Smok eGo Cloud Starter Kit Review – Simple and Perfect

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The Smok eGo Cloud starter kit; one of the best value starter kits on the market currently. It boasts a huge 2200 mAh battery and some of the most advanced design and engineering. In fact, the eGo Cloud tank will be sure to produce some of the best hits you’ve ever tasted. It can be yours for as little as $34.99. However, it is no longer available from SmokTech’s website. As a result, you’ll have to go elsewhere to get your hands on one.

Smok eGo Cloud Starter Kit Review

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Vape Pros & Cons:


  • Outstanding Vapor Production
  • Professional Build Quality
  • Small Design, Small Kit
  • Affordable Starter Kit

  • No Variable wattage selection
  • No Color choice

What Do You Get in The Smok eGo Cloud Starter Kit?

Box Contents:

  • eGo Cloud Battery 2200 mAh
  • eGo Cloud Tank w/ 0.5ohm Micro Core OCC Coil
  • Replacement 0.5ohm Micro Core OCC Coil
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual


  • Atomizer Capacity: 2.5ML
  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Threading: 510
  • Tank Capacity 2.5ML
  • Operating Voltage 3.4 – 4.2v

  • Stainless Steel Construct
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Low Voltage/ Short-Circuit Protection
  • Minimum Resistance: 0.5ohm

The Look and Feel of the Build

The Design

Smok eGo Cloud Starter Kit

The design and architecture of this device are one of the best things about it. Giving the user a feel for the professional clean cut, stainless steel design that we all look for in our vapes. Currently, everyone is using the same design in vapes. However, SmokTech has managed to stand out from the competition with this design.

Size and Weight

When it comes to the size and weight of this amazing device, we cannot say many negative things. It measures in at an unbelievable 105mm by 131.2mm. This means you’d have trouble believing that this is a standard Sub Ohm device and not a mini. It’s hard to believe SmokTech have been able to pack so much functionality into such a small and easy to use device. Yet, they still manage to maintain that professional clean-cut feel.


They packed the Smok eGo Cloud with functionality and amazing design choices. Conversely, when it comes to the features of the device there aren’t many that stand out from the competition. If anything, the Smok eGo Cloud is a bit on the fallback with the number of features they are offering you. Here’s a couple of them regardless.

  • Protected Tank – As common with the majority of stainless steel designs, the glass tank is actually set on the inner side of the structure. This makes it virtually impossible to crack or break on a night out. Making this device among the best when it comes to durability.
  • Easy to use – The device hosts some of the easiest to use structure that’s available on the market. I don’t just mean “hold this button”, I’m talking about the structure and accessing the tank/coil. They’ve managed to ensure the device is easily unscrewed and managed. This is providing that you don’t tighten it too much in the first place.
  • The Battery – The device hosts a 2200 mAh battery. Usually, this is the same size as the majority of leading sub ohm vapes on the market. It gives you the possibilities to hit some of the largest and most satisfying clouds you’ve ever seen! However, with no variable wattage, it could be a bit problematic for the more experienced vapors. It’s not so much an issue for starters, if anything it will provide a little peace of mind. After all, this is a $34.99 starter kit!

Using the Smok eGo Cloud


The performance of the Smok eGo Cloud is second to none. Hosting on of the latest batteries in size and technology it’s stomping out the competition. In fact, it’s doing it in style! The overall quality and performance of this device are stunning. The only problem for some sub ohm vapers is the lack of variable wattage in the device. On the other hand, to some, this isn’t really an issue.

The Quality of the Cloud

It’s no secret that the vapor production of this device is outstanding. But why is this? As mentioned above several times, they use a 2200mAh battery in combination with 0.3ohms to 1.0ohms resistance coils. This provides a device for the more experienced vapor. Yet, it still manages to provide an option for starters looking to get into the sub ohm world.

The battery as mentioned above doesn’t provide a variable wattage. It provides a standard 3.7 fixed voltage, which is still a decent amount of power!

Battery Life

The 2200mAh battery is in no doubt a great choice for this device. It is famous for the extensive battery life and high-level performance. Therefore, it’s no surprise that SmokTech went for this battery. I just don’t understand how they made it fit!

