The Uwell Whirl S: An Intuitive and Flavorful AIO Starter Kit


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: August 16, 2022

Uwell Whirl S Review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$30.99 - $36.99
Battery Capacity :
Wattage Output:
Blue, Coffee, Grey, and Iridescent
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Highly intuitive and minimalistic
  • Excellent for MTL vaping
  • Outstanding battery life


  • No adjustable wattage

Starting Price: $ 30.99

The Uwell Whirl S kit is designed to be an easy-to-use product that is both portable and comfortable to handle. The vape pen is powered by a robust battery that generates 18 watts of output, and it has an impressive tank and a UN2 Meshed Coil.

Additionally, several safety features are built into this vape to keep the user and children safe. This starter kit is ideal for transitioning from disposable vapes or cigarettes to tank mods since it is intuitive and flavorful.

Uwell Whirl S Kit Review: Does It Vape Ok?

Uwell Whirl S Review

The Whirl S kit delivers a highly satisfying vaping experience, the main reason being that it is easy to use.

  1. First, the vape is button-operated and draw-activated, and draw activation is much more convenient than operating a firing button.
  2. Secondly, there is no wattage mode so that the user does not have to worry about changing the power levels. It also has a comfortable drip tip that pulls off effortlessly.

Additionally, Uwell Whirl S kit has several impressive safety features that improve the vaping experience.

The device has a child-proof top cap that makes it difficult for children to open. There is also a small viewing window so that the user can monitor liquid levels.
Also, the juice window is not over-shaded, so monitoring the juice levels is easy. Little things like this juice window add up to big things because they make things easier on the user.

Uwell Whirl S Colors

Finally, this mod is a joy to vape. It produces a powerful throat hit that makes it feel like one is smoking a cigarette. Uwell Whirl S is not such a great vape for direct-to-lung vaping or even restrictive lung hits because the draw is too tight. This vape pen is a much better MTL vape.

Vapor Production

The Uwell Whirl S does not produce a lot of vapor. As stated, this is more an MTL vape than a DTL vape, so do not expect to blow huge clouds. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it makes this vape perfect for people who do not want to draw attention to themselves.

Vapor Production

The Whirl S has no power modes or wattage control. Some might think this is a con, but it makes the vape easier for novices to use.

Safety Features

The Whirl S has all the typical safety features one finds in a vape. Additionally, its child safety features give it an additional layer of protection. The child safety cap is difficult for small hands to remove, and a tab locks the coil in place.

Unpacking the Uwell Whirl Starter Kit

The Uwell Whirl S starter kit comes with everything a vaper needs to get started. The kit has

  • the mod
  • two 0.8 ohm mesh coils
  • a type-c USB cable
  • user manual

Uwell Whirl S Starter KIt

This vape is easy to use, but it is still a good idea to look over the manual. This is a good habit to get into, especially for those who plan to vape bigger mods.

Build and Design Quality

The build and design quality on this mod is perfect. The best thing about the quality is that all the parts are held together magnetically. Sometimes mods like this do not hold together well, but this one uses strong magnets, so do not worry about it coming apart.

The exterior design makes it comfortable to hold and easy to transport in a pocket or purse. The device is also available in four colors.

The only concern about the build quality is the tab that holds the coil in place. Most systems like this are plug-and-play, and the coils stay in without the need for something additional to secure them. The question is whether the tab can stand the test of time and a lot of use. If it cannot, the coil will start leaking. Hopefully, it is well-engineered.

Uwell Whirl S Battery Performance

The Uwell Whirl S uses a 1450mah battery. It should last a long time, considering that the vape only puts out 18 watts. This vape should last a considerable time, even if chain-vaped.

Uwell Whirl S Battery

The size of the battery in addition to the low output makes this vape suitable for people who plan to be away from a charger for a long time.

Uwell Whirl S Pro Focs Tank

There is a lot to like about this tank. It holds 2 ml of liquid, which is not a lot, but ok considering the low wattage output.

