique functions. Also, what surprised us the most was to see such functionalities fitting such a small and discreet device.

A device we strongly recommend getting, especially those looking for strong and quality vapor, but also for the water pipe amateurs.

Vapor Slide 2 in 1
Vape Rating: 93/100 by

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