You’ll be looking at a standard 2 – 3 hour charge time, with around one day decent vape time. Possibly stretching it to 2 days for casual vapers.

The Competition

When it comes to comparison of this device, it’s a hard topic to cover. Due to the size and the price of the device you’d think they would consider it a mini, but it’s not. I think it’s safe to say, with the size of this device and the high levels of standard provided with its hardware, the Smok eGo Cloud comes second to none. The only notable concerns being with the lack of variable wattage and accessibility. SmokTech will have no issues fixing this with the release of a 2nd version, perhaps. At a price of $34.99, I don’t think anyone can really hang on the negatives of this device for too long though. The truth is, it’s a great buy (if you can find it anywhere)!

How do you put the Smok eGo Cloud Starter Kit Together?

Assembly Instructions – Priming the Atomizer

Please follow these steps to get it setup properly! This way, it will prevent you from getting a burnt hit from the device. Also, it could potentially save you from ruining the atomizer.

  • If the device is already assembled, remove the tank from the battery. You can do it easily by holding the tank at the base and twisting counter-clockwise. There’s a chance the device doesn’t come assembled. Skip to step 2 if that’s the case.
  • You will then need to remove the base of the tank. This will give you access to the atomizer and the reservoir. You can do this by holding the base of the tank and gently twisting the body of the tank counterclockwise.
  • After that, you will have access to the coil. You can remove this by once again gently twisting it counter clockwise. You will only need to remove it when replacing the coil.
  • Then, you can take your liquid of choice and put 3 – 5 drops into the center of the coil. Be aware, exceeding five drops will more than likely flood the coil, we don’t want this.
  • If you removed the coil for this step, you can now screw the atomizer back onto the base.
  • Take the tank, filling it with your choice of liquid. Make sure to do this by pouring the liquid against the inner walls; ensuring no juice goes down the center.

You can screw everything back together. After, you can then take five deep inhales through the tank. This will help the liquid circulate in the atomizer correctly. After that, leave it for 10/20 mins to give the atomizer time to soak in the liquid correctly.

Maintenance Instructions

This is one of the most underrated things when it comes to vaping. This is especially important for starters. You must ensure the device is well maintained and looked after to ensure it has a long life. Moreover, it will continue to provide a high standard of performance. You can do this can by following these 2 steps whenever you get the chance.

  • Wipe down the device after every use. You can do this with a cloth or even the inside of your shirt! This is to stop dust build up on the device. Eventually, it will make its way into the device. As a result, it could cause issues with connections internally.
  • Occasionally clean the connection between the battery and the atomizer. Otherwise, you will start to get a buildup of dry liquid there. This will start to form a crusty surface which could interfere with the connection to the battery.

Firing Instructions

In regards to firing, this is a common issue with E-Pens more than subs ohms. Therefore, I doubt you’ll have much to worry about. Regardless, let me give you a little information just so you’re aware!

Firing issues can happen when the atomizer and battery don’t have a stable connection. The majority of the time this can happen from the buildup of dried juice. Usually, it happens around the connection between the battery and tank.

When tightening the device after refilling or replacing a coil, it was possible to tighten too much and push the connection into the device. It is not as much of an issue nowadays. This would cause it to break and start causing firing issues. You can prevent this by just taking extra care when tightening the device.

More information

You can also find more info in the user manual provided in the starter kit. We urge you to check the user manual before going online to find out information you might need! Although the internet is great, some of the legitimacy of the info can be questionable. It best to go with the official sources to be safe.

All in All


It costs £34.99. The Smok eGo Cloud is without a doubt, one of the cheapest entry level sub ohm starter kits that I’ve seen on the market.


The design stays true to the high quality that SmokTech provides in all their devices. It’s one of the most professional and clean designs that I’ve seen on sub ohm pens.


The performance on this device, thanks to the 2200mAh battery, leaves it second to none. Providing high levels of performance from an entry level.

It’s safe to say the Smok eGo Cloud starter kit lives up to the reputation. It provides a high level of quality and standard both in the design and the hardware of the device. At no point in this review did I stop thinking about getting one for myself, and to be perfectly honest. I’m going to do that right now!

Published: May 23, 2017


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