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V2 Power Cig Review


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Overall Performance: 90%

User Experience: 80%

Value for Money: 95%

Price: $24.95

Our Verdict: The V2 Power Cig is an affordable option for both beginners and advanced users. Whether it is used as a main device or as a backup, the Power Cig is reliable and performs very well.

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V2 Power: First Impressions

Design: Looking a lot like regular cig-a-likes, the one thing that distinguishes the Power Cig is the USB power cord. The e-cig itself is sleek and unobtrusive, while the 7.2 foot USB power cord is smooth with a spiral near the end. The V2 Power Cig Starter Kit is perfect for begginers.

Build Quality: The V2 Power Cig is solidly built and made to last. Many users have had their Power Cigs for years and they still work perfectly. The sturdy cord also has a spiral near the USB connector to prevent tangles and reduce cord stress.

What’s in the Box: The V2 Power Cig doesn’t come with very many accessories. For the money, users get one Power Cig and one 5-pack of the V2 cartridges.

Vaping the V2 Power Cig

Usability: The V2 Power Cig is simple to use. The unit does not need to be charged, so it is ready to use after the cartridge is screwed on. A press of the button activates the atomizer to produce vapor while inhaling. The unit stops heating the atomizer when the button is released.

Vapor Production and Performance: For what it is, the V2 Power Cig is impressive, because it produces smooth, thick clouds of vapor every time. The vapor is at the right temperature for producing a pleasant vape. Because it is not powered by a battery subject to power degradation, hits stay consistent.

The V2 Power Cig also gives off more vapor than the V2 manual that uses batteries, which is a plus. Because it is USB-powered, one has to be near a USB power source in order to use it. This makes it perfect for home, office, or car use.

Battery Life and Atomizers: Because the V2 Power Cig is not powered by a battery, the power that is coursed through the atomizer remains consistent. Though one loses a bit of mobility because of the power cord, the upside is that users don’t have to worry about battery life.

The atomizer in the Power Cig is a cloud machine. Cartridges come standard with mostly the same atomizers and pair nicely with the Power Cig, producing smooth, thick vapor every time.

Cartridges are disposable, meaning users have to purchase a new pack when it runs out of e-liquid. Extra packs are cheap. Blank cartridges are available for users who want to save more. The blank cartridges are refillable and users can fill them with any kind of e-liquid they wish.


More Details

Beginners love the Power Cig because it’s affordable. Advanced users love it because it is more powerful than a regular vape pen and can serve as a reliable backup.

It is perfect for users who want to save the batteries of their vape pens while in the office, at home, or in the car. Though not designed to be used while walking around, users get around this limitation by plugging the Power Cig into a power bank. Power banks usually pack high capacity batteries, so the Power Cig turns into a powerhouse device that rarely runs out of power. This is great for camping trips or in places where power sources are scarce.

It may not look like much, but the Power Cig is an e-cig every vaper should have. Whether used as a main device or as a sturdy backup, the Power Cig won’t disappoint with its consistent hit, smooth, thick vapor, and reliable build quality.

Because it’s very affordable, users don’t have a reason not to have one.

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V2 Power Cig
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