Uwell Whirl S Tank

  • The tank uses a 0.8 ohm Meshed-H Coil. Thanks to UWELL’s exclusive Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology, it provides vapers with a great vaping experience.
  • The tank has a twist-off cap, and the fill ports are enormous. There should be no issues spilling liquid all over the tank because the fill ports are too small.

Compatible Juices

The 50/50 vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol liquids is ideal for this coil because it is optimized for mouth-to-lung vaping.

One could use high VG liquids to produce more enormous clouds, but it is not worth it. Stick with 50/50 liquids for the best possible draws.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

These coils should last a week or more if they are adequately primed and used moderately. Adequate preparation and moderate usage are the keys to extending coil life. Also, using super-sweet liquids reduced the life of coils, as well.

How to Use the Uwell Whirl S Pen Kit?

As earlier stated, this product is easy to use.

  • First, pull out the tank and twist off the top cap. Prime the coil by dripping the chosen liquid down the center hole.
  • Allow five to ten minutes for the liquid to saturate the wicking.
  • The head is pushed into the tank and secured by a black tab.
  • The black tab is one of the child safety features. It has to be pressed to take the coil out. It is hard to see how it makes the product child-safe, but it cannot hurt.
  • The notches on the tank have to be aligned with the notches on the recess so both can fit together again.
  • Push the tank back on, making sure the notches meet, and everything will click into place. The fit is very secure.

The airflow is adjusted by turning the base of the tank. The tank has to be pulled off to change the airflow. Typically, this would be a con, but the tank is easy to take off and put back on. Adjusting the airflow takes seconds.

Most Uwell Whirl troubleshooting problems can be solved with cleaning. Dirty mods, tanks, and connections are the causes of most issues. When the mod is taken apart, run water over the different parts. When they are clean, place them over a towel and let them air dry.

Be sure to remove the coil before cleaning the mod.

Step-By-Step Guide

  • Five clicks to turn on and off
  • Draw to activate
  • Hold firing button to draw

Comparison to Competitors on the Market

Uwell Whirl 22 vs. Whirl S

The Whirl 22 is another excellent tube mod from Uwell.

Uwell Whirl 22 Colors

  • They both have 2 ml tanks and have a similar design overall.
  • Whirl 22 has better vapor production and handles DTL drags slightly better.
  • The Whirl 22 has greater wattage output, and makes it much easier to monitor its juice levels thanks to the larger juice window.
  • However, The Whirl S also has an observation window in the tank for liquid level.
  • Additionally, it has a much more powerful battery, and it also has dual firing modes.

It is difficult to say one is better than the other. The Whirl S is suitable for people who want something with dual firing modes and a more powerful battery. But the Whirl 22 offers greater output and better cloud production.

UWELL Whirl S Specifications

Dimensions: 122 x 20 mm
Battery Type: Integrated 1,450 mah
Charging Type: Type-C USB
Wattage Output: 18 Watts
Resistance: 0.8 ohm
Construction: Stainless Steel, Quartz Glass
Activation: Button and Draw Activated
Tank Capacity: 2mL
Coils: Whirl S 0.8 ohm UN2 Meshed-H
Colors: Blue, Coffee, Grey, and Iridescent


The Positives

  • Highly intuitive and minimalistic
  • Excellent for MTL vaping
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Child-safety mechanisms add an extra layer of safety
  • Ergonomic and portable

The Negatives

  • No adjustable wattage

Final Thoughts About the Uwell Whirl S Vape Kit

The Uwell Whirl S is sure to be a hit with whoever wants an intuitive tube mod. This is one of the easiest to use devices ever to have been made. Taking it apart is effortless, as is vaping it. However, this is a double-edged sword.

To make this AIO easier for novice vapers, Uwell limited the functions. There is no adjustable wattage or power modes, and the kit comes with one coil.

However, this should not be a problem with someone transitioning from cigarettes or disposables. Finally, the built-in safety features are something parents will love. Overall, this is an outstanding AIO.

If you want to share your thoughts about the Uwell Whirl S kit, please leave a comment below. We are especially interested to know how effective the locking tab for the coil has worked for you.

Published: July 18, 2021Updated: August 16, 2022

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