SOURCE Orb 4 Review: A Premium Build For Vaping Materials

SOURCE orb 489100

Source Orb 4 Review

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A vape pen is a small accessory, but one that can have a big impact on your vaping experiences. It lets you show off your elegance and class, while allowing you to bring your love of vaping with you everywhere you go. Small in stature, they are the ideal vaping partner that can make you the envy of your social circle while presenting you with unbeatable experience and taste. The SOURCE orb 4 might be the perfect vape pen for you.

What should you look for in a vape pen?

While vape pens are very “in” right now, choosing one that will live up to your expectations requires a keen eye and a thorough understanding of the features that each vape pen has to offer. With hundreds of features available on vapes today, and more being added all the time, you’re spoiled for choice when shopping for a vape pen. Nevertheless, you’re burdened with the decision of choosing what works best for you.

Among the things that you need to consider when grabbing a vaping pen are: the material used for the body, longevity, type of atomizers, variability, ease of loading, and the portability of the pen. All of these are features that contribute immensely to the experience that you will have in your new wax pen.

Why the SOURCE orb 4?

Inspired by its predecessors, the SOURCE orb vape pen offers a vast array of features which include interchangeable atomizers, a stainless steel 303 build, easy to load magnetic locking, and a Variable Airflow System (VAS) with five different settings among other features.

The stainless steel 303 construction is not only a sturdy and durable option, but it also happens to be one of the safest the market has to offer. To give you variety, the six different atomizers are built from different materials to ensure the best possible vaping experiences with all types of concentrates. Needless to say, the materials have been designed to offer both durability and performance at the highest level.

Source Orb 4 Review

It’s User-Friendly

To make loading easier and more time efficient, the wax pen employs the use of powerful magnets that allow you to pull off the tip and simply snap it back on. The loading is simple and fast.

The VAS system is a critical part of any vape pen, and in the case of the orb 4, SOURCE has decided to make the VAS a variable system. Different concentrates have different requirements for the best possible experience, and the variable VAS system allows you to tweak the performance of your pen. This way the orb 4 ensures that you have the best taste and, equally importantly, the best clouds.

Sturdy Build, Elegant Design

As usual, the first characteristics of a great vaporizer should be the looks and a robust and sturdy build. The best pens are those that you can build a relationship with, so you want something that will be around for as long as possible. You don’t want a pen that is an embarrassment in public, so the looks also matter. The SOURCE orb 4 is everything you would expect: the build is neat and simple, yet elegant and made with materials that age very nicely. It’ll be great looking from the minute it comes out of the box and for years to come.

The SOURCE orb 4 is among the simplest vaporizers we’ve ever worked with, in all the best ways. While it is highly effective and efficient, it is simple and straightforward even for a first-time user.

The build of the pen is such that you will be able to experience different tastes, flavors and vapor quality without having to buy separate wax pens. The orb 4, in particular, has quite a few atomizers; usually these are gimmicks to get you to buy the pen but, in this case, I found that the different atomizers make all the difference. The diversity of atomizer options is essential to the experience of the orb 4, and really is a highlight.

SOURCE Orb 4 Strongest Features

The orb 4 has been built for performance. From the careful selection of materials straight to the features, everything about the vape pen screams optimum performance. The outer casing of the pen is stainless steel, which is not only hardy and durable but retains its shine for quite a long time. Other materials that have been used in the making of the vape pen and its parts include ceramic, quartz plus and even titanium.

The many features further emphasize SOURCE’s dedication to offering the best user experience possible. With cutting edge and patent-pending technologies like the magnetic lock, the user will spend less time refilling their chamber and more time vaping. The pen also allows for plenty of variations, with up to eight different temperature changes as well as five different Variable Airflow System (VAS) settings. The orb 4 has everything you would need to customize the vape pen to the performance you would need.

Vapor Quality

One of the features that have been greatly praised by users is the creeping and impressively strong hit that the pen offers. With different atomizers built for different concentrates, the user in each case can customize the quality of vapor by switching to the proper atomizer. If that’s not enough, the eight different temperature settings do more than enough to ensure that the pen can give you the experience you want.

No matter whatever setting you choose, the fantastic vapor quality will stay the same.

Ease of use

With so many settings and variations, the vaporizer’s ease of use could easily be compromised; but that isn’t the case with the SOURCE orb 4. While offering a wide array of features, SOURCE has adopted a minimalist design for this pen that provides the user very straightforward operation.

The different features are well distributed to avoid confusion. The hardest part of using a vape pen, refilling, has been incredibly simplified with the addition of the magnetic locking mechanism. This mechanism allows you to simply take off the top, reload it, and snap it back on. You’ll get back to vaping in no time.

Source Orb 4 Review

It Has Its Downsides

Even though the design is pretty simple, there are some glaring flaws in the system. Firstly, the orb 4 did not come with an instruction manual. This may not seem like a big issue, but this is a huge downside for beginners, and shows a lack of foresight for customer needs.  

Secondly, the atomizers are not labeled. For those familiar with atomizers, this should not be a big problem, but for those who don’t it can be difficult to identify which is which. These flaws only apply to beginning vapers and the initial set-up; one you’re up and running, the experience from that point on should be smooth sailing.


  • Six different and interchangeable atomizers
  • Easier refilling courtesy of the new magnetic system
  • Strong, sturdy and highly durable build
  • Built using the healthiest materials in the market
  • Variable temperature and voltage settings
  • Threaded atomizers are much easier to change
  • VAS comes with five different settings
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The design and some of the features are patent-pending
  • Offers harder hits
  • Offers excellent value for money

  • The pen is a little heavy
  • It is not built for portability
  • It is costly for beginner kit
  • The different features can be a little overwhelming for a beginner

What’s In the End?

If you’re looking for a very lightweight, ultra-portable pen, then you might pass and look around. But if you’re looking for extreme performance and high customizability without having to compromise on ease of use, the SOURCE orb 4 is an ideal choice for you.

Published: December 6, 2016 Updated: March 26, 2019



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